Desperate Need of a Partner!!!!

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  1. Okay so I want a role play partner really bad!

    My Rules:

    Just a message if there will be a plot twist

    No One-liners. At least two sentences - a paragraph or more long. I honestly don't care as long as it is at least two sentences

    Make the post easy for my to reply to.

    Need someone who is able to play a dominant male/female/futa/anything really

    Okay so here are the different pairings:

    Arranged Marriage
    Daddy x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Tentacles x slutty whore
    Shemale x shemale
    Teacher x student
    Master x slave/servant
    Drugdealer x drug addict
    Guitarist x drummer
    Incubus/Succubus(or human) x Succubus (or human
    Angel x demon
    Werewolf (or human) x vampire
    BDSM relationship (Daddy x little girl, Master x slave, ect ect)
    Boy/girlfriend(or pornstar) x pornstar(or girlfriend)

    The ones I want to are on the right are the ones I would like. I can only play Submissive Females
  2. Hello I'm very interested in the Werewolf/Vampire.
  3. Awesome! Pm me so we can talk about it :)
  4. I am also really looking fxf
  5. Hello I really like the Idea of BrotherXsister but I would rather it be Sister X Sister. I also really like Master X slave Under the BDSM relationship one.
  6. Awesome! Message me in pm and we can discuss it! :)
  7. I would also love to so a Sister x Sister pairing with you. If interested of course.
  8. Totally! :) Just message me and We can discuss it :)
  9. I'm extremely bored! Anyone want to roleplay please?!
  10. Hey. I'd be down for teacher/student, daddy/daughter, or the tentacle one.
  11. Awesome! Message me in pm so we can discuss it @Eon
  12. People have been leaving rps with me so I need more and am extremely bored
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.