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Dexterity [Guns Blaze] {M}

M for violence, drugs, etc. Sex can happen though I prefer it be around NC-17, not XXX.
This is basically a bounty hunter RP. But it can go into anything, really.
As with any freelance RP, you sort of make it up as you go along or roll with the flow. Here's some laydown, though:

- You can kill other characters, but it cannot be in one post. General courtesy uses the "at" rule.
The at rule is an example of fighting style.

Rather than (oversimplified) saying "Bob shot Bill in the head" you would say instead "Bob aimed his gun and shot AT Bill's head."
This gives the other player the opportunity to not die.

- You can have furry/anthro characters and such, but try to level them out in some type of realism.
In this world, anthros exist but they are not "perfect". They have clear health problems as with many real-day hybrids. General rule of thumb is pick something your animal species usually dies from (I.e. large dogs usually have some sort of heart problem) and make your hybrid struggle with that defect in some way.

- NO SHAPE SHIFTERS OR UNEARTHLY BEINGS. You can have a dog/human mix anthro thing, but you can't have a werewolf that turns into a wolf at night but is totally human by the day, if you catch my drift. 'unearthly' refers to ghosts, angels, demons, etc.

All that stated, feel free to play whoever or whatever you want. If I ever mention a name in my posts that is believed to be an NPC, don't worry about it. If a character I'm playing interests you, feel free to 'steal' them and play them for yourself. I can adapt. =3
(Just don't steal Q, obviously)

Just in case it wasn't evident: No need to post a bio or anything, just write a post and Jump in!
C'mon people, ADAPTATION to new concepts is a great ability. Go with the flow.

Dexterity. A "thriving metropolis". Its borders are adorned with walls. Broken down and riddled with decay, but walls nonetheless. Dexterity was the city in times past where the cruelest of the cruel were thrown and imprisoned. Since those times, the culture here has been different. Outsiders can come in, but they don't often get out. Murders are an everyday occurance and the Bill of Rights has a disclaimer. Standard law does not apply here.

Most of the population is comprised of visitors, as no one with a healthy mind would settle down and have a family here. Full of crime, Dexterity is probably the worst place to live and an unsafe place to travel to.
So why is the population of this city not sparse? The black market. It is not only the drug dealers and outlaws who come here to buy and sell. It is also government officials and corrupt businessmen. Dexterity has the latest and greatest technology, wares, and services. The cruelest of the cruel reside here and the most wanted list is often the same as 'best customers'.

Because of this, many bounty hunters come to Dexterity. Many do-gooders and vigilantes try to "save it". But this place can't really be saved, can it? Many would say it's too far gone.

It was a dark hotel room, situated at the edge of the building. All the lights were off, the curtains were all closed, and sitting on the floor behind the scope of an M40 sniper rifle were two people.
Aside from a few whiskey bottles and open flasks, the hotel room had not been touched.

Of the two people, one was male, the other female. The male had grey hair and bright green eyes. A silver locket hung from his neck, with a green jem inside it. Normally it was hidden inside his collared, button-up, black-sleeved and red-torso shirt. But it had found its way out earlier, as the girl had been playing with it. It glinted slightly in the dark room as the man adjusted the aim of the rifle. His hands wore fingerless gloves. It was clear this man had no sense of fashion. But, compared to the girl, he was well-dressed. His dress pants were black, as were his boots. Aside from his premature grey hair, the only thing that could be awkward about him was the fact that, below his belt, a dark brownish-grey, almost black tail of a dog waved about haphazardly in a semicircle.

The woman, her skin so pale it probably could reflect moonlight, swatted at it playfully. The both of them were drunk, but the man - Q - seemed to be holding himself much better than the girl. The girl was an albino; so her eyes were an ugly pink. She claimed to be a zombie, and worked at a night club for exotic fetishes. She was off for now, however. Her hair was a wild forest green, and cropped to just her ears. It was almost as if she never bothered to brush or wash it. The bright green didn't stop at her hair. She wore a grass skirt and strapless bra, as well. Both the same shade of green. One could only wonder what her favorite color may be? Her name was Meru.

Q sat up, holding the rifle in place. "Here," he said. His voice was raspy. He was young, but anyone who heard his voice could tell he had been smoking profusely for the better part of his life. His alcoholism probably didn't help matters. He turned his head to face Meru's. He had tanned skin, black "whisker" tattoos on the bottom of his cheeks, and a diagonal scar across his face, which he attempted to hide by having his grey hair cover one eye.

