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  1. One of the worst diseases in my opinion aside from cancer.

    I know there's a "cure" for Type 2 diabetes but the fact that there's no cure for Type 1 makes me sad.

    It runs on my dad's side of the family really badly. I've lost my father and uncle to the disease and my aunt has it along with my younger sister (she's the only one out of Dad's kids who has it).

    Do any of you have any experiences with diabetes or are you a diabetic yourself?
  2. I don't have it nor do I know anyone with it...
    But considering my diet I'm expecting it to pop up at some point if a heart attack doesn't come first.
  3. A good friend of mine had it, and my first pet cat had it and had to be put down.

    I do not think I will have to deal with it, because I am an athlete and weightlifter. Healthy lifestyle is my profession. It also does not run in the family. My mom doesn't have diabetes, but she can't have anything with non natural sugar sweetening in it. It just throws her blood sugar off.

    But, based on the encounters with it, I have had. It does appear to be pretty bad.
  4. I am a diabetic. Every female on my mother's side had it. Out of all of them, I am the only one who is insulin dependent.

    My brother in law had type one. He passed away at the age of 32 from a heart attack caused by diabetes. I know way too much about it, more than I want to. Currently I suffer from broken blood vessels behind my eyes from my fluctuating blood sugar, and there's a possibility I could end up blind. It's not fun at all.

    What pisses me off most about it is that people think you only get it from being obese or pigging out. I got it as a result of pregnancy, and there is a very high chance my middle daughter will develop type I diabetes because of complications with her blood sugar when she was born.
  5. Awwww man that's terrible :( Yeah there are a lot of misconceptions about diabetes which angers me. My sister's pancreas doesn't produce any insulin whatsoever so she's insulin dependent and she was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 5.

    I really hope you don't end up blind :'( That wouldn't be good at all
  6. Out of curiosity, if you're worried about it, why not change your diet? Take it from a guy who has to watch what he eats more than most people, you don't want to deal with dietary health problems.

    You don't have to give things up, you just have to dial it back a bit and substitute it more days for healthier food.
  7. I'll admit my understanding of diabete's is very barebone's.

    I know it relates to something involving blood sugar, can be caused by stuff like diets, but like any medical condition the causes isn't that simple and can come from a variety of things.
    And some people require some kind of Epi-pen for it.

    That's basically it. :/

    If people want to explain it I'm all ears, I'm so much in the dark though I wouldn't even know what questions to ask about it.

    Just can't find the motivation/incentive to do so.
  8. Trust me, you do not want to leave it until it's too late and you're stuck with healh problems. I would give anything just to be able to eat a salad or a bowl of grapes without risking lasting physical harm.
  9. Woops, missed a key wording here.

    I'm not actually worried about it, I was just noting it as a logical/probable outcome.
    I get it, you don't need to be trying to appeal to my rational side.
    I just cannot summon an ability to give a shit.

    *Just realises though that grapes weren't in the house for over a month now*
    *Now wants grapes thinking about it*
    *Adds it to grocery list*
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  10. That's fair, and I certainly don't want to impose on your life. Healthy living has just been very much on my mind after being stuck in a hospital for 9 days.
  11. I get it. If I do ever end up in a diabete's like case I could easily end up cursing past me for it.
    But for now I have a poutine monkey to be dealing with.

  12. Diabetes runs in my family in various forms. @__@ Most of the time it is late diabetes or triggered during pregnancy.

    I SHOULD have been more aware and careful about my bloodsugar when I was younger, but at the time we didn't know how deeply it ran in our genetics and I always mistook symptoms for issues with my period and hemophilia carrying. D: So now I kinda have shitty habits that are really hard to manage.
  13. My step-dad is a Type 1 diabetic. Not a day goes by when I don't wish I lived closer so I can care for him a little bit, and I get afraid that he'll go into shock and have no one around to help him. Those violent shakes always scared little kid me into thinking that would be the day I lose him.
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