Destiny first light.

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    Time is said to heal all wounds; however the truth is seldom uttered. Many years have passed since that swarthy day, a day which till this moment plagues and blight's Regnier's mind. As a child at the age of 12 he watched as his parents were slaughtered by a monster. That was six long years ago, yet still the nightmare prevailed. The wound yet to be closed. With stings of guilt and remorse he sought a higher path. His way of coupling with the misery fate wrought. Though he had always been big and strong for his age his father taught him never to strike out of spite. For an eye for an eye make's the whole world go blind. Word's which still ring in the back of his mind. Even now as he made his way to his humble shack he could recall those word's of wisdom.

    Vengeance was like a venom; corrupting one's soul as it tainted their being. In due time blooming one's own destruction. And though it is natural to desire justice...when taken into one's own hands their mind becomes clouded. A path which often causes one to dig their own grave. Still it was hard to sway from such natural tendencies.

    With the sun setting behind him Regnier was oblivious of the idle banter of this small town's locals. Only his thoughts and the sound of his foot steps resonating from the weather worn cobble street would grace him. at first glance he appeared to be ordinarily dull. Even he was ignorant of the power stirring within him; longing to be birthed. A power which attracted various apparitions. Even as a young boy he could see spirits and monster's. And though he could fathom not their names or purposes he knew which were benevolent and which harbored a more self serving and insidious agenda. Unbeknownst to him, even now from within shadow's grasp a spirit stalked him. Eye's bursting with gluttonous hunger for his soul.

    "Father....Mother....It has been years since that day. Yet still I feel guilt. Burdened by my weakness I could only watch as you were both murdered. I could apologize till my breath fails me. Yet still somehow it would not be enough to redeem my soul." Such heavy thought's weighed on his mind.

    Abruptly he would come to a halt. His gaze galloping toward the mouth of a narrow trash littered alleyway. He could see a young girl...a spirit being pushed into a corner by other spirits. With a heavy sigh of disgust he would make his way through it's narrow path with haste. Standing between this scene. Most failed to note such lost souls filled with confusion and pain. However being spiritually keen meant not only could he see them...but he could be harmed physically by them.

    "Move human!" The leader would bellow. As if his authority meant anything to Regnier.

    "I can't do that...I will not fight you but I will stand in your way. If you wish to harm this girl you must first get through me. However I implore you to withdraw." Regnier replied. Though it might seem he was antagonizing the ghost. In truth his intent was anything but that.

    The little girl would whimper, bruised unable to react. The three male spirits would clench their fist as a vile grin now plastered itself on each and everyone of their faces.

    "So be it..." The leader would bellow.

    What followed next would surprise most. Anyone who watched from afar and lacked the potent third eye would see nothing other then Regnier standing their as bruises and cut's began to manifest themselves on his face and frame. But those strong enough to take note would observe the three spirits wailing on him without clemency with their fist. All the meanwhile with an expressionless face and demeanor Regnier would unwaveringly take their assault. After a few minutes as the spirits tired the leader would chuckle.

    "So be it. This girls spirit energy is hardly worth the amount we've wasted on you. Men let us go for now. This martyr can't protect her forever..." After this much being said they would fade. Leaving Regnier with the lost child.

    "Thank you..." She muttered weakly.

    " safe. I can not grant you access to the afterlife. But for now you are safe. Just please be careful." Regnier replied...offering her a weak smile as blood dripped from the corners of his lips.

    "I'll try." she'd reply before running out of the alley disappearing into the crowd.

    With a limp and holding his bruised sides Regnier would make his way from the mouth of the alley. Taking the weather worn cobble road back to the abandon shack he called home. Having no parent's or family left in this world, Regnier was forced to live alone on the street. Showering at a friends house as he finished up his schooling. A lonely existence however one that made him strong yet humble. Gracious for what little he had. He often cherished the subtle things in life. As the sun had begun to fade behind the mountain range, he could be found sitting outside his front door on a cracked concrete slab. As if lost in a trace like state.