"What?" The girl was giggly but still hesitated, putting a hand to her chin. "But I didn't think you were serious!"

Q grunted slightly. "C'mon. I said I'd let you come with me since you bailed me out. I brought you. I have aimed for you. It is all ready. All you have to do is pull the trigger. It will be fun." It was as if he were talking to a child, almost. "You will see his brains splatter everywhere. Isn't that what zombies like? Brains?"

Even though Q was smirking, he was still all business. He exhaled loudly through his nose and let one of his hands wander from the gun, waving Meru over. She obliged, sitting herself behind the butt of the rifle. Q carefully made his way behind her, guiding her hands to the right places.

"So, look through the scope. What do you see?" he urged her.

"Uhmm..." Her high pitched voice was almost annoying in contrast to Q"s prickley deep one. "Two men in suits. One has a hat. The other one's bald." She giggled at the word bald.

"The two lines that meet in the middle, they're crosshairs. When that is on the head of the guy with that hat, just pull the trigger." He leaned into her back. "But take your face away from the scope before you shoot, or else you'll hurt yourself."

Meru nodded, breathing loudly. "Will I really get to see brains?"
Q narrowed his eyes, trying to see into the scope from the distance behind her. He couldn't see much. "Yes. But pay attention. If you wait too long I'll have to do this for you." His voice was stern, as if he were becoming annoyed. "She'll mess up the shot before too long," he thought to himself.

"Then no brains?" She asked, putting her face to the scope once more.
"No brains," Q repeated dryly. He placed one of his hands on Meru's left breast with a snicker.

She pulled the trigger, the knockback frightening her to a point where she jumped and gave out a small shout, falling back into Q, who laughed.
The window in front of them shattered, and with any luck, Meru had just killed the mayor of a neighboring town who had come to Dexterity for 'business'.
Q gave Meru's naughty bits a slight squeeze before grimacing and pushing the girl aside, making sure she had killed the target. They would have to pack up and move quickly either way, but he had to be sure.
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Layla brushed the dirt of the knees of her jeans and stood up her legs numb from crouching in the bushes so long but she had hit her target dead on so now she made her way up the main street her head down and her hood casting a shadow across her face. She was only 17 but she already had a reputation as an excellent bounty hunter never missing a target. A man stepped drunkley out in front of her "hey beautiful give us a kiss.. ss then" he stepped towards her arms outstretched, Layla was used to male attention she was beautiful after all as he approached she grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back and shoved him in the opposite direction.
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Q looked into the scope, making sure the brains had splattered. They had. The unaffected man pointed somewhere and yelled, and Q could barely make out someone running toward his building.

"We gotta go," Q said, hurriedly disassembling the rifle and shoving it into a violin case.
"Why?" Meru asked.

"They're coming for us," Q rushed, snapping the case shut and getting up, heading for the door. "If you don't hurry then we'll both end up some place we shouldn't."

"Jail?" Meru asked.

"Worse," Q replied. He picked up a pair of sunglasses from the nightstand before leaving, not taking care to notice if the albino followed him. He headed toward the elevator.
A conspicous person came up and eyed Q's violin case.
The sniper turned right back around and walked into his hotel room, locking the door behind him.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Q thought to himself. Need to find a way out...
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Layla walked on head down i hate this town she stopped outside a hotel seeing a dead man and commotion. Might as well enjoy the show sitting down a bench she watched wondering if she'd be able to spot the killer.
"…And in local news, three more bodies were found yesterday in connection with a vicious string of murders resulting from outrage over the recent election. Known vigilante groups, working in and around Dexterity, are being sought."

The emotionless voice of the talking head on T.V. droned on as pictures of three bodies flashed across the screen. The T.V., being covered in years of dust and filth, sat above a mountain of various booze bottles, behind the counter of a bar. The bars only patron, a middle aged man with a dark, button up coat and avatar glasses ordered another drink with a slight nod of his head, apparently he drank here often because the bar tender ran over immediately with a bottle of Chivas regal. The man, who's dark brown hair nearly covered his eyes, raised an almost unseen eyebrow to the news as he picked up the glass and drank the liquor. His cut jawline twitched ever so slightly at the next announcement.

