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  1. After the nuclear war, Japan had been morphed into a desert known as The Great Kanto Desert, it is truly a terrible place. Gangs and Bandits attack travelers and towns. Water and good food are precious sources and people with large supplies of either have more wealth than kings.

    Of course the wealthy people ( And a few others. ) all have grudges and enemies just like every one else, but they have enough money to hire the most biggest and bad-ass people in all the desert. They are bounty hunters, most of them call themselves "Collectors" or "Vigilantes." They all have mastered the ability of combat, either through brute force or clever tricks.

    You are trying to make your way in this cruel and unfair world as one of these famed mercs, however for whatever reason it hasn't been fruitful for you. Maybe the lack of job openings, weapons, rivals, or what but you have been failing. And just when you had given up all hope you had seen a sign calling ALL collectors.

    The ad proclaims a guild of real bad ass mothers who would all group together and work as a guild fighting the most dangerous and kickass evil doers. Not to mention the money you would get and a fabulous amount of training. The sign had proclaimed it was backed by Morimoto Hanzo, the Kanto Desert's richest bastard alive.


    So this RP will be in the setting of "Desert Punk", it won't be focusing on Desert Punk himself or any of the member's from the Anime or Manga but instead upon my own creations. For those of you who don't know what Desert Punk is, go look it up! It's on Netflix and it's awesome...

    I usually hate Manga and Anime for a lot of reasons I won't get into but Desert Punk is really a good Anime...
  2. This kind of reminds me of the game Kenshi by Lofi Games... which you should totally look up.
    I don't think I'll play, but I will add Desert Punk to my Netflix queue!
    Good luck, Imas!
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  3. Could give it a shot. Will watch anime.
  4. I love Desert Punk >.<
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