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  1. Prologue:

    A meteor the size of Boston passed by the Earth one year ago. While passing many chunks popped off and launched at various points on the Earths surface mostly large cities. The chunks caused massive amounts of damage to cities such as New York,Sydney,and Beijing but what came out was the real horror. Scientist who came out to study the meteors soon saw creatures come out. Nicknamed " BodySnatchers" these were beast who took the form of human beings and terrorized cities all across the globe. The military's weapons were also no match to the Snatchers armor once they showed their true forms. Millions died in the following months anarchy and martial law were issued for cities . The military's of the world were weaking from the constant Snatcher attacks and only high powered weapons could kill them which were starting to rise in price. However a private company STAG came out with a revolutionary weapon against Snatchers. The Arc suits,were high powered suits of armor that were lightweight,stronger then steel,and were equipped with bullets designed to break through Snatcher armor. STAG also created EX Arc suits which was an armor that could transform into stronger forms and kill even the most brutal Snatchers. Soon the war was starting to become fair if a Snatcher reviled itself a squad of newly called Rangers came to dispatch it. The Arc suits still had its weaknesses and one good blow from a Snatcher could easily kill a trooper so now both forces are in a standstill both waiting for that moment to gain the upper hand in this desprate struggle for earth....


    Ely,Nevada a small quiet town in the middle of nowhere. The town is the only place to get gas in White County on the long journey through Nevada and also is the biggest town in its county. Ely has for the most part been quiet with little activity from anything but things have turned upside down for the sleepy town. Recently a Snatcher attack on the police station which killed 4 officers 8 civilians before itself being killed by heavy fire from both police and locals. This has sparked the attention from STAG as Snatcher attacks in small towns is rare and the fact the town is literally in the middle of nowhere. STAG has sent a squad of Rangers nicknamed the "Cowboys" a Nevada based team to investigate the attack however a simple investigation may turn the tides....

    Look like this:

    They use Snatcher busting equipment such as Snatcher busting bullets and swords which every trooper has but in squads equipment and colors of armor can differ.

    Rangers number in the 90,000 worldwide but even that can not fend off the majority of Snatcher attacks.
    Body Snatchers-
    Nobody knows why they came to Earth or why attack people all we know is that they are the bane of humanity an d must be dealt with before they deal with us. Snatchers can transform into any human they touch which is usually their first victim they find and then go around killing other humans to take their identity. Depending on the Snatchers category they can retain almost 70% of their victims memory's but keep all of their intelligence. The change form if provoked or when they want to change skin their true forms are always different from one to another but most have a insect like form. They are rated on a scale for reference. There are many scales for the variety of Snatchers that adapt to their surroundings but 1,2,and3 are universal.

    1: "Worms" Are weak and are ones recently formed by the meteors their skin is a pale grey and can be killed with regular firearms.

    2: "Enforcers"Are the most common and come in all different shapes and sizes they are deadly and kill when they see right. Rangers can usually fight these in pairs but some are very intelligent and can outsmart human opponents.

    2.5: "Ghouls" Only come out during the night and don't even bother hiding their true forms.Besides that they are exactly the same from Enforcers.

    3: "Warlords" They are the leaders of Snatchers attack squads. They usually have over 10 human forms they transform into and can kill Rangers with a simple slash. Usually only EX Arc suits can match these beast in battles and even then its a gamble.








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  2. Rules:

    To save space just follow common sense no trolling,Flaming,and overpowered characters you know common sense.

    There will be two chapters to this RP and if things go well I am hoping to make this into a miniseries but lets not get ahead.

    I am GM what I say goes.

    This is a homage to series such as Kamen Rider and Power Rangers but much more serious so Snatchers will be kinda like monsters of the week but with a twist.

    You can be a Snatcher if you want by putting it in your CS but if you want to keep it a secert just tell me. *Note* If you don't tell me your a Snatcher and all of the sudden in a scene you change forms it will be ignored.

    Enjoy! Also ask questions if you want I won't bite.
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  3. Anybody out there?
  4. If you still have this running, I would like to join, sounds quite interesting.
  5. Yes I am still running this I am glad someone showed up. Welcome :)
  6. Than you, I'll get my cs done shortly
  7. Name: Nick (I don't have a last name because of amnesia from an accident)

    Age: 16

    Equipment: normal equipment but my sword is more of a rapier style

    Personality: I would rather save people than to give someone the chance to hurt them. I have a relatively short fuse and I usually stay at the back of the crowd. When it comes down to it I would die in place of someone else if there was no other way. I am a fight first think later kind of person who does not really care what the outcome of a situation is just as long as I get my way.

    Appearance: silverhaireddemon.jpg

    Rank: "Rookie" (nickname for the lowest ranks)

    Bio: After graduating High School at the age of 14, I decided I wanted to be a scientist. But they would not let me. I was so mad, I would go to the nearby kendo arena and challenge the strongest member to a freestyle match (Meaning it does not follow standard Kendo) just so I could kick the crap out of someone. After the first wave of Snatchers I approached a Ranger and asked him to get me trained for it. He pulled some strings and I became the youngest member of the Ranger's ranks. I did not learn to handle a gun as well as my sword because I prefer close range to distance, becauase of kendo no doubt. After being alerted to the small town attack, I was asked to go so that way I could keep the other Rangers safe using my EX arc suit and my custom made blade (mentioned in equipment) sterben Snacher, or Die Snatcher.
  8. I'll join. I'll put my CS up soon.
  9. Accepted

    Cool. Yes Finally people are joining.
  10. Name: Erskine Chalmers

    Age: 16

    Equipment: Arc Suit and normal equipment.

    Personality: Erskine is bright, energized boy who hardly gets tired. His outgoing and extrovert-like personality makes other to take a liking to him easily and able to make friends easily. He values family, community and teamwork a lot and he always thinks teamwork is the best solution to most problems. Erskine is very knowledgeable on the human mind and emotions, he know's what people are feeling and very good on cheering people up. Although he's not very good at the physical side of things, rather clumsy and a bit of airhead. Due to his clumsiness, you'll always see have at lest a spot of dirt or filth on him, he's clumsy enough to trip over his own feet and fall face first into the dirt.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Rank: New Recruit

    Bio: Erskine was born a small village in Scotland with his mother and father, they soon move to the U.S when Erskine was three. During his elementary years he was going quite well social and health wise. Which went all crashing down when he go into a fatal car accident when he was 13, it left him blind on the left eye and his parents dead. Soon after he recovered he moved back to Scotland to live with his grandmother, trying to complete most of his schooling back home. When he first heard about the incident of snatchers he left home to join as a ranger.
  11. Accepted!
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