"…..Recent changes in polices have brought havoc and terror to the city of Dexterity, threatening its missunderstood community"

"This cities community IS havoc and terror." Said the man to himself. He found it sickening when news tried to sugar coat such a terrible place by calling it "misunderstood". Dexterity was hell on earth, and everyone knew it.

'Whats that Creed." Said the bartender in a shaky voice, obviously intimidated, voice.

"Nothing." Said Creed, throwing down a bill and getting up to leave. After all he wasn't here to get drunk, not tonight, he was here to meet someone.

Creed, the only name ever given to associates and friends alike, stood outside of the bar and waited. He was waiting for a known arms dealer to bring him a .308, bolt action, sniper rifle. Creed, as strange as it was for a hit man, rarely used guns. He was an excellent shot, but over the years his killers instinct has persuaded him to a more savage approach; He preferred using knives, icepicks, piano wire, scalpels or anything else that would maximize the carnage . However, on this particular higher profile hit, a gun was the only option.

After a short while, a black Buick pulled up and out the window a black brief case was thrust, no money exchanged hands, that was all taken care of the day before. Without a word, Creed walked off and the car drove away. The passenger in the car looked towards the driver and said.

"Was that him?"

The Driver nodded "Yep, that his him. "The Assassin with the golden arm."

Creed was known by this name not for the obvious reasons that one would suspect like he was an amazing shot or he was very a high priced killer, nope, this name was given to him because of his tremendous heroin addiction. The amount of dope shot into Creeds arm over the years would be easily enough money to save a few starving countries. How he was able to function as an exceptionally good hit man was beyond many of his employers, but they never asked questions. As long as the hit was done and on time, all was good.

~The Following Day ~

Creed waited in a spot he had picked out days prior. He was well concealed in between a dumpster and a brick wall. He laid in a narrow space, guarded from prying eyes at all angles, waiting for his mark. It was the mayor of a neighboring town, apparently in Dexterity on some kind of business, but none of that really mattered to the Heroin addicted Creed. He simply wanted the large price tag that was on his head. As he watched through the scope of his newly acquired weapon, the Mayor came into view wearing a hat. Creed sighted him up and took a deep breath. He slowly let it out with his finger on the trigger when he heard a loud ~Bang!!~. When he looked back through the scope he saw that the Mayors head, or what was left of it, was dangling by a thread on his neck.

"Fuck!" Said Creed. As he realized that someone else had just killed HIS mark.

He knew instantly that someone else had contracted the hit. He had been played. Fury ran through his veins as he abandoned his spot and ran towards where the bullet was fired from. Creed, although desperately in need of a shot, was still on point enough to tell that it had come from a hotel across the street.

As he headed in that direction, he thought about the man who had contacted him about the hit on the mayor. He would die too, but only after he killed the bastard who took the shot only seconds before him. It was less important, but more of a pride issue.
Q would later discover that the person who he'd seen coming toward his room was in fact Creed. Q had heard of the name, but he tended to not concern himself with the standard circles of mercenaries as he was generally laughed out of them. Not because Q was a bad shot (in fact, he was an amazing shot, and he occasionally would get credited for such) but moreso because Q intentionally took only low-paying jobs and refused to do high-risk ones. He was generally seen as a coward, always running away.

However, Q was also rather easy to trick. People that knew who they were dealing with would intentionally tell Q who he was killing was someone else. Q, not being too aware of the culture and social circles around him (Didn't watch TV or listen to the radio) could easily be fooled in this manner, and it was easier to get a decent job done without spending as much money that way. There was a certain level of risk involved-- Q was hard to get a hold of and he refused to do business over any conventional channels (phone, internet). But it could be worth it since Q never killed anyone perceived to be worth more than 100K.

This trickery is what exactly had happened with the Mayor. Q hadn't known he was killing a mayor. Q had thought this job would be an easy one, that was why he was drunk and with a whore. Of course, it was not so. The realization Q had once again been fooled was slowing overcoming him and he was becoming increasingly frantic and angry with himself.

Meru, shouting at the situation and wondering what she needed to do, wasn't much help either.
"Q, Q, Q--" She begged.

"Shut up!" Q barked at the albino. "I told you not to call me by name!"
Q wasn't really his name, but still it was a risk he had not wanted to take.

