Deviant art account names

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  1. Lyra smile excitedly.

    Melissa smile abc pat her head.
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  2. "Are you saying I'm wicked?"
  3. Although I wasn't here when you were, probably... WELCOME BACK!
  4. Name it something weird but catchy. Like a greek god or something.
  5. Azura is confused.

    Tbh Lucio's little comment made me laugh a little. XD
  6. If you want my advice, I would chill on the things that alter text. You can have the different colors between narration and dialogue, but there's not need for excessive itallics or color. Think of those things like the icing on a chocolate cake.

    I start Nursing school on Tuesday 1/17/17, though I've already got a shiz-ton of reading to do and a quiz due on Monday (despite not even having been to class yet =.= Strange much). ANYWAY, starting today I may be slooooooooooooow since, you know, college. Again.

  8. Harmony kiss Melody, "She's asleep."
  9. "I didn't understand."
  10. "I figured it out. It was fun learning."