Destined For The Bad Side

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  1. Destined For The Bad Side

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    London Pierce Brooks

    Logan Anderson

    So as it turns out, today was the worst day in history for London Pierce Brooks. She had come home from work, to find in the mail, a letter stating that the building where her apartment was, was getting demolished.. Tomorrow. She was pretty sure it could be a legal issue with such late notice, but that wasn't really her concern at that point. Where the heck was she supposed to live? Being homeless wasn't exactly her idea of fun. Groaning very loudly, she stomped into her apartment and scrolled through her phone contacts, desperately ringing the few people she knew to see if there was anywhere she could stay. Nope. No. Not a chance. Nope.. On to her last contact and her last hope, London sighed, hoping with all her might that her friend, Anna, would let her stay. Hitting the dial button, she held the phone against her ear, waiting for her to answer. Instead, Anna's boyfriend, Joey answered, "Is Anna there?" London asked, an almost desperate plea to her voice. "She's in the shower at the moment, Lo, what's up? Is something wrong?" he asked, using his nickname for her. She bit her lower lip nervously and then sighed, "the building is getting demolished tomorrow," she told him with a pause and she shoved clothes into a suitcase. The silence on the other end was heavy. "And I really need somewhere to stay.. You guys have spare rooms don't you?" she said hopefully. To which, she heard a contemplative hum before she heard a door opening and the sound of running water - Joey had gone into the bathroom. He heard him asking Anna if she could stay and a squeal of delight and a high pitched "YES!" to which even London winced from the other side of the phone. She heard the door promptly shut and Joey said, "You heard her.. I'll come round and help you pack. I have some boxes. I'll leave Anna here," he said with a laugh, "or you guys will probably leave me to do all the work," London could hear the grin in his tone. "See you soon," London said before she hung up.​

    Furiously packing her clothes and toiletries into her suitcase - what it would fit anyway, she heard Joey pull up outside, open the boot of his car and then pretty much kicked the door open, carrying multiple boxes before dropping them on the floor. He stood at a good 6'0'', which curly black hair that went just past his ears and pretty grey eyes. He had a slightly tanned complexion and he had a fairly decent body with lean but not huge muscles in the right places. Though, she saw him as more of a brother. Joey and Anna had been going out for a couple years now and though London had only met Joey after he had started going out with Anna, her and Joey had formed a sort of almost sibling relationship almost immediately. London grinned at him as she zipped up her suitcase before he grabbed a box and then went into the kitchen to start packing stuff there. It only took an hour before everything was packed - London didn't really own much.. And most of her belongings were books and photos. Obviously, as well as clothes and food and everything else one actually needs to survive like a proper, decent human being. Loading the things into Joey's car. Don't even begin to ask London what kind it was - she knew next to nothing about cars. She didn't even own one. Sure, she had her license, but she could never find the money - or desire - to go out and buy a car.. She knew nothing about them. Her luck, she'd buy a piece of crap. Though she was pretty sure Joey's was some sort of ute with a.. Canopy? she thought it was called. But it did have 4 doors instead of a 2 door ute.

    Looking at her apartment, she sighed. All her furniture was staying here, getting demolished as well. Anna & Joey had a bed for her and they didn't need anything from her furniture. So it was getting destroyed. Though London didn't really mind.. They were being so kind as to let her move in - as a permanent solution. Unless, of course, she decided to move out on her own again if she wanted to. But she had no problem with staying with her friend. Tucking her rich brown hair behind her ears, she slid into the car just as Joey started to car. Shutting the door, Joey drove sensibly back to his place. Once they pulled up to the 3 bedroom house, London stepped out of the car just as the door was thrown open and a squeal pierced her ears. Turning slightly, she saw a girl standing at 5'4'' racing towards her, arms outstretched. She had fair skin, bright blue eyes and long blonde hair. Before London had time to react, the shorter girl threw herself at her, crushing her into a bear hug. For her small size, she was pretty strong. "Hi Anna," London squeaked, barely able to suck oxygen into her lungs. The girl let go and beamed at her. "I can't believe your living here now!" she exclaimed, pretty much bouncing with unbridled joy.