"But-- But what are we supposed to dooo?!" Meru cried, hugging herself.

Q growled, his tail swinging ferociously from one side to the other as he ran to the bathroom, violin case in hand.
Meru attempted to follow him, but he slammed the door in her face and locked her out.

"Q!" she banged on the door. "Don't leave me out here!! Q!!"

"SHUT! UP!" Q yelled through the door.
He looked to the toilet. Behind it there was a window. He stepped atop the porcelain and let out a large grunt as he shoved the neck of the violin case into the window, shattering the glass. He did this a few more times to get most of the shards away, the glass crackling and dropping around him. The screen behind the window popped off and Q threw the case outside the window frame.

It fell two stories (as Q had only been on the third) and bounced a few times off the asphalt.

Meru continued to bang on the door.
Q put his sunglasses on his green eyes, and grit his teeth together.

Bracing his hands- one on the shower and the other on the wall- he rose right foot and tried to kick out the frame of the window so he could comfortably fit through. As it began to give way, Meru screamed.
Layla saw the violin case fall she got to her feet walked over and bent down to pick it up, seeing the gun inside she smiled it was impressive. She looked up at the pair of feet emerging from the window, she shook her head and thought to herself very messy. She picked up the case and sat down a few yards away waiting to see if she knew this hit man.
Frustration and anger flowed through Creed as he ran across the street. Frustration that his day, and more importantly his fix, had been postponed. And Anger at the fact he had been double crossed by one of his employers; Lex Lotus. Lex Lotus, better known on the streets as "The Black Lotus", was well known for playing a major, yet totally behind the scenes, role in every aspect of the local government. He was the guy that officials would call if they needed an "off the books favor". He was the one who would be there when a city official was caught with a dead hooker, as well as the guy who would be there when a city official needed a hooker. Lex was the kind of guy that everyone "knew", but at the same time, if asked, did not know at all. He was one crooked, back ally, cat. That was for sure. Creed hated him, not because of his foul doings, but because he was always late making his payments. He always said it was "too much risk, I'll meet you later Creed". So after all this, it was pretty evident to Creed that he was gonna have to put an end to the black lotus once and for all, but not today. No, today he had more on his plate than that. Today he first wanted to catch the other assassin. The one that had taken -HIS hit-, Creed also wanted to find out who had paid him to hit the Mayor and find out if the Black Lotus had really and truly double crossed him.

About three steps before entering the Hotel, Creed slowed to a walk and composed himself. It was all about appearance and composure; If Creed had learned anything over his years as a hit man, it was that. The hotel was defiantly one of your cheaper ones, but not so cheap that it had whores waiting out front for tricks to pick them up, even Dexterity had its semi clean hotels. Creed instantly spotted the elevator, but opted to take the stairs, he could run a hell of a lot faster and there would be no waiting between floors. He sprinted towards the stairs, just as he heard the Hotels main doors burst open and several of the Mayors armed guard with big guns come running in.

"Shit." Creed said aloud, hoping to god they hadn't seen him, but they had. Two of the guards came running towards the stairs while the others watched the doors. Creed had to think fast if he wanted to get the upper hand. HE went up two flights of stairs, taking them two at a time, bringing him to the second floor. Once there he quickly ducked behind the corner and waited. Soon enough he heard the galloping sound of two pairs of feet running up towards him, with a small serrated knife in hand he made his move. With the speed of 10 men, Creed rose to his feet, brought the knife down hard against the tender flesh of the first guards neck. His hands shot up to try and stop the spouting flow of blood, as he did this he dropped his weapon, a Mack 10. Creed caught the Weapon before it hit the ground and sprayed it at the other guard _rata tat tat tat tat~ As he peppered the man with shells, he barley flinched as his own face was sprayed with blood. The smallest hint of a smile worked its way across his face, as it always did the moment Creed took life.

Armed with a machine gun and full of adrenaline, Creed shot up towards the Third floor, if his calculations were correct, that was the floor that the unknown sniper had mad his hit from. Next he began to smell the air, searching for a hint of gun powder. He found the scent and followed it to a room on the east wing of the hotel. Although Creed had killed off two of the guards, there was still at least three more following him. He shot out the lock on the door, no longer caring about being heard. When he got in the room, all he saw was a short girl with Green hair. Her eyes were huge with fear.

