INTEREST CHECK Deus Ex Stellae - (The God from our Stars) Fantasy/Extraterrestrial War for Survival

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  1. ¡Hola hermanos!
    (Move eyes down to next red text to skip straight to the plot)
    (Not like you care about where I been, anyways. Hurhurhurmph. :y)
    I know it's the schooling time, so a lot of the people here are either gone or not as regular as they used to be. I, myself, have had a bit of trouble with life things- I might'a cheated on Iwaku a bit with other hobbies, and for that I apologize...

    ...but, now I'm back! I have actually started writing a big book of plot ideas and arcs in my free time; a big book to share with Iwaku, of course. One of my bigger ideas, a humanoid fantasy creatures vs. a extraterrestrial flustercluck has been on the forefront of my mind for a while. Knowing this, I decided to create...

    Deus Ex Stellae

    Imagine, if you will- a common modern fantasy world. Humans and Dwarves come together to create magnificent skyscrapers- Elves and the Faerie folk grow massive, beautiful landscapes of Nature- and Orcs... Well, are Orcs.

    Now... Imagine a combination of most pop culture alien types you've come to know, then send them down with the sole purpose of enslaving the humanoid-kind for the purpose of extraterrestrial science!

    What you get, or at least my take of it, is a war that not only pits humanoids against aliens- but humanoids against humanoids. Dwarves still don't trust the Elves, who in turn hate the Dwarves for their perversion of Nature- all while humans piss both sides off to no end.

    There will be an internal power struggle as an external struggle for survival rages on. However, as the dust settles on an either saved or destroyed earth- what master will you really serve?

    *More thunder*
  2. I'm not really understanding. This is Scifan but is not in space, but it has aliens that are attacking the planet?

    Why not just make it a Warhammer 40k rp?
  3. Its not the years around 40k ?
    And only the aliens have the sci-fi tech, while the fantasy-folk have magic ? (Or no magic)
    Anyways, I'm interested in the general idea. Now I need reasons to stay that way ;)
    (Mostly a joke, at the moment I'm in.)

    some "relevant" questions (open)

    What fantasy-races ? Stereotypes ?
    What aliens ? Stereotypes ?
    Tech level /Magic level for the fantasy-folk ?
    likewise for the aliens ?
    What kind of world ?
    Will we play characters, groups or nations ?
    Can we play the Aliens ( same options ? ) ?
    Is the focus on the internal interactions, the invaders effect on the defenders, the war or the "macic meets tech" ?
    As you are asking a question regarding the aftermatch, are we going to adress the two parts 1 / 3, 1 / 1 or 3 /1 ?
    Do I get to hunt aliens for spines then ?
    Are we going to have an open or closed end ?
    Should I just wait for the story to unfold ?
    Am I as annoying as I feel like ?
    Should I stop ?
    Are you confident enough to have me as a part of this ?
    I should stop, shouldn't I ?
    Why aren't I doing so ?
    ... Because I am feeling yellow at the moment...
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  4. I really haven't ironed out all of the details, this was more of an interest check- but... I think I can answer most of these.
    *Deep breath*
    *Deeper breath*
    Show Spoiler

    What fantasy-races: Mostly humanoids, but I can pretty much see piling whatever people want in, somehow.

    What aliens: Open to be discovered as the characters go through their quest. However, the aliens seen will mostly fall under the category of "ET came to earth with a plasma rifle and a lust for blood" aesthetic- along with their magic/technology/hybrid creations.

    Tech level /Magic level for the fantasy-folk:
    What you would find in a classic fantasy genre; Iron Age with plenty of spells n' wizardry to sate all mystical needs.
    As for the Aliens:
    An extremely advanced race, using a blend of futuristic technology and advanced magic that is used for nefarious, genocide-related purposes.

    What kind of world:
    Not very different from our own, save the difference between the industrial dwarven land and the arboreal elves' forests.

    Will we play characters, groups or nations:
    Characters. The factions of the world have banded together to fight their common alien enemy. In this, each has donated both manpower and resources to create a sort of "Alien Defense Organization". You'll get to choose a faction to fight under, influencing your relation with the rest of the world- but each character will serve together under the banner of survival.

    Can we play the Aliens ( same options ? ):
    To keep the plot somewhat together, I'm afraid being an alien is a bit much. However... Nothing is stopping you from being under the alien's control, as a sleeper agent in the war.

    Is the focus on the internal interactions, the invaders effect on the defenders, the war or the "magic meets tech":
    Partially internal, partially external. Being agents, you'll have to go out and fight the alien menace on the front lines- seeing firsthand the destruction they cause on the world, as well as trying to research the new threat and steal their technological advances.

    Internally however, we all know that sentient beings are backstabbing bastards by heart. The Dwarves admire the aliens, and strive at every turn to assimilate their way of life into their own. The Elves think of the aliens as abominations, and wish to annihilate every aspect of their species. The humans are stuck in the middle, wanting to become stronger by using the alien's power, but afraid of the consequences on life after. Whichever faction you choose, you're going to be embroiled in a diplomatic power struggle of Survival Vs. Ethics.

    As you are asking a question regarding the aftermath, are we going to address the two parts 1 / 3, 1 / 1 or 3 /1:
    3/1. If we actually get through the story, start to finish, it'd be lengthy enough to only spend a bit of time on what happens after. If it's popular, however... There could always be another story.

    Do I get to hunt aliens for spines then?:
    Hell yes. Spines, livers, as much of them as you can bring home- If you want to side with the Dwarves and try to assimilate their everything, you'll practically be bringing home trunks of stuff.
    For Science!

    Are we going to have an open or closed end:
    Probably closed, but it depends on how strong it's going near then.

    Should I just wait for the story to unfold?:
    Every day you wait, people get turned into Alien Snacks... So, if you want to be the last person on the planet- sure!
    (Spoiler- The Planet goes asplode when the aliens win.)

    Am I as annoying as I feel like?: I can't tell you how you feel, I ain't your mama.

    Should I stop?: Never stop being you.

    Are you confident enough to have me as a part of this?: Sure.

    I should stop, shouldn't I?: I'm actually really bored...

    Why aren't I doing so?: Because Irony.
  5. Radiant_Sky, I think I'm starting to enjoy this :3
    Irony is simple, amusement isn't ^^
  6. How Ironic. >~<

    But yeah, I'm going to have to iron out the rest of the plot details and start up an actual thread soon- most of the people who end up joining usually aren't in the Interest Check threads.
  7. Ironic wouldn't you say :3
    I'd love to help you with the plot and whatnot, just PM me if you feel like using an additional mind ^^
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