    That was one thing about Anna.. She was pretty much always bubbly and full of energy. London smiled at her friend and looked at Joey who simply raised a brow at them. London cleared her throat and then moved to the back of the car. She grabbed a box and carried it inside, following Joey who also carried a box. He led her into a room. It had a double bed with simple blue blankets and sheets on it. There was a wardrobe to hang her things, a desk and a bedside table. There was also a tall, thin book shelf. Setting down a box, she went out and grabbed another. There was only a total of 4 boxes and a suitcase.. Joey soon went out somewhere, but Anna stayed with her, helping her unpack. London grabbed her toothbrush, hair brush and other bits and pieces for the bathroom and went and put them in the bathroom which was connected to her room. She noticed the other things, but took no notice of it, not really thinking, before she went back into her room. They finished pretty quickly and London and Anna was soon in the living room, chatting away about anything and everything. Two hours later, Joey came home and they went into their room soon after telling London to make herself at home.

    Running a hand through her hair, she stood up and checked her phone. It was only 5, but she really wanted a shower, so she went into her room, grabbed a pair of black denim shorts and a pale green singlet top. She quickly slipped into the shower, scrubbing herself clean. She soon turned off the water and stepped out, drying herself with her towel before getting dressed. She brushed her hair, keeping it down before she stepped back into her room, turning off the bathroom light. Sighing softly, she stared out of her window for a few minutes before she decided she want to go for a walk. Today had just gone by in a blue, she hadn't really processed any of it. Grabbing her phone, she walked out of her room, shutting her door behind her. She walked to the front door, pausing for a moment, thinking of telling her friends she was leaving but then thought better of it. She opened the door, not really paying attention. She started to walk out, when she walked straight into a very solid, very real, chest. She blinked in surprise, taking a few steps back as she said, "oh, um, sorry," and she slowly looked up, craning her neck slightly to look up at the person she had just walked into.. Who just so happened.. To be very good looking. Clear blue eyes she could quite easily get used to looking at, dark brown hair and he towered over her 5'6'' height, with impeccable muscles that put Joey to shame. She blinked in utterly surprise and confusion, tilting her head to the side.
  2. To be honest, Logan had nothing better to do with his time. Though on this certain day, he was gone from the house that he was living in. The day consisted of running errands, doing some quick shopping, and he ended up going to the gym afterwards. Generally, the gym never crossed his mind, but he went because he needed to for reasons that he kept to himself. Those reasons were classified and he immediately would say that he would go to "improve his health." That was a blatant lie since he did continue to drink his alcohol that would tarnish him in the end of it all. He was going to die eventually.

    He received a text when he was at the gym, a text message from Joey saying that they had a new house mate. That was a complete surprise because there was no talk about getting a new roommate. With a strained groan he let escape his lips, he gathered his things and went into the locker rooms. Might as well just get it over with and meet this new housemate of theirs, he thought as he changed from his sweaty clothes to something more suitable. He would shower when he got home, since the gym showers weren't completely sanitary in his standards. So, he changed himself into a plain black v-neck with simple nice jeans, black shoes and a leather jacket to polish off his look. Grabbing his bag, he left the gym and headed to his car that was parked outside.

    An all black Mustang waited for him, one of the newer models. He always needed to get the best toys that he could afford, and this was definitely one of them. Unlocking it, he threw his bag in the trunk before heading into the driver's seat. The engine started as his car roared to life, his heavy rock music started to blare through the speakers and onlookers had watched as he lit up a cigarette before backing out of the spot that he was in. He was always that flashy guy that knew how to make his entrances and his exits, and that never failed to amuse him when people gawked, especially when ladies were the one who stared.

    The music kept playing in his car, his fingers tapped the steering wheel while his right hand was on the clutch as he shifted gears without a second thought. His cigarette hung loosely from his lips, focusing on the road in front of him. As he finished with it, he flicked it out of the window as he soon arrived at his home. He parked in front of the house, since Joey and his girlfriend took the spots on the driveway with their cars. He got out as soon as he parked, and went to the trunk to grab his bag. Locking his car, he header up to the door as he ran his hand through his dark hair.

    Just as he opened the door, someone was walking out. He rose a brow as a woman collided into him, and soon she backed up as she apologized. "You must be the new housemate," he spoke with a smirk tugged at his lips, looking down at her and took in her appearance. She was definitely cute, and he suddenly thought that having a new roommate wasn't such a bad idea after all.
  3. London studied the man before her for a moment. There was no denying that he was attractive. Very attractive. But she could also tell that he knew it. And by the way he stood, the expression he wore, he often used it to his advantage. It didn't take long for her to start feeling uncomfortable being near him. She didn't like the vibe he gave off. Exactly like the ones she tried to avoid. But she took a deep breath and calmed herself. She couldn't jump the gun and just assume automatically that he was a 'Bad Boy'. Many people were arrogant and took advantage of their looks. However, when he smirked at her, the sort of look she was very, very accustomed to and avoided like the plague, London couldn't help but tense. Who was he and what was he doing here? She'd never met him before, surely he wasn't one of Anna's friends.. So he must be one of Joey's buddies. That was the conclusion she came to. He soon spoke, saying she must be the new house mate. She frowned ever so slightly, for a mere second before she gave him a smile, "that's correct," she said and then brushed her fringe from her eyes and she glanced back inside for a moment, wondering what exactly she was going to do. By the sounds of it this man lived here. That made her suddenly want to leave. Or maybe he was just one of Joey's friends who visited regularly.

