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  1. "Please, help her. In any way you can doctor..." She gave her mother a blank stare behind the back. Her mother was crying. She could feel the guilt flushing throughout her body. She had almost killed herself trying to save that child. Maybe she should've let that car hit him. A large sniffing noise echoed through the bedroom. "In any way you can... I'm desperate... I want my daughter to remember me. I want her to know I'm here..." It was too much for the young petite adult to handle. She fell down on the bed, curling her body with legs up against her chest. Her face buried in her hands and the sound of weeping swept through her locked up room like the chilling aura of a ghost, telling her it was time to move on...

    At 21 years old, you wouldn't have expected a young adult to still be living with her parents, or her mother, at least. "Why are you doing this?" Her voice muttered indirectly towards her mother, who had taken the wheel two hours ago. A pained response erupted. "You need help! You need attention and I can't provide you with what you need to recover. I'll only make it worse." The young adult bit her lip, not saying a word. When her 'mother' put it like that, it became more stressful for her. The doctor had told them to arrive near the back entrance where there would be a door leading into the hospital facilities, particularly a room that was only accessible by the doctor himself. Moving along the gravel, she crossed her arms and breathed a heavy sigh. "This is stupid... Pointless." she grumbled.

    "You need help!" her mother cried, then quickly rose her fist to knock on the door. Her ears pressed against the white-colored rectangle outside, hoping to hear footsteps approaching rapidly, the doctor being intent on saving her daughter, no matter their financial standings.
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  2. Damon had been at the counter in the corner of the room, peeking in on his newest patient's file. Twenty-one, female; the picture showed her to be a very beautiful young woman. The doctor frowned, saddened that she had been in such a horrible accident. This was the worst part of his job, but also the most rewarding, in a sense. He enjoyed bringing the life back into people, helping them recover from tragic and nearly fatal disasters and/or illnesses.

    However, his hazel eyes were averted from the stapled papers when he heard a knock on the door. Quickly, he set the files down and walked over to the entrance, turning the doorknob to reveal the woman he was working with, and the other one seemed to be her mother.

    "Hello, nice to meet you, ma'am. Please, come in, come in," he said, tone warm but also somewhat sympathetic. Not heavily, as he knew many didn't want pity. "You must be the miracle, hmm? Doctors still wondered how you survived that crash, but you're a very lucky young woman. I'll do everything I can to help you, Miss...?"

    Damon awaited his patient's name, offering a soft smile.
  3. It hadn't taken that long for him to get to the door. Perhaps this doctor truly was set on helping her, yet the brown-haired adult still couldn't help but think twice about who he really was. She was skeptical, suspicious, wondering what his real intentions were. She wanted to go back, to leave this country and slip away from her mother's clinging grasp, but she couldn't do that now.

    Since that call, that desperate voice Kaylah heard from her mother's bedroom, it was too late to let it all go. Her mother would've made her stay by force, whether she liked it or not. Her eyes assessed the man, tall, slender, hair the color of milk chocolate. She'd barely heard his statement, only finally understanding what she was doing after he'd questioned what her name was. "Kaylah," she spoke, light green eyes slightly averted to anywhere but her doctor's face.

    She had various emotions running through her right now, a sickly feeling that twisted her heart when she saw how handsome he was. Kaylah ran a hand over her face, everything strange to her. She glanced over at the strange but familiar woman next to her, clinging onto her arm, nails digging into her skin. Kaylah took this opportunity to absentmindedly shrug the poor woman off. She was weird, coming up to her like that and grasping onto her like her life depended on it.

    Kaylah rubbed the back of her neck, getting irritated from the actions that the person beside her was taking. "Daughter," a soothing voice spoke. "You will be fine here. I promise you, this man has a good heart, and he will stay with you until you are recovered." Recovered from her amnesia, yes, but who was this woman again? Kaylah bit her lip, feeling a little uncomfortable, then without a thought, she tore her eyes away from the seemingly familiar olive skin and black hair, directly towards her doctor.

    Her eyes seemed to be asking, "Who is this again?" and "What should I do?"
  4. Damon cleared his throat after a moment of examining Kaylah's actions and emotions, which for the most part were clear in her eyes. "Beautiful name. I'm Damon, and feel free to call me that. I want to be a friend, not just your doctor, you know," he said kindly.

    Then, Damon's attention was turned to Kaylah's mother. "Ma'am, I know this might sound ridiculous to you, but I think it's best Kaylah spends a few weeks here, in the hospital while she regains her strength. From what I've gathered, she doesn't remember you. I know it's hard, but you can't force her to remember. That's the worse thing to do to a patient with amnesia; it's best to let her memory come back naturally and with time. She'll be well taken care of, but you need to trust me. She's frightened, she doesn't understand who you are anymore. You just can't push these things. It's the saddest part about amnesia, and there is really no way to know if her memory will come back at all. Again, it just needs time. There will be effort put in to help her, but she has to do this on her own, mentally. Right now she doesn't need an unfamiliar person crowding her without her remembering who they are."