Although Creed didn't think she was the assassin, he took no chances. HE ran up to the girl and slapped her across the face, a tiny spot of blot appeared on the corner of her mouth. Then Creed grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her violently.

"Who the fuck sent you, Bitch!!!" He saw tears forming at her eyes and realized she could not have been the one.

Just then, Creed heard the sound of the guards approaching, the sound of their feet reaching the door.

This was it, Creed would have to think quick.
Someone had come into the room. Q ignored Meru's babbles and the noises outside as he kicked out the rest of the window's frame. The beaten wood fell to the street.
Q sucked in a breath and gathered his courage, stepping atop the toilet's tank and jumping out the window feet first.

In that instant, as the pavement came rushing up to his face, he could've sworn his heart stopped.
Then he hit ground and fell to his knees, his hands to the street as he let out a barely audible whine. The shock had gone up through his boots and into his knees.
His legs felt like jello, but he couldn't just stop now.

He looked up, gritting his teeth, searching for his violin case. It took a few seconds, but he spotted a hybrid girl with his case in his hands. It looked like she had cat ears.
Q's upper lip curled and he let out a growl. "Hey!" He barked, his own black dog tail puffing out and waving about in agitation.

The 23 year old pushed up off his hands and tried to lunge toward the girl to get his weapon back, but he took two steps and he was down on the pavement again. His legs hadn't recovered from the shock yet and he was pretty certain if he tried to move again he might really damage something... Providing he hadn't already.

Back on his hands and knees, Q looked about for something, anything, he could use to his advantage.
A part of the ripped wood frame of the window was near to him. He outstretched a gloved hand toward it. With a grimace, he finally reached it and pulled the wood toward him.

"Hey!" he said again to the girl, not really sure what else to say to her-- he wanted his gun back, of course, but he needed to choose his words carefully -- and chucked the wood piece in her general direction, hoping it would hit her. Or something.
He wasn't entirely sure what injuring the girl with his gun case would do, but it felt like the right thing to go for.

Just then, the man who had been standing next to the Mayor walked up. He looked rather dapper in his suit, aside from the brain matter on his face he was currently dabbing at with a hankerchief. This was Lex Lotus. This was the man who had also hired Q, but had done so via an in-between. Q had never seen the man nor knew his name. But he had been behind all of it.

"You surprised me," the man said, wiping a bit of blood from his cheek. "I was fairly certain that Golden Arm would finish off first. Yet here you are."

Q turned to the man, lowering his tail and making a thin line out of his mouth as his attention was diverted from the girl.

"Stupid move jumping from a building like that. I suppose you won't be able to walk now," Lex continued.

The man shrugged, then gave a malicious chuckle. "I suppose it is another crazed hybrid that will make the newspapers today. Our poor mayor!"
He gave another sinister laugh.
Layla suppressed a giggle at the mans tail . She dodged the wood frame and walked casually over to him, she looked down at him and said "your not very professional are you?". She looked closely at his face, she felt like she knew him from somewhere "its impressive by the way" gesturing to the case. She heard the angry shouts of guards and extended her free hand down to him. "want some help?" she didn't know why she was helping him, perhaps it was because she felt she knew him or maybe that she needed one less enemy.
Addiction, as any addict can tell you, really puts everything else in life into perspective. It takes everything you used to care about and hold dear, and shoves it, without regard, onto the back burner. While all of life's pains, worries, fears and doubts are left to burn the addiction sits and cooks nicely. With this in mind, Creed, who was less concerned with dying than he was with getting his next fix, stood stead fast in the face of death. It made him appear strong, but in reality he was a crippled mess. HE spun the green haired girl around, viciously locking herneck with his arm as he raised his gun to the door. Soft choking noises could be heard from her mouth, but creed just squeezed harder. After all, she was just a shield, nothing more.

The guards, two of them, both equipped with automatic shotguns, stood for a second in wonder. They were not expecting to see what they did.

"What the fuck do you want, ain't nothing going on here." growled Creed as tiny veins began standing out on his forehead.

Apparently the guards had already made their decision, because the first opened fire. His shell missed, he must have been nervous and surprised, whatever the case, Creed got the upper hand and held his finger on the trigger of the mac 10. HE aimed for the heads and necks of the guards, assuming they were both wearing kevlar vests. As one guard fell to a bullet ridden death, blood dripping from his mouth as he did so. The other guard managed another shotgun blast. Creed had blood and what appeared to be half of his Green haired friend's intestine on his frontside. The blast had hit her left side, giving Creed another lucky opportunity that he wouldn't miss. He fired off the last of the rounds turning the other guards face into a jigsaw puzzle that would never be put back together. Then Dropped Green hair to the floor.

Creed spat on the floor and picked up one of the Auto shotguns. Then he inspected the room. It appeared that whoever else had been here, in the commotion, had escaped. He looked to the bathroom and saw that the window had been kicked out completely. He ran to broken out window and looked out over the street. Directly below were two Hybrids, one a man and the other a young girl stood next to a man in a suit. Creed's eyes shot open in disbelief. It was Lex Lotus. With no regard for anything else, Creed hurdled out the window and hit the concrete with a bone shaking slam. He still had enough of the Heroin in his system from his last shot to dull the pain, so he was on his feel within seconds. For the moment he ignored the Two hybrids and Slammed the gun into Lex's face.

"Where the Fuck do you get off setting me up, you dirty old prick!!?" Just then he noticed the Violin case in the male dog hybrids hand and realized that he HAD to be the assassin he was looking for.

To creeds amazement, The Black Lotus laughed in his face.

"Creed how nice to see you." His lips curved into a sarcastic grin.

"Put that gun away, you worthless junkie, we both know you won't kill the man who has this." Lex pulled out a bag of Heroin, it was some of the best looking stuff that Creed had seen in a long while.

"And if you do." Lex continued, still smiling in and evil manner "You will lose the one and only connect for the best stuff in town."

The Drug addicted Creed lowered his Weapon, defeated.

"Well then, what the Fuck do you want for me." Asked Creed, not really caring about anything but his Drug at the moment.

"Nothing, you've been a good little junkie and played your part….almost perfect, which is why I'm only giving you half of the amount I promised, try to be a little quicker to the trigger next time. You see this man, this Hybrid." Said Lex with a disgusted smirk in his voice " he will be taking the heat, and as it works out he deserves it. Damn clean kill I might add"

Lex had some serious balls on, he was apparently unarmed and defenseless and Talking as if owned both these men.

"Oh, and before I forget here you go." Said Lex handing Creed a little bag of dope "Now be a good puppet." Lex said in a hateful tone.

Creed had only one thought on his mind at this point. Loading up the needle that was in the case in his pocket and injecting enough drugs to put him into orbit.
When the cat girl came by, Q grabbed the violin case from her.
Impressive? Hah. M40s were not that impressive.

She was beginning to help him up, and he was regretfully taking her help when Lex had come over, and stated his piece about how Q was now going to be blamed for the mayor.
Q was standing by the time the other assassin bounded out of his window.

The hybrid clutched the handle of his violin case as his legs shook minutely beneath him. He was still in pain. He probably had torn something.

The other Assassin -- Creed -- and Lex began to talk. Or argue. Q wasn't so sure.
As soon as Lex's attention shifted over to what Q assumed to be some crazy man, Q turned tail and ran.
Or really, it was more like hobbled very quickly across the street and behind another building.

By the time Lex had motioned t where Q had been-- "this man, this hybrid.." Q was gone, out of sight.
Q was now limping into a nearby french restaurant. He was unaware if the girl had followed him. It wouldn't really matter either way.

He raised his free hand-- the one without the violin case.

"Please," Q spoke in fluent french. "May I have a table?"

The waiter gave a 'Right this way, sir', albeit arching a brow at Q's posture, and led Q to a booth near a window.

Q stopped "Not near a window," he rasped, beginning to run out of breath as he slumped more and more forward. The waiter turned and provided him with another booth, this time in the center of the room, near to the kitchen.

Q nonchalantly put the violin case under the table and slid onto the seat, wincing as he did so. He was in a great amount of pain. Maybe he didn't pull anything. Maybe he tore it. He tried to play it cool when the waiter gave out the menu. Q rushed a "it'll just be a moment" in french and the waiter left.

Once the waiter left him, Q put his elbows on the table, his head between his hands while he grit his teeth, closed his eyes and tried to will the pain in his legs away. He thought sitting down would help. It felt like it was just making it worse.
"I'll be on touch, Creed." Said Lex with an evil smirk, watching as the assassin Q took off. Apparently Lex didn't care, because as soon as Creed had the dope in his hand he was off as well.