    "And who are you? Are you one of Joey's friends?" she asked him, watching him for a moment and she looked past him. How was she supposed to get past him? She definitely didn't want to stay here whilst he was here. She could send Anna a text to tell her when he'd left. She stood there, waiting for him to answer before she heard footsteps came towards them. She turned and saw Anna, her blonde hair clipped back away from her face. She saw her and soon stop dead in her tracks and her blue eyes widened for what looked like surprise at first and then her gaze darted from the man to her and they only seemed to widened even more, her gaze soon changing from realization, to what might be fear. She watched as she bit her lower lip and grasped her hands behind her back, eyes falling to the floor. She had always done that when she knew she'd done something wrong, or felt guilty.

    "What, Anna?" London asked, worried, glancing at the man before stepping towards her best friend. "I.. forgot to tell you... Sorry," she said, hunching her shoulders, making herself look even smaller than she already was. London's brow furrowed, "forgot to tell me what? What are you going on about?" she demanded, suddenly suspicious as she walked over to her friend. Anna looked up at her, eyes wide, like a frightened deer. Joey suddenly came up behind Anna, resting his hands on her shoulders and London looked up at him. "What's going on?" she asked him, "Anna won't say anything." Joey gave her an impish smile and looked over at the man."Want to introduce yourself?" Joey asked the man with a wry grin. Anna suddenly gasped and then reached over and clutched London's hands tightly and she winced. "Promise me you won't leave!" Anna pleaded and London tilted her head to the side, totally confused. "Huh? I'm not going to leave, what is wrong with you, Anna?" she asked and then looked at the man with the dark hair and blue eyes, having no idea what was going on and hoping, somehow, he would have an answer for her. "Do you know what's going on here?" London asked the man, utterly confused, but having a dreaded feeling that it wasn't good.
  4. There was a certain way everyone was looking at him that made Logan roll his eyes in annoyance. They seemed to make it like he was a bad person, which he wasn't. Maybe he was, but that didn't have to do with anything. The way that Anna apologized made him scoff, and clearly he didn't like it. He frankly didn't even care if he was going to get along with this new girl in the house, but he could play nice even if he didn't like doing so. Turning to Joey, he gave his friend a look before asking, "Why are ya'll treating me like I am some different species?" They made it seem like he was some suspicious character.

    Turning to London, he looked at her again. Not amused by the whole encounter, he shook his head. "Well, I live here," he told her in a smart ass type of way. "I don't even know how you didn't know that I lived here, but anyway, I am Logan. It's a pleasure to meet you." As much as he generally liked having the attention on him, he wasn't in the mood to actually deal with it. All he hoped was that she wouldn't make a scene about not knowing he lived there. "I would love to chat and all, but I have some things to do," he lied, not really having anything better to do. He had cut his gym session short to meet the new roommate, and now he would not have anything to do with her at the moment.

    "Be nice, Logan," Joey stated, giving off a sigh. He knew how much of an ass that his friend could be, especially with meeting new people. It was his own fault that he didn't even warn London ahead of time before moving her into the house. Hopefully there wouldn't be problems. "I know it's short notice, but she needed a place to go."

    "Save me the sob story, Joey," Logan said, waving his hand as he started to walk past the three. "If you need me, I will be in my room, doing what I do best." He said nothing more as he disappeared down the hall, heading to the direction of his bedroom with his workout bag in hand.
  5. London couldn't help but raise a brow at the man's demeanour. He was obviously not very happy by the way Joey and Anna were acting about this whole situation. To be honest, she couldn't really blame him. She was getting quite impatient seeing as her best friend and her boyfriend weren't answering her. When the man asked Joey why they were treating him like some different species, she bit her lip lightly to keep herself from grinning. That was one way to look at it. When he turned to her though, annoyance clear in his face as he spoke, stating matter-of-factly that he lived here. She hated his smart ass tone and she tensed when he continued, stating his name was Logan. She already didn't like him. She now knew for a fact that he was the type of person she hated and avoided. She cast an almost murderous glare at Anna, who quickly looked away. But then London sighed softly. She would have to put up with it somehow. She had no where else to go and Anna had been nice enough to let her move in. Logan went on to say he had other things to do and she scoffed very quietly, knowing full well that he didn't.