    "That little girl..." Pity and regret hung on his every word. He felt sad for her and regretted being weak and unable to help her other then by being a human shield. Tightly his fingers would clench his jeans as his hands rested on the meaty portion of his thighs.
  2. The girl came to a stop in the center of the crowd. Her knees stung from the scrapes recieved through a fall on the concrete when she was confronted by those attackers. She truly was greatful for his help, although she was certain not all was over. Turning around she watched Regnier step away and a sudden urge to stay close came over her... She wandered away from the crowd, staying silent so he wouldn't immediately notice her following. Her eyes were their normal-yet strange-shade of bright gold as she watched ahead.

    She stood quietly, hiding behind the corner of his home. Something was strange about him.. even aside from the fact he could actually see her. She gazed at him as he sat on the steps. Who was he, why did he help? Or maybe there was another question to ask; What is he? He was human, as far as she could tell, but she tends to find looks are always decieving when she makes her own observations.

    Just like back then.
    She rubbed her throat for a moment before squinting to shake off the memory. There was no need to think of such things. He was differen't, but he was not a danger to her. Why would he have helped her if he was a bad guy...? Yes, he must be somewhat decent, she guessed.Straightening a wrinkle from her white, button up shirt and her black skirt, she softly stepped to one side of the stairs, unnoticed until she spoke, nervously rubbing her arm.

    "U-uh... Hello.."​
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    Regnier felt her presence and gaze barreling down on him. However her own presence was overcome by something far more insidious though subtle in it's approach. For the moment this presence seemed content on hiding. Which was fine in his eyes. Before she declared her presence and removed herself from shaded guise. Regnier would peer down the street. There he would see a dog; amethyst in it's fur coat with a pipe in it's mouth. The mutt's locking eye's with him as he noticed it carried a jug of sake on it's back.

    "That Dog..." He whispered; his concentration averting itself as the young girl from earlier nervously approached him.

    Silently he would listen to her words and take in her body language. Yet his own expression was that of a humble man. And his eyes proclaimed an old yet experience soul for one as young as he is. Respectfully his eyes would drift away just for a moment as the dog which he once saw now vanished into thin air. Striking Regnier as odd.

    "Hey..." Regnier would reply; exhaling heavily as his heart weighed him down.

    "If you're here to thank me please don't. I did only what is expected of me." Regnier would quickly retort. However despite his wording his tone carried a sense of soft sincerity. As if to remove any possible perception of spite.

    "What is your name?" Regnier was terrible at conversations. Yet still he would try to initiate one to pass the time. Plus having no real friends due to his intimidating presence has left a void in his soul.
  4. "Nyrie Keta." She muttered watching as the strange dog had dissapated into the air. In a short moment she had gathered herself, resting her back against the wall of the home.

    "If you don't want a 'thank you,' Then you don't need one. But I owe you, either way.. it's only fair, and how I was raised."

    She tended to forget her appearence, how she was only in the body of a child. It was mainly the reason she had been messed with, beaten by the group. Her sudden confidence within the shy-at-first soul was usually present, and having been insulted by one of the men, he had snapped back with something that had angered the group. Of course it had escaladed.

    She had chosen not to physically attack the men, though they did not have such a morale.
    Brutish men, they'll be swallowed up soon, anyways.

    "Oh, and what's your name?" She thought momentarily, his figure almost reminding her of someone she had known.​
  5. Angel, a girl who hardly seemed a woman walked with heavy steps through the crowd. Dragging herself she turned around in a quite alley and slid herself down the wall. At first sight, she would be considered a young boy, a feminine boy but a boy never the less when she was actually a girl. Her clothing never suggested any femininity. She let her head drop down as she saw the little bruise on her shoulder, the young boys from the colony were real bullies, jealous of how better she was from them they would always pick a fight but today it just got out of hand. She had knocked a boy down and he was injured badly but she herself got a little bruise from the knuckle ring one of them wore. her milky white baggy shirt was torn and her bruise could be seen. Covering it with her hand she sighed, as her hair hung down till her shoulders,sometimes she wondered why she was like this, maybe because ever since she was young she was the boy of the house doing all sorts of works and helping her mum and dad she never knew how she ended up growing up like that, that now people never saw her for a delicate girl. Many a times a few girls confessed their feelings to her but were humiliated when she had to tell them she was just like them and that she was not a boy and that is why it became hard for her to actually find a man who would marry her, this topic was becoming a concern to her parents. Her thoughts twirled as the pain stung and she cringed letting her had fall back and lean on the wall.

    All of a sudden she realized that this alley was one of the alleys where she always saw something, which was not present today, a dog with a pipe. She had always seen him from afar and today he was no where to be seen but she knew he always appeared to her around this corner. It scared her yet built curiosity inside her. Angel just stared into blank space while waiting for the pain to subside.
  6. Even in death the strong prey on those they perceive as more frail then themselves. A barbaric mindset which like an infection always served to eat away at societies moral fiber. In this regard there was little difference between a man and a rabid beast. The thought of such cowardice deeds always penetrated Regnier's thick skin. However never will he succumb to needless violence. Such was not the path he walked. Nor would his father approve of such self serving actions. The true test of a man's character is whether or not he can end a dispute peaceably. For those who return violence with violence are only adding fuel to the vicarious cycle which engulfs our world.

    Silently Regnier listened to this spirit speak of her upbringing; and despite her young appearance. She seemed to possess a refreshing sense of maturity. This realization cause a sincere smile to set on his bruised face. The arches of his lip's curving hiding the dried blood which he had yet to clean off.

    "Regnier...Regnier Allivitiar." Regnier answered her question without pause. She deserved to know his name. It was merely proper customs and courtesy.

    "If I may ask...You seem mature for your apparent age. How long have you wandered our world as a spirit?" The rather tall and buff teenager would ask. His voice deep as if his heart carried a heavy burden.

    "You're chained to this world still are you not?" As these words parted from his lips Regnier would raise his eyes. Attempting to lock with her own.

    Meanwhile in the distance; beyond their line of sight the Amethyst Dog could be found. Sitting on top of a building as it's eyes seem to pierce the distance. It seemed concerned not with angel who was aware of it's presence, or this wandering spirit. Rather on Regnier. Though at the moment regnier was ignorant of it's piercing gaze. For years this Dog had been following regnier. It was until late that he even became aware of it's presence.
  7. Their eyes had met for a moment before she almost to quickly glanced away. She seemed to stare at absolutely nothing as she tried to remember, but realized no specific number had came to mind. Her shoulders simply shrugged. Attempting at a smile she looked back to him.

    "Don't know."
  8. There was another one of those things!

    Hira always seemed to be able to pick out those humans who possessed the sight, the power which allowed them to see those spirits who still walked the earth. They always held a strong attraction to the spirit, and it seemed to always cross paths with them, even when it didn't think it was seeking them out. In fact Hira found itself currently stalking one now.

    The human didn't look so well either... She seemed to be very injured, though all the spirit could see on the distraught and androgynous girl was the bruise upon her shoulder. Hira tried to morph it's own energy into the form of the woman below, and touch it's own shoulder as it observed the wound. It's disguise was ridiculous, it was only able to become a shadowy outline of the girl below. It was an action that spoke depths about the spirit's state of mind though.

    It had been on this plane for so long, it could not remember it's name... whether it was male or female, human or animal or hell... even plant, for those had spirits too. Spirits chose their form based on what they looked like before death, their state of mind during, or from some other influence. Even if it was a subconscious decision. Because Hira had been on this plane for so long without being put to rest... It had lost touch, and now had no permanent form. It was a horrible existence... One it could not end. It was unable to cross over. So it wanted the next best thing.