Creed's guns felt like they were in a meat grinder. His head was pounding and his legs were beginning to knot up; all signs of a heroin addict in the depths of withdrawal. He ran, looking for anywhere he could possible shoot up, be it in an ally or in a bathroom. He made his way past a small gas station, hoping to god they had restrooms. He walked up to the counter and looked at the attendant.

"Can I use you rest room." Said Creed, his face now bubbling with sweat and frustration.

"I'm sorry sir." Said the attendant, sounding like he was about to recite a very boring lecture for his economics class. "But we only allow bathroom use to our patrons.

Allow bathroom service? Though Creed. What the hell is this. He grabbed the attendant by the collar.

"Listen to me you little punk, you give me that fucking key or ill take you head off right here in public. He brandished a small serrated knife. Small, but well capable in completing Creed's threat.

The Attendants eyes shot open with fear. "Al…al…al.alright, sii sii sii sir. Here the key." He said handing him a key attached to a piece of an old broom handle with a shaking hand.

Creed grabbed the key and set the young attendant down. He rushed to the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Next he grabbed his "kit" out of his pocket. Inside it was a zippo lighter, a small spoon and a reusable syringe. He emptied half the bag into the spoon then added a small amount of water. Then he lit the zippo and set it on the back side of the toilet. He watched, with shaking hands, as the heroin melt down and began to bubble, filling the air with the smell that made Creeds's legs weak. He was almost there. Next he dropped in a small piece of cotton and inserted the tip of the needle at the base, sucking the black gold up into the syringe. He sat on the toilet, tying his arm off with a piece of surgical hose. Within seconds the needle was in his arm, right on the underside of his elbow and the drug was plunged into his system. A rush - no an Eruption- of ecstasy flooded into his body. His mouth dropped open and an instant smile formed across his face. Heaven for a junkie.

Creed, for the moment, was immobilized, soon he would be himself again. Ready for whatever. Little did he know that the attendant was on the phone at that very second with the police.
Oh what a morning. Or is it day time now? It doesn't really matter does it? No not really. Opening his eyes he looked down at the ground around, at all the dead bodies with bloody faces and bloody ears and eyes and some with broken fingers and toes and elbows and shoulders, and on and on. Looking around the rest of the room. Bullet holes in the walls, bullet holes in a good number of the people around him.

This guy wiped some of the blood off his knuckles, and from his boots. He checked through the pockets of all these dead guys, collected all their money, even a nice little button from one of them. Shoving all the money in his pocket he ran at a door, top speed, flying through the air he smashed the door wide open with his knees, hitting the ground rolling and jumping up onto a desk and grabbing a big burly man by his throat. "Hey Mac, I came by to settle that debt I owe ya. Your little friends that you sent for me helped pay it off, where did you find such sweet hearts in this town?" When the big man was going to reply, the psycho freak shoved a wad of cash into his mouth. "Don't speak, you'll ruin the moment. Hehee, I put my money where your mouth is. I find that humorous. Anyway, I gotta run buddy. I'll see you at the crochet club." Standing up he did a little tap dance on the desk and kicked the man in the face as he reached for a gun. "Good night! Or morning? It doesn't matter, sleep tight!" He jumped off the desk and put his sun glasses on before smashing through a window and hopping down a fire escape onto the street.
Layla rolled her eyes when the dog man ran off, "gee thanks girl" "oh no problem dog man" she said sarcastically.

Layla started walking when she suddenly realized she was hungry she looked at her watch and thought eh i got time before i meet up with my boss. Shrugging she entered the first restaurant she saw, a french one she was escorted to a table and ordered a dish she pushed her hood back and ran a hand through her long blonde hair. Looking around she noticed the injured dog man again, she sighed and turned to him but didn't leave her table. "You know you should really be going to a hospital or fixing your self up, you look like your going to die right there where you sit." Her meal arrived and she started eating, turning back to him again she said "by the way you should have know better than to get involved with Lex Lotus" she said giving him an unreadable look.