    London looked over at Joey as he defended her and she couldn't help but smile slightly. But then Logan spoke again and her smile vanished, turning to a frown. She watched as he walked off and she turned to Anna, "well isn't he just a jar full of sunshine," she said sarcastically and Anna looked down at the ground. Joey looked at and sighed, "he's not that bad, Lo," he tried telling her and London just glared at him, "Joey," she said, feeling just as annoyed as Logan had looked earlier, "he's an ass. Plain and simple," she told them, not caring one bit if Logan heard her. "Now, i'll be back later. I'm going for a run and to get something to eat. I'll see you two later," she told the two of them and then turned. But Anna put a hand on her shoulder and then handed her a key. "To the house. In case we're not home," Anna said nervously before stepping back. London cast her a fleeting smile before she left, shoving the key into her pocket. She jogged down the street, suddenly wanting to run instead of just go for a walk. She wanted to cool off before she went back to the house.

    She knew it was neither Anna or Joey's fault. They just hadn't thought about it. But that man had just ticked her off. Forgetting the part that he was obviously the sort of person she didn't like, he was cocky, arrogant and just.. He annoyed her. Sighing, she ran a hand over her face and ran, letting her mind wander and process everything from the day. It was around 3 hours later that she arrived back at the house. she had stopped off to get dinner before walking back. It was now 8pm. Well and truly dark. The only light was the street lamps that lit the street, but only with dull, flickering light. Shaking her head, she looked around. Joey's car was gone, so she could guess Anna was gone as well. They had probably planned to go out before she called them earlier in the day. She turned the doorknob. Definitely locked. Fishing out the key in her pocket, she unlocked the door and stepped inside, hoping that Logan was gone or still in his room.

    Alright, so, London generally didn't get so annoyed at someone like Logan had annoyed her, but she had had a long, frustrating day. So maybe she should try again when she saw him next. Maybe she had misjudged him. Deciding on that, she shut the door behind her and walked inside, looking around. Logan was no where to be seen. So he was either in his room or had gone out. She wouldn't go searching though. Walking to her room, she grabbed a pair of pyjamas and underwear. Just some pale blue pyjama shorts and a matching pyjama singlet top. She stepped into the bathroom, checking no one was in there, remembering that Logan's bedroom had been on the opposite side. She didn't exactly like the idea of that, seeing as she wouldn't technically be unable to lock anyone out of her room, seeing as the locks on the bathroom were on the inside only. Sighing, she turned on the lights, she shut and locked the doors and had a quick, cool shower before she dried herself and got changed. Unlocking both doors, she put her clothes in the washing machine and then went back to her room and collapsed on her bed. Staring at the ceiling, she muttered to herself, "what a hectic day." She laid there for a few minutes before she got up and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, searching for a drink.
  6. After the encounter of meeting the new roommate, Logan stayed inside of his bedroom for the time being. He sat at his desk on his computer, catching up on talking with some his relatives that he actually still remained in touch with. Meanwhile his music was playing, at a reasonable volume this time, but it probably was heard. He didn't honestly care since no one was trying to sleep at this early hour. Then he noticed the light in the bathroom go on, making him raise a brow. She probably just have gotten back home, since he was alone for a couple of hours. Not like it mattered to him, he liked having the house to himself.

    Getting up from his chair, he went out of his room and then went outside into the backyard to have a cigarette. He gazed up at the sky for a moment, looking at the stars that he could actually see. Today has been slightly strange for him, that was for sure. He recollected his thoughts as he smoked, letting the smoke fill his lungs and then slowly exhaled to relax him. After a good ten minutes, he finished his cigarette and headed back inside the house. Running his hand through his hair, he headed into the kitchen to grab a drink before going back into his room.

