GROUP RP PLOTTING Dhampir Familia!

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  1. So, the family right now consist of...

    Momma Dhampir= Me. Italian woman who has lived for over 100 years.

    Father Dhampir= Me. Unless someone else wants to try it?

    Daughter of about 3-4 years old= whoever wants to

    Teenage Twins of about 13-17 years old(could be identical or not) = whoever wants to

    What i was thinking was of a family trying to adjust to a normal human lifestyle after living most of their lives hidden from society. I need help though, to develop a better plot and need people that are willing to join. You up to iiitt?! :D
  3. xD Good then. We just need other peoples who decide to join o:
  4. What kind of rules do you have for this? What sort of post length/quality are you looking for? Is this thread going to be in the fantasy section?