(by the way i changed my mind she has no cats ears and no tail sorry)
Someone behind him started clapping and he turned his chair around to face her. She wore her typical ensemble of stretchy jeans and a black sports bra. Her black hair was pulled up framing her beautiful face with that black diamond tattoo on its cheek. It was Kat, second only to Raphael, the leader of the black market in Dexterity and the prestigious Diamond Gang.

Lex visibility tensed as Kat sauntered out of the shadows still clapping. “You gonna kill me?”

She smiled showing him her pearly teeth. “Not today.”

She continued to walk around him until she got to the other side of his desk where she preceded to sit down in a chair facing him. He slowly got out a cigarette and lit it. “What do you want?” He wanted to add bitch, but he also wanted to stay alive.

She leaned over, almost spilling out and popped the cigarette out of his hand before he could even take a puff. Putting into her mouth she took one slow drag and the put in out right on his mahogany desk. She stared at him considering. “Your lap dogs are amusing.”

“Damn you, Kat,” Lex blurted, “Those were Platinum Crowns. They cost me-”

“We have better.” Kat smiled, reached under the chair she had been sitting on and gave him a packet. He opened it slowly. There was a pack of unlabeled cigarettes and a one time use card he could use to extract his payment. No need to carry around too much cash. Something suddenly occurred to him.

“How long have you been here? Didn't know it was Raphael's thing to send spies.”

The amusement quickly faded from her face. “It isn't his business to send me.”

“So why did he?”

“Only half the money you asked for is in that account.”

“What the?” He reached for his gun but thought better of it. If he hurt her, if one scratch appeared on her pale skin he be dead in less than five hours.

She seemed to be reading his mind and smirked. “We'll give you the rest when you finish the job. We asked you to change the government. Just killing of a mayor isn't good enough. When you've put a good one in place, one who doesn't see the need to go vigilante, then we'll see about that other part.”

Kat stood up and left Lex's office. She smiled, listening to the silent curses that followed her.
The guy walked down a sidewalk, well not exactly more like he was dancing. He danced and strutted and moon walked down the sidewalk, coming across a gas station. Hmm, he could go for a snack. Reaching into his pocket he found he still had some money in there. Lucky day! Walking into the gas station he looked around for some snacks. Getting a basket he put a box of Oreos into the thing, some fruity snacks, a bunch of mentos, mini doughnuts, several candy bars, some Gatorade, juice boxes, and a lighter.

Dancing up to the attendant he put the basket of goodies up onto the counter. "I, would like to buy these items please." The attendant looked scared and nervous, and sweaty. Ewie. "Um sir now's not-" But psycho freak cut in "I am aware you are nervous about something, but I just want my snacks. Ring em up please." The attendant just nodded shakily and checked out his stuff, which this guy payed for. "Now get outta here kid, ya bother me." The attendant was planning on getting the hell out of there anyway, to wait for the cops outside.

And pretty soon the cops arrived. The attendant told the cops about what went down. They had no idea who the second guy was though. "Uh oh! Coppers!" Although he knew they didn't know him, they'd want to shoot him anyway. So he plopped down behind the counter and opened up a snickers and began to eat it.
Layla turned back to her meal but then her phone rang she sighed again and flipped it open.

"yeah?" she said carelessly, still eating.

"Hey where are you? Your late." came a slightly stressed out male voice.

"oh relax, im at a restaurant on main street i had to skip breakfast this morning. Johnny boy decided to change jogging routes."

"what? you got him right? cause if not im in big trouble" he sounded practically hysterical.

"of course i got him, when have i ever missed a target?"

"never, ok im sorry im just under a lot of pressure"

"look Jerry just come and meet me here at the restaurant, its a french one"

"ok ill be there in five."

A tall tan muscular man, entered the restaurant spotting Layla he sat down opposite her at her table, running a hand over his shaved head he ignored other customers as they stared at the tattoo on his head. Layla had the same one on her lower back, it was their gang tattoo they were known as Los Tigres an all Spanish gang who were well known and feared.

The Tattoo ^^ but not as big lol

Layla smiled "Jerry that was fast", "yeah well i was already out looking for you Alley Cat, here's your "assignment" he slid an envelope across the table to her. She picked it up and put it into her jacket pocket, then she stood up from the table and paid the waiter. "Gracias amigo, ill call you later" he nodded and left. Layla then turned to Q "see ya dog man, and like i said go to a hospital your leg looks like it'll need stitches." Layla turned and left heading towards her house.