    Entering the kitchen, he saw that London was there as well. He could either a) turn around and go back into his room, or b) just wait for her to finish whatever she was doing. So, he chose the latter. He wanted his beer. He cleared his throat, indicating that he was standing behind her. "Excuse me," he said, reaching around her to grab one of the bottles of beer that was in the fridge. Grabbing the bottle, he pulled back and twisted the cap open, tossing it in the trashcan. "Where did you run off to earlier? Do you hate me that much already?"
  7. London grabbed the bottle of apple juice and almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a voice behind her. She quickly straightened and turned to look at the source. Logan. She moved to the side slightly as he reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer and she could quite easily smell the cigarette smoke that clung to him. she crinkled her nose slightly before she grabbed a glass from the cupboard and poured herself a glass of juice before she put it back and closed the fridge. Picking up her glass, she glanced at Logan. "Where did you run off to earlier? Do you hate me that much already?" he asked her and she cocked her head to the side slightly before she ran a hand through her brown hair. Taking a sip of her drink, she shook her head. "I don't hate you," she told him, "I'm sorry about earlier. I've had a.. rough day," she studied the man for a short moment as she took another sip of her drink. "As for where I had gone.. I had planned to go out before you came here, anyway. I just went for a run and stopped off to get some dinner" she said honestly.

    Looking away for a short moment, she downed the rest of her drink and quickly washed the glass. Wiping her hands on the tea towel, she turned back to Logan. "Oh," she said, suddenly remembering something, "by the way, my name is London. I never did introduce myself earlier," she flashed him a light smile. She would give him a chance before she decided she hated him. She had to live with him after all. It would waste less energy not hating him. And if she had to see him every day, if she did, she'd be exhausted. Right now, he didn't seem too bad. He seemed nice enough. She leaned against the kitchen bench lightly, waiting to see if he would say anything more.
  8. Logan took a sip of his beer, savoring the taste for a moment as he listened to her speak about where she went off to. He wasn't expecting her to actually explain where she went, but he just listened to be somewhat polite. Taking another drink of the beer, he looked down at the label for a second before looking at her. Now she was actually introducing herself to him. Finally. It only took her a few hours. "Pleased to meet you, London," he drawled, and then took another swig of his beer. Then he thought about what she said about not hating him, which made him let out a slight chuckle.

    "If you don't hate me now, you are sure to hate me later," he spoke, being completely honest with her on that. That is how it usually was. People started to hate him after all because he did come off as an arrogant asshole, but he didn't care about what other people thought about him. He set his beer on the counter, and then crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at her. He observed her, watching her movements.

    "What type of music do you listen to?" The question was probably random, but he could tell a lot about a person by the type of music they liked. Everyone had their own tastes. Like his taste was heavy rock music, which represented his strange personality so well. Sometimes he would wind down with classical music, but that was very rare. Joey and his girlfriend had to deal with his music, but sometimes he was courteous to turn it down.
  9. London watched him with mild interest, unsure of what to make of his character. From what he had shown her, she didn't overly like him. He was pretty much everything she didn't like. But she was attempting to give him the benefit of the doubt. She gave a tight smile when he said he was pleased to meet her and she knew he didn't really mean it. He just looked bored. Which was quite rude in her opinion. If he didn't want to talk, he could leave. She took a breath to calm herself and when Logan said she would hate him later, she definitely didn't argue the fact. She was pretty sure she was already starting to not like him again. She wanted to go to her room, read a book for an hour and go to bed. She had had enough for the night.

    When he suddenly asked her what kind of music she liked, she stared at him for a moment, surprised by the random inquiry. But she decided to answer anyway. She thought for a moment before she said, "Probably rock," she told him honestly, "like Icon For Hire or You Me At Six.. Stuff like that," she looked away for a moment before looking back up at Logan, pushing off of the kitchen bench. She glanced past him, just wanting to go to her room now. But in the small kitchen, Logan stood, blocking pretty much the whole entrance. Damn. Why did the guy have to be so damn big? She was certain that his muscles didn't just come from the gym, but she didn't say that. Obviously. She didn't want him knowing she was really looking at him.

    "Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?" London asked him lightly before she attempted to step around his hulking frame. But her arm brushed his lightly on the way around him. But she did get past. That was a bonus. She stopped after she got around him, turning to face him, waiting to see if he had anything else to ask her or comment about before she went to her room.
  10. Logan was amused by her category of music taste, but he didn't show that he was. At least his music wouldn't bother her too much, but he wasn't sure of that fact. He would have to test that theory of his another time, and since it was getting late, he couldn't do that now. Raising a brow, he watched as she moved past him to get out of the kitchen. Their arms brushed, but he thought of nothing at it. At her question, he shook his head and added, "Nope." The P popping as he said it.

