Design a Bubble City!

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  1. Today's challenge is to design a secluded city. Your city maybe secluded for any reason, be it disease, harmful atmosphere, political seclusion, or anything else you can think of!

    Your city maybe secluded via a physical barrier, a magical barrier, or simply a martially-enforced quarantine law.

    Some things to consider:

    • How is food provided through the year?
    • What happens if someone needs medical attention unavailable in the city?
    • Are people allowed to leave? To enter? Are there conditions that must be met?
    • Is the seclusion passively accepted or must it be enforced?

    City name:
    Reason for seclusion:
    How is it secluded?
    Do any laws prevent entry or exiting?
    Is there a curfew for those who leave?
    What kind of Eco system is the city built on?
    How do trade/supply routes work?
  2. City name: The Shell City
    Reason for seclusion: The city is placed in part of the world that was badly hit by radiation in the apocalypse all those hundreds of years ago so now the animals and plants here are large,very large,and very dangerous.
    How is it secluded?: In this world there are some ancient colossal creatures that have been around since the apocalypse. There is the Great Owl in the east for example. Here though? There was the Mountain Tortoise. Like The Great Owl it was a single of it's kind that never would die of old age and would act like a guardian of this world. At least,it would have. It was the first guardian animal to be born after the apocalypse so the hell bound demons that were still here killed it to try to find shelter from the savage winters in it's shell. When the demons died out the shell was left and the city was built inside it.
    Do any laws prevent entry or exiting?: No,people are free to come and go as they please. The people of this city are very peaceful and relaxed because they worship the creature that used to carry the shell they all live in on it's back.
    Is there a curfew for those who leave?: People can come and go whenever they please though it is at their own risk to leave at night,that is when the predators are most active outside the shell.
    What kind of Eco system is the city built on?: The city is built inside a giant turtle shell. Does that count?
    How do trade/supply routes work?: Mostly by air. The people here trade with the various winged species that can get to the town without any risk from the giant animals below. If the people in The Shell City want something that the winged species don't have then they fly off and trade it from others and give it to the people in the shell in exchange for the food grown there.
    Food Source: Almost everyone in the shell are herbivores though anyone who isn't has to raise their own farm animals to eat. Throughout the city there are farms of plants that have evolved not to need the sun to grow.
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