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  1. Name: Howl Blood

    Age: 24

    Race: Blood Witch (explaining)


    Crimes Committed: Several counts of Mass Murder, Torture, Kidnapping, Rape, Destruction of Property, Public Intoxication

    Papers Call Me: "The Blood Reaper"

    Personality: Howl loves the sight of blood she does what she wants and acts on impulse. When she calms down she's calculative and sly along with a heavy drinker.

    History: Howl was born in the a long line of Witches but due the the in crease in crime her family was murdered. To keep her family with her she licked to blood from the floors making her turn into a Blood Witch. The taste caused the darker half of her heritage to surface and she became mad with obsession. She took her many great grandfather's scythe and began to hack her way to get more of the coppery taste she came to love. She soon realized that it was only the Others that could taste oh so good and went for families. She learned that she could work magic through blood and used it against anyone that got in her way of what she wanted. As she got older she found that explosions were just as much of a turn on; she got caught after one of her recent business explosions, drunk off her ass laughing hysterically as they dragged her into a squad car. They restrained her in a straight jacket, muzzle, and straps across her legs to keep her from doing anymore harm to a cop after jumping one and biting through his jugular.