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  1. ~Premise~
    People like you should be out on the town, having the time of their lives, getting away from the problems of life till their minds go away from the fuzzed false reality they convinced themselves to be in through a simple glass bottle. Of course, you probably want to be there too. But there is a problem in your way. You owe something big to someone small. It doesn't matter what it is, your mind is set on paying back the debt because your past "sin" and failure left someone terrible and greedy. This debt may be something you can not control or maybe even a past event you grieve on about every night, preventing you from closing your eyes at night or very early in the morning. To end this feeling, you need to repay this debt. But how? You don't even know who you owe such to, but if you do, it's only a mere educated guess rather than a complete answer for such a complex question. You're not sure who you owe it to, so you hope it's someone like you with the same problem. Maybe someone owes you something! You will never be sure. Now here's the thing: If you don't repay, the debt will be passed upon the death of you. Hurry.

    This story takes place in the bustling city of San Francisco, at a school on the edge of the city. For those of college age, you attend one of two colleges near the school. Time will rarely be focused on education. If you are not in college, there are many jobs available.

    Rules (open)

    • Your character must be between the ages of 16-22.​
    • I don't give a care about your character's persona, just make it original.​
    • Use the character sheet format given.
    • 1-5 paragraphs per post would be nice.
    • Please tag users if you mention their character and possibly bold or colour the character's name.
    • Keep the characters in character- don't be changing their personas.
    • If you read these rules put the character's middle name in red.
    • Relationships between characters are permitted if both sides of the party agrees, but romance is not the focus of this role play.
    • Keep posting up. If you must leave please inform me.
    • Follow basic Iwaku rules.
    • Feel free to ask questions!

    Character Sheet Form (open)

    Basic Information
    Full Name:
    Zodiac Sign:

    Picture (optional):
    Extra Details:

    Overall Personality:

    Birth Place:
    Backstory Summary:

    Current Life
    Relationship Status:


    Current Character List:
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