Detailed Harry Potter Roleplay? [Always Open!]

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  1. So lately I've been craving a Harry Potter roleplay (in case the title never indicated that). I don't particularly mind how many partners I get for this since my holidays are nearing, as long as my partners are good with writing and grammar and can give me two to three paragraphs per response/character. And I mean good sized paragraphs, not like two lines each. There's a reason the title says 'detailed'. I would like it to stay that way. :)

    I want someone to take up the role of either Ronald or Fred Weasley. I have an OC for both of them that is female and that pairing will not change. For my partner I am more than happy -- and would in fact prefer -- if we double. I don't mind playing a canon for your OC or vice versa, or even doing a canon x canon pairing, but I won't do an OCxOC pairing. I'm not really feeling it. Just let me know in advance which character you want me to play as I'm not adept in portraying all of them. (Although I will say in advance, I'm terrible at portraying Draco, Snape and Seamus ;; Characters I do best are Harry, Oliver, Neville, George, Bill (occasionally) and Lupin. I also consider playing Hermione but only for canon x canon and only with Ron, Fred or Draco so if that fooats your boat, I'd be down for that too.)

    I have a couple of ideas for plots -- all take place during/after sixth year and they can be either fluffy or full of drama (I for one, love a good mix of the both as well as some action). I'm looking preferably for someone over eighteen because I like for the RP to sometimes delve into mature themes (violene, gore, smut, all that) We can discuss them in PM if you're interested so don't hesitate to shoot me a message! We can work out more details there. [​IMG]
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  5. Hello!

    I am quite interested in role playing with you as Ronald. Since you say you are terrible at Draco, my option would have to be Fred, unless you want to try to do Draco and I be Fred. I have no problem with it. :)
  6. I can definitely play Fred for you :) Shoot me a pm and we can hash out some details :)
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  8. I would love to double an oc x canon! :D
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  9. Shoot me a PM! :)
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