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Well anyway I just came up with an Idea that can keep this place clean of so much new topic just for one Deviant art name. So I came up with a solution you post your name on here and I will edit this post so that all the names are uner a list. GIVE ME THE URL I DON'T WANT THIS Here is my account name LINK CRAP!!! Also nothing off the topic all I want is the URL. One other thing I will not tollerate you posting pictures on this thread if you so happen to do that I will have to ask you to pull the pictures from your post *there is a reason for this and I explain it throgh out this*

List of names and links: ~Shadow Ike ~Diana Notacat ~TheNeverThere ~PersonaH ~TK.09 ~aki ~Dawn ~Fel, King of Bacon ~Shiny ~Tuxedo Mask ~PattyPixie
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