    The man's eyes held the mother's, serious and almost stern. "Kaylah needs to be comfortable if you want her memory to come back, and right now, she clearly isn't."
  5. Kaylah's mother nodded immediately in understanding, tears clouding her vision as she tried to hold them back. "Ah, yes. Of course, sir." She couldn't help but sniff. "I will let you take care of her then. However long it may take, be it a few months or even a year, I am still so grateful for you taking her under your wing." She stepped forward, taking the doctor's hands into her own and squeezing it tightly.

    "Even if I can't be with my daughter for these next few weeks, please do what you think is best. Treat her as if she were your own." Kaylah blinked, unable to voice anything as the woman stepped forward taking the doctor's hands into her own. "I should take my leave now," the familiar woman stated gently. "Be well... Kaylah."

    With that last goodbye, Kaylah felt a small tinge of pain twist inside her beating heart. She let out a shaky breath, eyes watching the lady's every movement, her body language, that facial expression of sadness. Kaylah could suddenly feel tears coming to her eyes too, but she blinked them away, turning her head from the car backing out of the parking space. Silence enveloped the atmosphere and all Kaylah could think about doing was crying because of the unexplained guilt she felt letting that somewhat familiar person go.

    The young adult tried to hold it in, to not let her weakness show. She sniffed, raising a hand to her nose, blinking away tears. "I won't cry... I'm not crying..."
  6. Damon inwardly cursed at the sour situation, wishing there was a way to bring the young lady happiness. All he could do was try and comfort her, console her. "Kaylah, it's okay to cry. Anyone going through what you're going through would. It's not a good thing to bottle up your emotions like that, trust me, I should know. I tend to do it myself. Causes headaches and anything else of the like. So, if you need a minute alone to lay down, I can go get you something to eat from the cafeteria if you'd like?" The Doctor offered.

    The man's arm arose and his hand rubbed the side of his neck, unsure of what more he could do to help with her emotional state.

    Damon hadn't long been working as a doctor, but he'd seen many things, already. This was perhaps one of his more heart-wrenching cases. This line of work was a glimpse into the tragedy and pain of life, especially the death. Witnessing a patient die on you was a horrible, horrible thing, especially knowing their life was in your hands. Even if there was nothing more you could do. It was awful.

    "I still recommend laying down for a bit, even if you're not hungry. I'll get you anything you need, but in an hour or so I'll need to run a few diagnostics on you to determine if your vitals are okay and if you're healthy, besides the amnesia. You'll most likely have to take a few pills, but it will be easy and short, for the most part," Damon informed her carefully.
  7. Kaylah nodded immediately, but only because Damon had offered to buy her food from the cafeteria. It was always nice to drown her sorrows in gluttony. She couldn't see his body language when he'd reached his hand up to rub the back of his neck. Kaylah didn't want sympathy, nor the situation to be as awkward and painful as it already had been. She wanted someone to intimately reconcile with her. She wanted someone to hold her close and just stay quiet while she choked on her own stream of tears. She wanted someone to reach out to her, anyone.

    The thought of pills and vitals didn't bother her in the least bit. The young lady pushed aside her completely straight, silky black brown hair, her eyes red and nose stuffy. Frankly, all Kaylah wanted to do right now was go inside and calm herself down. She wanted to lay down like he'd suggested. "Let's go," she spoke, her voice barely an audible whisper.
  8. Damon wrapped an arm around her shoulder blades in a comforting manner, as he lead her over to the bed. "How about you stay here and lay down, while I go on my own to get you something to eat? I'm not sure what you'd want, but if you tell me I'll be sure to get whatever you want. I'm hungry myself."

    The doctor smiled softly at her, gently sitting her down as he stood in front of her, awaiting an answer. As he did so, he did a couple visual tests, just making sure she was okay physically. She responded well and everything moved correctly, from what he gathered. At least he'd been able to get that part over with.

    Damon realized that she'd be in here a lot. He needed, no, he wanted to work out some way for him to provide her company. He just felt bad leaving her to her own devices. Sure, a nurse would check on her now and then, but what more would the nurse be able to do for her? Maybe Damon could be a friend to her.
  9. Kaylah relaxed in Damon's arm, immediately feeling comfortable with him being close beside her. Just as a doctor. That friendly contact didn't last long, though. The moment she saw him open the door and lead her over to the bed, then gently gestured for her to sit down, she felt her heart sink a little for some unknown reason. Feeling a little tired, she rubbed her face, trying to drain herself of loss. Shaking her head profusely, she spoke, "No, it's fine. Just get me whatever they have. I'm not a picky eater."

    Kaylah then maneuvered her long smooth legs up onto the bed, and laid down on her side. She buried the side of her face into the pillow, slipping her left hand underneath it for some head support, then tinkered with the small golden chain necklace hanging around her neck. Why couldn't she remember anyone or anything? Who was that woman that had lead her here to a handsome man who turned out to be her doctor? Kaylah wanted to regain her memories. If time could go back, she'd do anything to have the life she once cherished.

    Saving that little boy seemed entirely like a curse now...
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