    Grabbing his beer, he had finished the rest of it before placing the empty bottle beside the sink. He gave London one last look, givinga her a slight smirk as he stepped towards her. "Good night, doll face, I will see you in the morning," he told her. Now he made his exit, heading past her to go to his bedroom. He thought to himself how it wasn't going to be that boring around the house anymore when Joey and Anna were gone for most of the day. London was someone he could bother at a normal basis now. A little social interaction would do him some good. Speaking of which.

    He grabbed his keys from his bedroom, as well as a duffle bag that was different from the one he was carrying earlier. It was late, so now he was going to leave the house and come back early in the morning like he always did. Heading out of the bedroom, he closed the door and headed to the front door of the house.
  11. London almost sighed in relief when he said said he had nothing else to ask her. Almost. Instead she just nodded as he finished his beer and placed it in the sink. She was about to turn around and go to her room when he stepped towards her with a smirk. She paused, brows pulling in slightly, unsure of what he was trying to pull. A moment later, he said good night and she frowned at the nickname he gave her. Doll face? Seriously? "Good night, Logan," she replied and made her way to her own room. When her door was shut behind her, she grabbed the first book she touched and then collapsed onto her bed with a groan. She could already tell every day was going to be draining for her. Crawling up her bed, she got comfortable and opened the book. But she didn't really read any of it. And within a few minutes, she heard someone opening the front door. Sliding off the bed, she walked to her bedroom door, opening it a crack and peeking through, thinking maybe it was Joey and Anna coming back. Who she saw, however, was Logan. With a different duffel bag than what she had seen earlier when she ran into him. Literally. She watched him for a moment, curious as to what he was doing but then decided she didn't want to waste any more energy on him and closed her door. She turned off her bedroom light and slipped into bed. She stared at the dark ceiling for a while, not even knowing how much time passed before she finally went to bed.

    She woke up early, at about 4:30am, like the usual morning. She had work to go to. Taking her time to get dressed, London looked at the mirror as she tied her hair back into a high ponytail and smoothing it down and then she went to the kitchen and made herself some toast. Just a single piece on it with strawberry jam. She gave a light smile as she took a bite before she went back to her room, packing a change of clothes and her wallet into a bag. She finished her toast and then went and cleaned her teeth before she grabbed her bag, her phone and then left the house at 5:15. Her shift started at 6, but she generally got there early every morning anyway. She was lucky Anna's house was closer to her work than what her old house had been. She used to get a lift off of a work mate, whom she had sent a text to not worry about from now on. but from here, it was only a few minutes walk.

    London arrived at her work at 5:24am. Looking up at the sign, she gave a heavy sigh before stepping inside. Murphy's Bar & Diner. It wasn't the kind of job she would have picked, but it paid well. And she was merely a waitress. She delivered the drinks and meals to people. It wasn't the biggest place around, it was mostly just regulars who came most days. And London worked the day shifts, anyway, so she didn't get the drunks very often. Her boss had been very accepting when she asked for no night shifts. He hadn't minded at all.

    London had no hassles at work today. It was just the regulars, who all greeted London with a friendly smile and a cheerful hello. She finished at 2pm sharp. Saying farewell to everyone, she went out the back and quickly got changed into her clothes she packed this morning. Turns out they had been some denim shorts and a pale yellow tank top Shoving her work clothes into the bag, she went to a nearby sandwich and wrap store and bought her usual chicken and salad wrap before she headed home. She unlocked the door, put her clothes in the wash, threw her bag onto her bed and then wandered to the kitchen. Joey and Anna were both at work. They had both sent her a text earlier that day to say they would be home around 7 or 8 tonight.

    Pulling a bottle of water from the fridge, London grabbed her wrap from the paper bag it had been kept in, unwrapped the cling wrap around it and took a bite. She smiled in satisfaction and then went out the back, deciding she wanted some sunlight. Shutting the door behind her, she leaned against a wall in the sun with a sigh. She hadn't seen Logan so maybe he wasn't home. She did not mind that at all. That meant peace and quiet. Setting her bottle of water on the outside table, she pulled out her hair tie and ran a hand through her hair a few times to loosen it properly as it fell over her shoulders. Brushing her fringe from her eyes, she took another bite of her wrap and then looked up at the clear blue sky.
  12. Logan had disappeared well into the night, like he has always done during his evenings. He never really explained as to why he left during the night, but there was no reason to. Sometimes he wouldn't even come home, for his own personal reasons. Tonight was one of those nights that he didn't come home, since he didn't even want to. There were things that needed his attention, which he went ahead and finished business. Then he came home around 3 PM, his Mustang could be heard outside as he pulled up to park in the empty driveway since it wasn't occupied. The two love birds were both probably at work, most likely at work.

