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  1. Hello, there! It is winter break and I'm feeling lazy, so I'll get straight to the point! Save us all some trouble. :smile:

    I am looking for an adept or higher writer who is willing to do some quick writing with me, primarily for the time I have free during winter break. By quick I mean multiple posts a day. Even better would be some back and forth at a time when we are both online.

    I'm not going to put length expectations on this, but I am looking for someone with adept or better writing skills. The posts can be relatively short, but I'll know pretty quickly if you aren't putting any effort or thought into them. Even if I'm writing less, my standards for content stay pretty much the same

    Other than those two expectations, I don't really care! Nice and easy, right?

    I'm not going to give any plots here, because I strongly believe in tailoring offered plots to match a partner. Therefore, PM me and we can get down to planning! I'll also gladly listen to any plots you have, although I can't promise I'll be able to roll with all of them.

    Have a nice day~
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  2. While I'm okay with MxM, I really have no interest in modern realistic romance slice-of-life stories. Sorry!
  3. Could we try something out? I have a romantic tragedy partner request that I'm waiting to be fulfilled, if that sounds interesting. I would also like to point out that the entire story is not focused mainly on the romance and building of the relationship. It's more drama-filled than romance-filled. However, my expectations may throw you off unless you like to do research on what things were like during the 1900s, depending on which time period you'd prefer.

    If that does not interest you though, perhaps we could brainstorm a plot together? I've been itching to do a post-apocalyptic roleplay with demons or a siren and harpy pairing, if either interest you.
  4. Hello, Alexa. Good to see you again! Why don't you send a PM my way, and we can chat!
  5. I'd like to rp with you. Fantasy is my strongest. I'm curious to see what plots you have.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and give this a little nudge. While I've found a few new partners, I'm still bored! I'd love someone who makes me feel like I'm leaving them hanging. That would be wonderful.
  7. I would be interested of being your partner. ^^
  8. Sure! Send me a PM, and we can start chatting.
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