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  1. The basics about me
    I only play female characters. But I accept playing with both male and female characters. I will play straight/bi/gay without a problem.
    I think the most important general guidance I can give about me is that I can be flexible and negotiate a few things. Nothing is set in stone and that include my turn-ons – I might be roleplaying with elements I’m open to and still not feel I’m the adequate partner for the mood, the setting or the way you write, and sometimes, given compatibility and history, I can accept to play thing I normally wouldn’t.
    I like building very detailed backgrounds for my characters. I expect partners who like details and like to build things together. However, I don’t like when partners make decisions on what my characters’ feelings/thoughts/worldview, unless it has been decided beforehand, together. I like to live by the same standards, so feel free to call me up on it.
    BDSM – I like Bondage, mostly. D/s is not my strong suit, especially not when it involves TPE (Total Power Exchange). In my experience it’s hard to even begin a D/s play because people’s ideas on what Dominance/submissive mean are so different. So I rather not even get into it, and let it suck the fun out of RPing.
    Kidnapping – I like a good captive role, but I have found very few people with whom I would play this. That’s because I like the plot, I like some bondage with it and I like writing the psychological stuff, but I don’t like excessive violence or non-con. If your character wants to abuse my character, I’m out. I prefer some natural attraction, seduction or manipulation.
    Some other things I like (that I feel don’t need in-deep explanation, but I will answer any questions about them if you have any) –
    Gags, Blindfolds, Being Spanked, Breast and Nipple Play, Foreplay, Being Teased, Kissing, Mutual Masturbation, Oral, Hair Pulling, Licking Another, Threesomes (FFF, MFM and MFF), Double Penetration, Deflowering (all types), Sex Toys, Teacher/Student, Doctor/Patient.

    Incest – Depends on the pairing and on the way the relationship is written by both parts. I’m not generally into very immediate relations, like father/daughter, and I’m squeamish about any type of abuse and violence with my taboo stuff.

    Non-Con – I’m not completely against it. In fact, I have been turned on by non-con in many occasions. But RPing this is really hard. I’ll often feel uncomfortable about how it is being depicted by the rapist, so I rather not play it with just about anyone. I will write around lots of things, but non-con that makes me feel bad is a sure way of ending the RP altogether.
    Also, to make it a little bit clearer, I like writing characters that have agency. Because of that, I can’t write someone who is just abused/taken advantage of/deceived/manipulated during the entirety of a scene, and that only go where your character wants me. If my reactions don’t count for the final result in a scenario, I don’t see the point of playing it. This goes for Non-Con, Kidnapping, Incest and any other power games.
    If it is inconceivable to you that my character might react in a unexpected way, build a personality that isn’t ‘mindless docile sex toy’ or even walk out on your character, then I would be a horrible partner. I get bored playing people who are trapped.

    Hardcore BDSM – I’m really not into the more extreme spectrum, like serious pain play and/or torture, name calling (if you enjoy calling your characters ‘whore’, ‘slut’ and the like, I’m definitively the wrong person), TPE, mind control, face slapping, body modification, breath control, impregnation, fisting, humiliation are all out.
    Needle Play
    Electrical Play
    Are pretty set hard limits.
    Feel free to PM at any time and ask questions about my preferences or suggest ideas. I also like to be friendly and talk about various subjects, but my personal life is not one of them. In the past I have managed to attract some stalkish types, so I tend to be more cautious these days. Sorry if that comes off as standoffish. After a while though, I can become quite friendly.
    Taken –
    Kinks: Abduction, dubcon, incest, bondage, gags, blindfolds, threesomes
    Pairs: Captor/captives, stepmother/stepdaughter
    The idea is that both of my characters (stepmother and stepdaughter, though I’m flexible about that) are abducted as leverage against the husband/father. But what the abductors want from him is not so simple, and the captivity situation becomes endless.
    My younger character is struggling with her sexuality and the abduction will make matters worse as she battles attraction for her stepmother and distressingly becomes aroused by being restrained. The stepmother and the kidnapper are sympathetic and try to be reassuring, but with the isolation and the heightened emotions, all boundaries quickly go to hell.
    I want this to be long-term and really story-driven. I want to focus on people’s conflicting feelings in impossible situations, and perhaps even what happens when they are no longer contained in a bubble. I could do with more than one kidnapper too, but probably with different dynamics.
    High Stakes –
    Pair: Captor/Hostage (MXF or FXF)
    My character is a young professional woman working for her father’s equity firm and yours is his star analyst. You could be his successor, but you are much more interested in branching out as soon as possible. My character doesn’t like yours one bit and will go over your activities with a magnifying glass until she finds out you’ve been embezzling money and trying to poach clients. You are not a murderer, so killing someone to shut them up is out of question, but taking them captive until you can figure your way out is a possiblity.
    Surrender –
    Kinks: Non-con, bondage, blindfolds, gags, toys, orgasm denial, pain play, nipple torture, pussy spanking, anal, 3+ Penetration, hotdogging, titfucking
    Pair: Robber(s)/Victim
    I’ve been craving a non-violent non-con. This would be a one-shot. Home invasion – my character is asleep in her bed, when she’s surprised by an intruder (or multiple intruders). She’s quickly overpowered and kept prisoner in her own home during the whole night, blindfolded and gagged, and being submitted to a series of perversions. Other than my hard limits, I’m really flexible about what those perversions might entail. I just don’t want her to be submitted to any beatings, brutal violence or verbal abuse, though a little light sadism and humiliation is okay in this instance.
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    Anyways, I am very interested in joining Taken or Surrender. Is there anything specific you want/need for me to join?