    He was exhausted, heading up to the front door and unlocked it with his key. Closing it behind him, he headed off to his bedroom to drop off the bag he had before heading into the kitchen to grab something to drink. Settling upon his usual beer, he grabbed it and twisted the cap open. Taking a drink from it, he let out a satisfied sigh as he headed back into the backyard to smoke a cigarette. That seemed to be a usual thing when he was home, and it came a routine.

    Upon seeing his reflection in a small mirror, he saw that he had a small gash at his eyebrow. He certainly didn't notice that before, but he shrugged and headed into the yard. To his surprise, he saw that London was there. He almost forgot about her. "I forgot that you kind of existed in this house," he stated, slumping into one of the chairs, not bothering to ask to sit because he did live here too. "Don't let that offend you, I can be forgetful sometimes. How was your day?" He set his beer on the table, taking out his cigarette box from his pocket and withdrew one from the pack. Placing it in between his lips, he tossed the pack on top of the table before he actually lit the cigarette. Being courteous, he pointed the smoke up and away from her direction.
  13. Leaning her head back against the wall, London closed her eyes with a soft sigh. She enjoyed the peace and she enjoyed the sun on her skin. Her brown hair almost looked like a dark golden colour in the light. Taking another bite of her wrap, she turned slightly and grabbed the bottle off the table. Unscrewing the lid, she took a quick drink just as she heard the back door open. She jumped slightly, startled, before she relaxed slightly when she saw Logan, not someone wanting to steal stuff. He looked at her, surprise in his expression. She said nothing when he commented he pretty much said he had forgotten she moved in yesterday. How does one not remember that kind of thing? But she did not comment about it and watched as he sat down as she placed the water bottle back on the table before she finished her wrap.

    When Logan spoke again, telling her not to be offended by it, that he forgot things sometimes, she shrugged. When he asked how her day was, she cast him a side long look. "It's fine. No harm done," she said to his first comment about being forgetful, "as for my day, it was alright. Just got back from work a few minutes ago, actually," she told him, watching as he grabbed a cigarette and lit it. She said nothing about it, but she was quite thankful and little surprised when he pointed the smoke up and away from her.

    "And how was your day?" London asked him as she looked at the cigarette pack he threw on the table before she turned her attention to look up at the clear sky. She took in a deep breath of fresh hair before she exhaled quietly. After a few moments, she turned her brown gaze back to Logan. He was confusing to say the least.
  14. Logan leaned back into the seat, making himself comfortable. His eyes were gazing elsewhere, but he was still paying attention to what she was saying. At the return question, he looked back at her and gave a shrug. "Exhausting," he replied, picking up his beer and took a drink of it. "Just didn't get in until a couple of minutes ago. I had to run errands for complete idiots this morning, and that wasn't fun. Sometimes I wish it was legal to bash people's heads in when they are being complete idiots." He placed the cigarette in between his lips, inhaling some smoke and then exhaled a moment later.

    "I am probably going to get some sleep as soon as I get into my room," he mentioned, leaning his head back against the chair and looked at the sky. Then a smug look crossed his face, looking over at London. "Want to come and cuddle with me? I am sure it would benefit the both of us. We could do more than just cuddle too, if you are up for that?" He was joking, but he made it sound like he wasn't. He wanted to see how she would react, but she was probably going to react like most girls. They would be appalled, call him disgusting, and sometimes hit him in some way. If that were to happen, he would just laugh.
  15. When he told her he hadn't gotten home until a couple minutes ago, she was quite surprised. What normal person was out all night and then doesn't actually get home until 3 in the afternoon? Wait. She thought about that for a moment and then got her answer. Logan wasn't normal. That was her answer. She should have known. She was quite appalled by his statement of wishing it was legal to bash people's heads in. Even if they were idiots, that was too harsh. When Logan placed the cigarette between his lips and inhaled, London reached over and grabbed her bottle of water and took a drink, merely glancing at the man when he said he was going to sleep when he went to his room. Not that she cared. Maybe he told her so she'd keep it down to not wake him or keep him awake. Not like she was going to be doing anything to keep him awake anyway, so she had no idea what he was going on about. But a smug look soon crossed his face and she frowned slightly, confused.

    Logan soon went on, saying she could join him a and that they could do more than just cuddle. She gave a heavy sigh, so over with guys making comments like that towards her. She gave him a You-Wish look, "in your dreams, Logan," she said to him, watching him for a moment. She had grown accustomed to guys like this. To be honest, it was old. She pushed off the wall and then moved to the door, patting Logan's shoulder momentarily, "have fun sleeping by yourself," she said with a satisfied smirk before she went inside. She filled up her empty water bottle, put it back in the fridge and then made her way towards her room.
  16. Logan just let out a little laugh, seeing her expression and denying him. It wasn't like he was going to egg it on any further. When she patted his shoulder, he just smirked and watched as she disappeared back into the house. It was worth a shot. Perhaps one day she would just succumb to him, but now it was too soon. Stubbing his cigarette out in the ashtray on the table, he drank the rest of his beer before standing up. He threw it away in the recycle bin, and headed back inside the house.

    Deciding that he needed to take a shower, he changed direction from his bedroom to the bathroom that connected both of their rooms. He locked the door that connected the bathroom to her room, just in case, even though he wouldn't have cared if she were to walk into the bathroom when he was taking a shower. There was a curtain for the shower anyway, so she wouldn't have seen him naked. Turning on the water, he waited for it to warm up before he stripped his clothes and got inside. The man relaxed in the shower, letting the warm water relax his muscles before he started to wash his hair and his body parts.

    After a quick fifteen minute shower, he stepped out with his towel wrapped around his waist. Unlocking the door, he then turned to go into his bedroom, closing the bathroom door behind him. He put on clean boxers, and black sweatpants before discarding his towel into the hamper. Now that he was thirsty, he headed out back to the kitchen, being completely shirtless. That is what he did, he walked around shirtless. One of his habits that he never seemed to change.
  17. London shut her bedroom door behind her and then sat on her bed, grabbing her book from the bedside table. Settling back into the pillows, she gave a sigh as she relaxed and opened the book. She had no plans for the rest of the day, nor anything tonight. Reading sounded like the perfect way to pass the time. But just as she heard Logan lock the door to the bathroom, she felt like some strawberries. It was a random craving, so she set down her book and wandered to the kitchen, searching for some strawberries. Finding none, she groaned softly before she grabbed her keys and some cash and left the house, locking the door behind her just as Logan turned on the shower. So, she would admit it. She liked strawberries. A lot. They were her favourite food, actually. Especially when they were sweet. And strawberries with icing sugar or melted chocolate, or even caramel. Gosh, that was heaven to London.

    Running a hand through her hair, she came to a small shopping centre near the house and she quickly went and bought a few punnets of strawberries, figuring she could have extras for the next couple days. Smiling to herself as she paid for them, she grabbed the bag and made her way back home, eager to have some. She arrived at the front door a few minutes later and she quickly fished out her key from her pocket, unlocked the door and then walked inside, shutting the door behind her quietly, figuring Logan had probably gone to sleep by now. Humming quietly to herself, she headed to the kitchen to put all but one punnet in the fridge. But as she got there, a sight made her stop in her tracks.

    Logan. Completely shirtless. London blinked in surprise. Shouldn't he be asleep? He had said he was going to go to bed for a few hours. But, instead, he was standing in the kitchen completely shirtless. And she couldn't deny he was attractive without a shirt on. Very attractive, actually. He had a muscular body that most girls would die to touch. Shaking her head slightly, she cleared her muddled thoughts and stepped around him and opened the fridge, putting the punnets of strawberries on one shelf, but kept one out. "I thought you would have gone to bed by now," she said nonchalantly as she stepped back and opened the plastic container that contained the strawberries, refusing to look at the man before her. She would not be swayed. Picking up one of the red fruits, she bit into it, savouring the sweet flavour. She had picked correctly.
  18. Logan heard her come in from behind him, and he simply didn't acknowledge it for now. He had a bottle of water in his hand, drinking from it as he leaned himself against a counter. Now he glanced up at her, watching as she set strawberries on the counter top and grinned at her question. "I got thirsty," he mentioned, shrugging his shoulders. He set the bottle on the counter, crossing his arms over his chest and just watched as she snacked on the strawberries. Reaching over, he grabbed one and then brought it to his mouth, biting into it.

    "These are good," he said as he finished eating one. "How did you know that strawberries were my favorite?" Of course he was teasing, but he was telling the truth about liking strawberries. He preferred them any other berry since they all tasted bland, especially blueberries, though he did enjoy blueberry muffins. Now he grabbed another strawberry, not bothering to ask her for one. He was trying to see how far he could go until she completely went off on him. It was the little things that he did that seemed to make people angry, and he found it quite amusing.
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