    Hira seemed to melt into the wall like a great shadow, sliding slowly down towards the woman, in a way that resembled dripping water. "Human..." It whispered. Not with a mouth, and there was no voice... It reached out and touched the girls mind, speaking these words in her head in the language the girl would know. Hira discovered these powers only after roaming free on this plane for so long. "Your body ails you... I can help..." it said as it crept ominously down the wall toward the seated woman. The spirit was filled with envy and lust. It wanted what this girl had. A body that could fully interact with this plane it was stuck in.
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    Angel, long sat there and images flashed before her mind, a slight slumber was approaching but the past would not let her sleep. Angel could remember seeing spirits ever since she was a child, a blessing or curse passed down from her mother. Angel groaned a bit and glanced at her wound with drowsy eyes, when she felt a breeze and it carried a particular scent, a scent she usually felt when something unnatural or supernatural was around but Angel wasn't really sure of it. A whisper echoed in her ear and her eyes went wide open in attention, "Human..." she thought maybe she was just hearing things but 'it' spoke again, "Your body ails you... I can help..." and Angel saw a form come down and sit in front of her, Angel was on her feet instantly, all her life she might have seen these things but never had she witness a spirit wanting to talk to her.
    "Who are you and...what are you?" Angel asked holding on to her shoulder as her eyes stayed focused on the spirit.
  10. Hira drew back a bit as it was spotted, drawing up it's dark tendrils from where the woman sat before. It studied her from eyes that were unseen. The body was nice, the lack of feminine characteristics appealed a bit to the spirit who did not know if it was a man or a woman when it was still living, or possible neither.

    "I am," the spirit answered. It was the only way it knew how to answer. "And I can help you." Hira's obsidian form slid off the wall, pooling on the ground than rising up to take shape. It focused hard, pulling the chaotic energy that it was made up of into the other woman's form. This time it pulled it off much better, able to replicate exactly how the woman before her looked. Down to the very same hair count.

    Hira now looked at Angel from Angel's own eyes, a smile playing on the spirits lips and mischief dancing in it's eyes. It seems Hira had emotion down pat. Hira approached the woman slowly, trying to be non-threatening. "I can help you..." It said coming close enough if allowed, to gently touch the spot where the bruise was on Angel's shoulder, "Keep this from happening again.

    If Hira touched Angel, Angel would not feel any pressure, just heat. Heat from the chaotic energy. Not enough to burn, but nearly.

    "I can lend you my power," Hira would continue, removing it's hand and circling the girl. "If you would only let me share your body, you will be more powerful than any human... You could have revenge, and no one could stand in your way. I want only to feel what you do, touch and breathe... In return, the possibilites for you will be endless." The spirit stopped in from of Angel and gazed into her eyes as the words would echo in her head, awaiting what the woman would say. It knew it would be tempting, and hoped it would be enough.
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    Angel observed as the shadow from the walls formed tendrils and slowly a form was taking place, Angel could not believe her eyes as the spirit slowly took form of Angel herself, her eyes widened in shock and she stepped back a few steps in somewhat fear. She looked exactly like her except there was mischievousness in its eyes. Angel could not pay attention to what it was saying as she only observed her replica come forward and lightly touch her shoulder and Angel felt a warmth, a pinching yet soothing warmth. Angel just observed as her wound was not aching anymore but Angel realized the reason for such a gesture. Angel now paid attention as to the offer the spirit made and Angel listened carefully, for a moment she did feel tempted by the offer but then she shook herself off.
    "You can take your gratitude away but my body is meant only for my soul alone." Angel stated, her eyes looking directly into the spirits, Angel did want to know more though and so she offered instead, "But if there's anything else I can repay you with, I'm gladly willing to except remember I'm not going to go against humanity for you. Angel couldn't stop from asking more questions her curiosity couldn't be contained anymore.
    "What's your name? Have you always been a spirit or were you...human once?"