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  1. share your favourite desktop images for computers, tablets, and mobiles! Where do you usually find new desktops?

    I usually use google or sites like wallpaper, and save the image source as the name of the file, so I can tell people where it's from if they ask!

    The attached image is my current phone home screen

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  2. Phone background.
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  3. PC Desktop Background. Featuring art from my good friend Gwiibear from WoW. It's on a random cycle of my entire pictures folder.
    inb4 clean your icons
  4. If I post any of my desktop/phone wallpapers, I'll get banned.
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  5. Mine's kinda boring. I've been wanting to change it for awhile now.

    And look at all the Sims3 games I have. desktopdayo.png
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  6. Here's my wallpapers for now, I have 218 images on a cycle (and growing).

    Despite how it wants to show, the bottom image is just actually my T.V. thats hovering above my monitors. I had to put it like that so Display Fusion would place my wallpapers correctly.

    Why do I have rain meters?
    Because no mater what images show up, I need my dose of Tohsaka.
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  7. I usually horde them over time as I stumble upon them on DA, fb, and tumblr. I have a thing on my laptop that rotates the desktop every half hour so I don't have to choose from the bajillion I've saved onto my computer. Right now tis this:

  8. [​IMG]

    I usually just look up certain things like "Fire Girl Background" or whatever I'm feeling at the time.
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  9. Untitled3.png

    I usually just use google to find new images or look for specific things. In this case my background is Pusheen! Which came off the website for Pusheen.
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  10. I've been using the same picture for both my iPad mini and my desktop for the past several months now, because, gosh darn it, I just absolutely love it too much to ever change it.
    Also, look at how organized I am :P

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  11. Right now my background is a map.....because I'm a cheater and want to make sure I 200% the game...again.....

  12. Unless the game says you can't use a map, it aint cheating, it's using your resources!

    Also to contribute and not just be an off-topic post, here's my desktop yet again! Bottom one will look a little weird since it blends in to the black of the empty space.

  13. I normally just use google to find wallpapers. Here's my current (and usually default) wallpaper for my laptop.

  14. [​IMG]

    Only just changed it to this. Before it was an image of a pretty incredible landscape that vicariously satisfied my wanderlust.
  15. Here is mine :O

  16. My boyfriend just sent me the link to this. It's now my lovely handsome background:

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  17. My new background. I love Warhammer and the Black Templars, leave me alone D: