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  1. Hello and welcome to the world of waking spirits colliding with the world of the living.

    All your characters life, they have been linked to an entity that has become more powerful as you mature into a handsome young man (or a beautiful young woman)

    The entity's name is Toggle and it is able to lift things, posses people, and kill them by choking or other various ways...he can also do more like heal and create a shield around your character to protect them.
    However, most importantly he is the link to help you contact the dead that tell you information about how they died, mostly they contact you out of desperation...hoping you would be able to help them rest at peace by making the person who hurt or kill them pay for it...
    That's when your character decided to work as a private investigator to help the spirits and bring the criminals to justice!

    If you want to role play here are some things you should know...

    1. Your character already worked up to investigator, but nobody knows why your getting the information your getting...and if you told most people they wouldn't believe you, so I need a character who is emotional but will not give up no matter how much people don't believe him or her!

    2. This is still a I will need real reactions from the character, think about if you were in that would you react?

    3. I will also need a character that is very much open to love! You character can be single or married but if they are married or married with kids then I am going to also be the husband/wife and kids...

    4. Toggle is not a tool, this entity is a lion in a can ask it what to do but it dosen't mean that they have to be careful on how you ask it..

    5. Do not message me about your character, please comment the following information below!

    Name (first and last):
    Age ( cannot be younger than 25 and cannot be older than 40):
    What they look like (picture isn't required but would be greatly appreciated):

    6. You should know since this story is about investigations and paranormal activity that there might be a lot of scenes that skip ahead a bunch of hours so that the character can deal with family problems or random messages through dreams
  2. This actualy sounds interesting, (Am a hugh fan of beyond two souls)
    But can I ask what kind of story line you want here? I mean I know you want the whole detective/Paranormal angle and all that but what of the actual story? The read thread so to speak?
  3. It's more of a drama, people wont believe you and your frustrated, balancing work with your own like and the drama of trying to save the people that you have visions or dreams about
  4. Yeah okay.
    Its just this seems more like a one person story then two. (No offence its a awesome idea)
    So my question would be... Were do you fit in to the story?
    Just as people and/or other things around or some one more special like a love intrest or something?
    (Just trying to get everything in order for myself.)
  5. Pretty much, you figure everything out and I will provide you with the information
  6. So kind of like a game of cluedo.
    You give me what clues I need and then I need to figure out if lady green got killed in the library with a candlestick or not.
  7. Sorry if I offended you.
  8. I'm just trying to understand what you want from this rp.
  9. I'm interested.if you're still looking!
  10. Name (first and last): Vanessa Michaelson
    Personality: Feels completely overwhelmed by her circumstances because no one believed her when she tried to explain her "ability". That was back in her teen years though, now she's gotten use to odd looks that she gets from those that have heard rumors about how she supposedly gets her intel and solves cases. Feels pressured as she tries to balance her social life, which consists of her boyfriend of 1 year, and her professional life.
    Bio: She had always had a connection to something otherworldly from a young age, but she wasn't quite Alberto understand it until her teen years. Her parents had thought that their little girl was simply talking about an imaginary friend, but soon became worried when they witnessed first hand what her "imaginary friend" was capable of. Her parents treated her differently after that, almost neglecting her, which made her a bit of a recluse. In her teens is when she began to see other things, like ghosts or spirits, also that's when she began to have strange dreams that didn't quite make sense to her. Instead of letting this drive her insane, since no one else seem to be able to see them or even believe her for that matter, she decided to steel herself against her doubters and figure it all out on her own. The things that seem to come to her seemed to be relating the deaths of these spirits and they seemed restless and yearning for their attackers to be brought to justice, and in understanding their wants it seemed only natural for her to take a path that would lead her in that direction. She took the route of becoming a PI, meeting her boyfriend of 1 year who was actually a police officer that arrested one of the perps that she had led them to. She hasn't tried to explain to him how she does what she does and hopes that she can keep it a secret from him so that their already
    What they look like (picture isn't required but would be greatly appreciated):[​IMG]
    Male/Female: Female
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