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When the fun begins

Both of us will have two characters. Both of us will have one angel and one demon. In the roleplay there is a "good" city (Fretta) and a "bad" city (Jettio). The good side will be my side and has any type of supernatural character and the only nice people in this side will be my characters. The other people on the good side will be not so good. On the bad side it's all your choice. You can make everyone bad or just some or anything you want. The plot most likely is that both cities are at war with eachother. And then yours invades mine and we can go from there

Race: (Angel or demon)
Position: (king or right hand man)
Powers: only if you want to give them only a choice.

Name: Argider Lightpath
Race: Angel
Position: king
Personality: Argider thought of himself as nice and he was. He tried his best to keep everybody up in the nice states. He just always had trouble with his people. No one listened to him just because he couldn't cause pain to others unless threatened. He tries and tries but his body wouldn't move to injure someone without cause. That's what made him a bad king but it's something he couldn't help. His only hatred was of the other city. From a youngling he was taught to hate Jettio.
Powers: will find out later
Weakness: the pain of others and the need to help them
Bio: the moment he was born his parents knew he would be the air to the throne. He had no other siblings to rival for the throne and that didn't mater. His parents were arch Angels and tried to raise him to be kind and thankful to everything and everybody. The only thing they wanted him to hate was the other city. The one with all the demons. His parents told him that the city was full of human and soul eaters that if they get close your gone. That scared the youngling from that young age and he vowed to try to get rid of the other city. As he turned of age to rule his parents died so suddenly. He of course was shocked of the death and was pushed into the position early. He didn't know who killed his parents but his views were always thinking Jettio had something to do with it. After a year of his ruling a demon stumbled upon his land. Argider could tell the demon was trying to resist his other side and accepted the demon in a heartbeat. Argider watched as the demon raised up the ranks.

Name: Rajnish Darkway
Race: demon
Position: right hand man
Personality: The demon is quiet and not really talkative to most people. The only person who he talks to was Argider himself. He could only just watch the others try to disobey the Kings orders but that wasn't his problem and Argider didn't have a bad bone in his body. Raj wouldn't give into the temptation of being violent or anything of the sort. He stayed away from the fights.
Powers: this one will have to wait a while but he has a very poisonous sword. He is probably the best sword skills
Weakness: His weakness is that he never changes into his demon form making him slightly weaker in general
Bio: Rajnish died as a human a violent death can cause more damage to a soul then anything else. His soul was then sent to hell where everything was burning. He became a demon through the fights for power until finally he could beat anything that was in hell. The bad thing was when he reached the surface of Saris he didn't want to be a demon. Raj resisted his demon and ended up locking the demon way inside of himself. Sometimes it was hard to resist the demon urges and he couldn't help himself to some violence. It was a while later before he met the Angel. He was on the brink of becoming the demon again as the urges was to consuming. The angel though then helped him control the urges and then he rose up in the ranks until he became his right hand man.
Human form:

Demon form:

Now your chars are from the other side and well let's just hope
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