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  1. This is a private roleplay between Arcadia and myself (Elle). Please don't post but feel free to read along if you want to.
  2. Akron Tetsuo (open)

    Akron sat on a park bench, heavy metal music blasting through headphones as raven black as what he felt his heart would be if he could see it. He was giving up on hoping that a good day would be tomorrow. Because it never was. He just held the ever decreasing hope that someone, something would make him feel happy. He did not know that someone could be looking out for him. Or soon could be. He didn't even know what was in store for him.
  3. How much time had passed since her exile from Heaven? She didn't know. She was doing her best not to dwell on the depression that threatened to overwhelm her, and instead tried to focus on her task at hand. What was the task? To survive. She had no further purpose than that, at least, for now. It was hard, having been exiled for Envy. At first hand, she looked innocent enough and not the type to have been exiled for such a crime. But, it had happened and it was beyond her control. She was now stuck on earth, with no chance of atoning for her sins and returning to the land of her brothers and sisters, where her Father ruled over His kingdom.

    There was a smile upon her full lips, even if it didn't reach her eyes. She was trying to be happy, trying to embrace this new chance at life when things could have been so much more worse. And yet, there was still a glimmer of sorrow reflecting in her purple eyes. Her long black hair was tied back in a loose tail, at the nape of her neck. The humans would be unable to see her wings, once a beautiful snowy white and now a cold, ashen black.

    Her hands were stuffed into the pockets of her hoodie, the hood down as she waked the streets of Troy. She wasn't entirely sure about her reasoning for lingering in this particular city, but she had a feeling she was needed here. That something was going to happen, though she didn't know what.
  4. Akron suddenly smiled. He didn't know why. He felt warm. Fuzzy. Something was pleasing him and he didn't know what it was. He stood up, a shiver suddenly wraching his body, bringing his hands into the internal fluff fortress that was his own hoodie. He looked around. No one seemed to be in the park. He looked again. Closer this time.

    There was someone. A girl. Happy as he was. For some reason. She was a bewitching type of woman, she had a sort of...angellic, yet malevolent beauty which would pull ships into rocks. He was drawn to her.

    So he followed the impulse and walked toward her. "You lost?" Akron declared, the smile still stitched upon his face like it had been painted on permanently.
  5. The young woman paused, her amethyst orbs lifting from the ground as she pinned her gaze upon his form. She stared at him for a second before blinking, tilting her head to the side by a little bit as she regarded him. Lost? One could say she was that, in a way. Did she really look lost to him? She removed her hands from her pockets, brushing some of her hair from her face. "No, I'm not lost.... not really." She offered him a smile, a little bit of genuine warmth flashing across her expression before it faded again.

    She wasn't sure what to do when encountering a human, used to them mostly ignoring her and thinking she was some weird woman. She had this air about her that made it obvious for most that she didn't want to be bothered. This human did not see this, or he purposely chose to ignore it. She couldn't even begin to fathom why.
  6. "You seem...befuddled, to say the least." Akron exclaimed, smiling, taking in her appearance. She was what she was, holding a feisty beauty that would drive most sensible men insane. But considering Akron had been near the brink, he was slowly coming back from the edge of that inescapable fall into eternal darkness he would put himself through.

    "I'm Akron. It truly is a pleasure to" Akron added, smiling as he scratched his head, placing his headphones, which no longer blasted out songs of disillusioned rage but now the sound of nothingness, the sound of the environment around him. "Are you new to Troy?"
  7. The woman paused, her smile faltering a tiny bit as she cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow at him. He was certainly interesting for a human, since he was talking to her instead of ignoring her. She really should have just walked away and continued on with her business, but she had never been a rude person. Not intentionally, of course. "You could say that.... my name is Mina. It's nice to meet you as well."

    Her gaze then wandered from him, eyes peeking up at the sky before returning their attention to the male in front of her. "Do you normally talk to strangers?" This time a genuine smile tugged at her lips, the light reaching her eyes as she regarded him in mirth.
  8. He looked at her, befuddled. Should he tell her of his situation? The ache he felt day to day that grew into an ever deepening pit of darkness? He decided it would be worth the allusion, but not actually speaking of it. "I don't really have many people to talk to anyway. And you seemed like a good person to talk to, Mina."

    He looked at her. She shone. She actually shone. He felt warm just being beside her, like she was of some otherworldly presence. But he had never been a poet laureate, so he could not talk to her of his feelings. Not yet, anyway.
  9. "But what if I'm not a good person? What if my appearance is deceiving and I'm really not what you think. What then?" She asked softly, cocking her head slightly to the side as she crossed her arms over her chest while gazing at him. She remained in position in front of him, making no move to escape or walk away from him. Were all humans this odd?
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