Dexter RP (starting from scratch)

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  1. Seeking an RP partner interested in roleplaying the poor, misunderstood psychopath Dexter. I've just come back to rp after a long hiatus and need to shake the rust off, so please be patient with me! I don't actually have a plot in mind, but I was hoping we could work one up together or just jump in and see where the story takes us.

    - I haven't actually finished all seasons of the show, so I'd like to start fresh and make up our own story, just as long as my rp partner tries to stay close to Dexter's personality.

    - I will be roleplaying an OC. Male or female doesn't matter, I can be flexible. My OC will become a partner/apprentice of sorts to Dexter throughout the rp. It can become romantic if it happens to lead that way.

    - I'm starting off with a submissive rp style because it's been so long since I've roleplayed. I'm looking for a partner to take the reins on this, but allow some wriggle room for me to work off the rust.

    - My rl situation is hectic, so sometimes I can only write one post a day. I will not leave you hanging, though. I'll keep you updated if I can't post that day. Sometimes I can push out several posts in a day, so yay for that!

    - My grammar and spelling is far from perfect. Please forgive any mistakes I make, and of course I am more than happy to extend the same courtesy.

    - Sometimes people click and sometimes they don't. If we don't seem to click, I'll talk to you about it OOC. Nothing hurts an rp experience (or friendship) worse than not talking it out or disappearing.

    Thank you for your time. I can't wait to start!
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  2. I am still on the lookout for an rp partner for this. *winkwink*
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