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If you had to pick one of the girls to role play as. Who would it be?

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  1. Kaitlyn

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  2. Caitlyn

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  1. Destiny's shack
    (hey people. This is my first rp. Please go easy on me )

    Kaitlyn was living the perfect life, rich, famous and had all the treasure in the world. She did what she wanted when she wanted and didn't give a damn about anyone else. She was a demon slayer.

    Being injected with demon blood as a baby gave her special abilities that was required in her field of expertise.

    The company she worked for decided she was, unreliable. So they sacked her and took away her powers and abilities. Fortunately, she met Caitlyn.

    Caitlyn is just an ordinary girl, nothing special or demonic about her. After Kaitlyn explained the situation, they decided to fuse bodies. The energy of two spirits allowed Kaitlyn to get her powers back, but she would have to share with Caitlyn, thats when she got a "tattoo" on her right part of her neck, whenever it was night time or Kaitlyn felt like it, she took control and was able to wield her powers but she still had to use Caitlyn's body.

    So for the past 5 years Caitlyn and Kaitlyn have been living together in the same body with Caitlyn's family. They live in a small kinda run down house in Ohio.

    Her life would change soon. Very soon

    This story isn't over yet.

    Brandon. One look at him and you could label him straight away.

    Nerd, probably never kissed a girl, got no friends, probably plays a lot of RPG's.

    All of those things are true, however he is special in one way.

    He is an adept mage in all forms of magic.

    His intellect allowed him to tap into the other 90% of his brain that normal people can't use. He was able to unlock the secrets of magic.

    His parents do know about his "abilities" and they treat him no differently, just the way brandon wants it. Unfortunately, there are people who want to unlock the secrets of the arcane arts as well, it makes him a huge target.

    Their previous house got burned down in a fire. So they moved to Ohio, they knew a family there, used to be great friends before Brandon was born.

    They moved into their place. And then things got weird.


    Looks: long dirty blonde hair with slight curls. Doesn't like dresses and skirts and prefers to wear skinny jeans or shorts.
    Personality: She is a girly girl + she skates. She was always really popular at school and despite the rumors she never actually got involved with a lot of boys. She is fun and exciting and loves adventure. She likes to explore and jump into situations without thinking. She loves to laugh and while it may seem like she is insulting someone, she is merely just having fun.
    Relationships: She has a big sister who she despises because while they were both popular, her older sister got the attention. While it may seem like she doesn't care, she loves her mum and dad and would do anything for them. Kaitlyn is basically like her best friend. She understands her. While it may seem like she is just making friends, she secretly has a massive crush on Brandon due to the fact that he is shy and doesn't reveal a lot about himself. She has a boyfriend, however he sleeps with other girls and she uses him to gain popularity.

    Looks: same as Caitlyn except with 2 black streaks on the front sides of her hair and she has dark eye make-up.
    Personality: she is a complete bad-aśš. She is hot and knows it and often uses that to her advantage. She hates not knowing things and has a constant urge to feel more powerful then everyone else. Despite her outside nature, she can be emotionally unstable. The love of her life was slain by a demonic-god and her powers were taken away from her.
    Relationships: she has a strong bond with Caitlyn's parents and she hates Caitlyn's sister more then Caitlyn. She has a great friendship with Caitlyn feeling that she can only trust her. She initially falls for Brandon due to his mysterious attitude and his complete non-fear for Kaitlyn.

    Looks: brown shaggy hair, eyes change colour due to mood. He wears mainly skinny jeans and jackets with hoods and he always carries a book with him. He is quite skinny.
    Personality: Brandon was picked on in high school. So when he left to study the arcane arts, he taught himself that you can't trust anyone. He likes to read but doesn't like talking to strangers, especially girls, however when asked about his interests he usually spills. While he may seem calm and cool, he can completely lose it, sending his magic powers haywire.
    Relationships: He learnt to only trust his parents, they are the only ones who understand him. He initially falls for Caitlyn due to her natural charm, however still remains reserved due to the fact that he can't trust her. When he sees her other side , Kaitlyn, he becomes intrigued. Despite her many attempts Brandon deflects any flirting gestures by Caitlyn's sister. While not knowing them much, he does feel like Caitlyn's parents aren't bad people.

    Once I can get definate candidates for the main characters, we can add sub-characters.
  2. I definitely want to be kaitlyn. This sounds super fun.
  3. If you're still interested in doing this RP, I think it has a lot of potential! I would be interested in joining... I'm not sure where I might fit in. Maybe a "coworker" of Kaitlyn that's come to find her. There could even be a romantic element maybe he likes Kaitlyn but because she had that traumatic event where her previous lover was killed she just kept shutting him down, for a certain amount of drama but there doesn't have to be a romantic element. Maybe he's just sent to keep personal tabs for the demon-slaying agency.
  4. Oooo i like your ideas