Descent into Darkness. (Darkest Dungeon RP)

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    Ruin has come to our family.
    You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial, gazing proudly from its stoic perch above the moor.

    I lived all my years in that ancient rumor shadowed manor, fattened by decadence and luxury, and yet I began to tire of... conventional extravagance. Singular unsettling tales suggested the mansion itself was a gateway to some fabulous and unnameable power. With relic and ritual, I bent every effort towards the excavation and recover of those long buried secrets, exhausting what remained of our family fortune on... swarthy workmen and... sturdy shovels. At last, in the salt soaked crags beneath the lowest foundations, we unearthed that damnable portal of antediluvian evil. Our every step unsettled the ancient earth, but we were in a realm of death and madness. In the end, I alone fled, laughing and wailing through those blackened arcades of antiquity. Until consciousness failed me.

    You remember our venerable house, opulent and imperial, it is a festering abomination. I beg you, return home, claim your birthright and deliver our family from the ravenous clutching shadows of the Darkest Dungeon.
    You will arrive along the old road.

    It winds with a troubling, serpent-like suggestion through the corrupted countryside, leading only, I fear, to ever more tenebrous places. There is a sickness in the ancient, pittened cobbles of the old road, and on its writhing path, you'll face viciousness, violence and perhaps, other damnably transcendent terrors.

    So, steel yourself, and remember, there can be no bravery without madness. The old road will take you to hell, but, in that gaping abyss, we will find our redemption.

    18+ Roleplay with dark themes; many player deaths; torture and mindfucking will be aplenty.
    Will you take the risk and try to reclaim our ancestors keep?
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    The Town

    This is where most of your time will be spent after facing the horrors of the Warrens, Ruins, Cove. Weald, and The Darkest Dungeon. Most of the townspeople have fled, most of the population are adventures seeking fortune and fame, they don't understand the horrors yet. The town consists of ten main builds.
    A way to relieve stress, or strengthen the resolve of one's faith
    The billows smoke, the fire roars, the blacksmith stands ready to outfit adventures with weapons and armor, At a price.
    The home of fallen heroes. Many will be lost, but not forgotten.
    Guild Hall
    The sharpening of swords, the polishing of steel. The Guild is ready to train the adventures on the ways of war. Better hope you have gold in your pockets, This isn't cheap.
    Nomad Wagon
    The gypsy awaits with trinkets of gold and silver, even some strange fetishes from far away lands. With the right price you too could own these.
    Even the strongest of heroes will crumble in the face of terrifiying mosters, the sanitarium will cure them of these quirks and dieseases. Just don't mind the screaming.
    Stage Coach
    The Stage coach brings more fools adventurers from the old road, they are here to pave this place with their bodies.
    She is the best at what she does, she will train you how to survive in the wilds.
    Whore, Drink, and gambling. What more could a adventurer want after losing his mind to terrors in the deep.
    Town Square
    The statue of the Ancestor over looks the town square, this is a place to gather and ready your party for your delve into the Darkest Dungeon.

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  3. A Darkest Dungeon RP?! What a time to be alive.

    You mentioned that there's going to be a lot of player deaths? Does that mean we control a number of characters, or do start again with someone new every time we die?
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  4. Its going to be Dice rolls for the combat and the fear meter, so yes you get to control maybe up to three characters at once. But if they fall, you will have to start another person's legacy.
  5. Ahh, I see. Well count me in, if that's alright!
  6. YES! This role play is going to be awesome! ^^
  7. Okay Baddamobs, you sure can join!
  8. The Darkest Estate

    Twisted and corrupted by my own hands, it's up to you, and the lives of adventurers to save this land from the evil that is festering and leeching off of it. Inside these dungeons await Cultists, Skeletons, Necromancers, Hags, Pigmen, Flesh Monsters, and Eldritch Horror the mind can't fathom.​

    Attracted by emanations of arcane energy, necromancers has taken up residence in the ruins of your family’s battlements. Their experiments have roused the long dead regiments.

    The woods surrounding the Hamlet are teeming with raiders, hags and even fungal abnormalities. Word has spread that an ancient coven has resumed its nefarious practices.

    Buried and forgotten beneath the manor grounds lies a network of ancient aqueducts and waterways. Cultists have swarmed to this filthy place, conducting blood rituals and summoning ghastly beastmen from beyond.

    Rumblings beneath the manor have called out to the flopping abominations beneath the sea. they have returned to their place of blasphemous worship
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  9. Excellent! I shan't let you down.
  10. Characters of Note/Classes

    The Ancestor
    The relative of the Heir, it is he who unearthed the portal and whose sickening and twisted experiments and learnings poisoned the very land. A few weeks before the Heir returned to the Estate, beckoned by the letter the Ancestor himself wrote, he committed suicide when peasants stormed the building he was staying at inside the town.

