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  1. I was planning to make a webcomic, but I am thinking it would be a cool idea to make it an RP here, so that the story is s collab of everyone who plays, and draw up the completed stories as webcomics.

    The RP takes place in Detective City, a crime noir city where many strange individuals, comparable to the Dick Tracy characters, live.

    It will be a comedy, but the scenarios can be seen as serious, if you take away the humor. Think Zombieland. Without the humor, it would be comparable to any other zombie apocalypse. Same applies for this RP.

    I'm thinking of making a group, and if you wanted to started your own story, you'd make your own thread. You'd list the name, basic description, maybe location, and the primary characters for the story, along with the GM/Writer.

    I've already got a few characters made up, the big guy is the main villain(but by no means the ONLY villain), and the small guy is my character, Bernardo Hoagie, Sherlock-ish Detective.

    Now, as for the style, it will be monochrome for the most part, save for key items and elements, which will be colored. All main characters will have a special mode, activated once per story. It takes the character's main skill, and jacks it up to 11, along with changing the art style dramatically, (for Hoagie, the world becomes a black void, save for his eyes, which become yellow cat eyes. Important events and places fade in and out in a surreal manner, and he deciphers from these events exactly what's happening, which shows that his detective skills are nearly supernatural in this stage.) All playable characters, and some important NPCs, have this sort of ability, and the look of it while it is on is quite different from each other. For your special ability, describe its affect, and the sort of drawing style it has. If you are able to replicate the style, that would be very cool too!

    So, who would like to be part of my webcomic?
  2. It would be interesting to see how it works, considering how it plays. So it would be a group of all 1x1? (roleplayer playing protagonist of the story/case and Game master?)
  3. Not really

    You would make a thread, and either invite people you wanted, or let people join until you felt like there was enough. So each story would be like a dungeon in a fantasy game, as a comparison, though you could do a 1x1
  4. Also, you don't have to be a detective or criminal, just someone who would fit a 20-30s Metropolitan setting, like Chicago or New-York.
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