Devil May Cry: Imperium

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  1. "I thought it would be good for the kid. To have some friends with him. To guide him. I knew leaving him alone was a bad idea from the start. He was bound to stir some shit up. Inviting him back to the shop was supposed to remedy that. But he'd changed. He wasn't the innocent little Christian-boy-with-a-sword I'd met back in the day. He was harsher. Crueler. Broken and remade. And then I taught him everything I knew, against all of my best instincts. All about the Demon World, all about demons and angels and us hybrids. All about Sparda...

    I thought I could stop him from turning into another Vergil. Stop him from burning the world in an attempt to 'save' it. Turns out, I only helped him along. The next time we parted ways, we shed blood. It was another year before I found out what he'd done. Went and got himself a following. Gathered some Devil Arms. Made himself a handy-dandy army of Devil Hunters. A few years later... Well. You know the rest, don't ya, Trish? It spread so quickly. I wish I'd tried harder. Wish I'd cared more. We failed, Trish.

    I'm sorry. But I couldn't do it. How many years did we spend doing this? Hunting demons, stopping bad guys, bein' heroes? And now, look at me. Some glorified cop for a tyrant, raising more dumb pricks to be the same. And you're here. Hard to even think of it, huh?

    Then again, the world was kinda begging for it when the kid was born. I mean, who names their son Nero and expects anything better than hell from him?"

    -- Attri. Dante, Devil Hunter, Lord-Protector of Nero I, Emperor of the Realm, delivered at funeral to partner Trish, traitor to the Imperium.

    As you may have guessed from the above quote, this RP follows a hypothetical world in the DMC universe where Nero, the second main protagonist, becomes a power-hungry dictator, and the self-declared "Emperor" of the Human World. Dante, the primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry games, has become what amounts to an attack dog, the Lord-Protector of Nero's realm, after having attempted to stop Nero alongside his partners Trish and Mary (AKA. "Lady"). Trish has perished, killed by Nero. Lady has disappeared into the criminal underworld, organizing small-scale revolutions. Dante, the most powerful of the three, managed to survive in battle against Nero, but was ultimately defeated and enslaved.

    Since then, Nero has conquered much of the world, using a combined army of human-demon hybrids, summoned and bound demons, and human soldiers. The only remaining resistance comes from Australia and South America, while the rest of the world is largely part of the Imperium or the principalities ruled via proxy. The Imperium's military is divided into the following branches, all designed to act as humanity's sword to be wielded against the demonic menace: The Diabolists, who manipulate and control the demons summoned for the purpose of fighting demons; The Paladins, Devil Hunters of varying bloodlines who serve to fight the Great Enemy directly; and the Crusaders, the standard human infantry, who are further divided into the more common branches of military (Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.). All are equipped to deal with the great menace that is demonkind, but only the Diabolists and Paladins fight the enemy directly. The Crusaders are designed to fight humans, or to defend humans against demons, while the Paladins and Diabolists take the fight to the demons. Dante, being Lord-Protector, is Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces of the Imperium, subject only to the whims of Emperor Nero I.

    The plot of the RP revolves around a massive demonic incursion into the mortal world in what was formerly Moscow, Russia, lead by a mysterious dark general. The various branches of the Imperium's military gather in the north, with Nero himself leading the charge, with Dante at his side. As the various armies mobilize, a third force, led by Mary, prepares to strike out, having planted spies within the human military.

    The RP mostly follows the original DMC universe and lore, but incorporates more of the serious and dark tone of the reboot, as well as some of the enemies and demons in the reboot. Characters for interested players would all be in the human military of Nero's empire, and could be human or human-demon hybrids. Roles would be limited to any of the three branches, but would have limits within reason. PM me for a role as a traitor in Lady's rebellion; there'd be a limit of three.

    Writing expectations are a post a week, as well as 2 paragraphs per post, each paragraph being at least 4 sentences.

    I hope to see some interest soon!
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