    The Heir
    The Heir is the last living member of his disgraced noble lineage, he was called back by the Ancestor to put an end to the chaos and ruin that he had been responsible for placing on the land.

    The CareTaker
    "I fear his long-standing duties may have... affected him."
    The Old, weary, and completely insane groundskeeper of the Heirs estate. He drives the stagecoach and runs the shop in town.

    "A runaway turned soldier, the Arbalest is the definitive backline fighter. Able to rain suppressing fire down on the enemy, snipe high profile targets and apply powerfully effective first-aid, they are a rallying point, a turret, a beacon in the dark."

    Bounty Hunter
    "A brutally efficient single-target executioner and crowd control specialist. For the Bounty Hunter, planning is key - mark targets for bonus damage or look for opportunities to capitalize on a stunned foe. They can also wreak havoc on an enemy party's order using their grappling hook, flashbangs and powerful uppercut."
    "Battle-hardened and stalwart, the Crusader has held the front lines in a hundred holy wars. They either attacks foes head-on with righteous fury, or embraces a melee support role by leveraging their powerful defensive buffs & off-heals."
    Grave Robber
    "The Grave Robber is a versatile and nimble combatant, moving back and forth through the ranks with ease. They strikes without warning and retreats to the shadows, continuing their assault at range. If their throwing daggers and poison darts aren't getting the job done, they can return to the melee, buffed and slinging their pickaxe!"
    "Wild, unpredictable, and utterly ruthless, the Hellion thrills to the spilling of blood! Their massive glaive affords their impressive reach in combat, while its razor sharp edge leaves lasting wounds on enemies. Certain skills leave them exhausted, however, and they may occasionally need to take a turn to recharge their adrenaline before entering the fray once again."
    "A rogue, a thug and a thief, the Highwayman has honed their skills with dirk and flintlock to devastating effect. Whether at range or in a melee, they are as equally effective at dispatching thier foes. Be it a grapeshot area-of-effect, or single target bleed, the Highwayman's skills focus solely on dealing damage in a variety of ways."
    Hound Master
    "A tough and uncommonly ex-lawman, the Houndmaster and their faithful Wolfhound work in tandem to bring down their enemies and protect the innocent. Together they stalk the back ranks, bursting forth in a flurry of harrying bleeds, gnashing teeth, and stunning blows. Should the tide of battle turn, the pair can support an ailing party by protecting the weak, and rallying the stressed."
    "Combat is a power-ballad - a slow build up, and a grand finale! On offense, the Jester leaps to and fro in a bloody cacophony, positioning himself for a glorious end in the front ranks! Alternatively, they can hang back, delivering chilling melodies and unsettling riffs that terrorize their foes, and give strength to their allies."
    "A ruined man, a warrior, and a poet. The Leper is most effective when given a turn to focus themselves before raising their massive blade. When they swings, it is all or nothing - crushing blows and massive damage or the empty whistling of a glancing blow. They are entirely self-sufficient, drawing strength from their life of trauma, and able to channel it into heals, protection, or unrelenting fury."
    "A professional. A mercenary. Bring coin, and they will fight for you. Assaults or desperate defences, skirmishes or tunnel-fighting, they've done it all. And they will do it again."
    "A lifetime of scholarly inquest into ancient and forbidden lore has opened the Occultist's mind to the powers of the void. Debilitating curses and maddeningly impossible support skills are their specialty. The void, however, is an unpredictable power, and consequently skills' effectiveness can vary dramatically, and usually come at a cost of light, or stress."
    Plague Doctor
    "A doctor, researcher and alchemist who prefers to hang back, eating away at their foes with stacking damage-over-time abilties like toxic clouds & plague-filled grenades. They are equally effective in a support role, blinding and confusing foes while enhancing a party's survival with damage-increasing tonics, and remedies for bleed and blight effects"
    "The warrior Priest channels their zeal for battle into healing abilities, holy judgements and dazzling explosions of light. A strong backbone to any party, the Vestal can also hold their own on the front line with a powerful mace bash and close-quarters condemnations."

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  11. Hey can I join this roleplay, I think this is going to be fucking brilliant.
  12. Sure can! I will make a Sign-ups and OOC when we get more people interested.
  13. This roleplay will use Dice Rolls during fights. To delve into the dungeon there needs to be at least four characters.
  14. need two more players, then i will make the IC
  15. To those who wish to join this, welcome home. Such as it is...

    Loved this game when the Best Friends Zaibatsu looked at it on their channel and bought it ASAP. Would love to look into this once it gets rolling.
  16. I'd be interested in playing a houndmaster, maybe...

    Perhaps when I get my laptop back I'll be able to squeeze this in
  17. Sweeeet, Im interested
  19. I'd like to say I played this game for 7 hours straight in a dark room and it made me depressed.

    10/10 would role play this anytime- IGN
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  20. I am finally home from RTX so i will be working on this tomorrow! (DARKNESS HYPE!)
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