Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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  1. Old thread's in the archives so I figured I'd start a new one, but some crazy shit's been unveiled regarding the next Deus Ex game, and not just new gameplay:

    There's also Breach, the game's challenge mode:

    Deus Ex Go:

    And you can also buy Deus Ex-branded prosthetic limbs from Open Bionics and Razer(why):

    I'm so glad I have Overwatch to keep me occupied until August.
  2. Looks cool. The pre-order thing they did was beyond stupid.

    Have to reinstall Doos Ex and give it another go.
  3. Very pleased to see a modern cyberpunk setting so seriously featured.

    And very glad they've dropped the "augment your preorder" shit too.
  4. I can assume we all are ignoring the Secret War which should just remain a secret and nothing more. But all the stuff I've seen for Mankind Divided looks promising. If the game plays similar to Human Revolution, I think I'll be right at home with some new features and improved mechanics. But what I'm hoping for more than anything is a much deeper story. Not that Human Rev failed on that or anything, but much of it is spoon fed to you save for a few side-quests which reveal more of Adam's past and never really had much shock or emotional investment aside from Malik and maybe David. But it is good not to have to large a cast, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    I expect big things though, but I'll keep my hopes at a modest level until then. I trust Square Enix and it's dev's won't fudge things up.
  5. I'm very much into this. I've always been a huge Deus Ex fan, and have been looking forward to this.

    A preorder for me may be in my future.
  6. I neeeed this. Cyberpunk is my fucking jam.
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