Derp! Roleplay with me!

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  1. Here's some plots that I have...

    A. Freeworld Highschool : This can actually be a group roleplay or a one x one. They all happen in the same highschool.

    a. The Nerd x The Cheerleader
    Two people from opposite worlds and a bet. Coming out of the shell. Discovering Dreams.​
    b. The Jock and The Unique
    He's the team captain and he's the barely noticed one. He's also gay. Kidnapping. Gay Bashing. Coming Out of theCloset. ​
    c. The Bad Boy x The Rich Girl
    Tea, Motorcycle and Pierced Ears. Arranged Marriage. Eloping. Violence. Delinquents.

    B. I Love You, Brother (straight or slash, but preferably slash)

    You met each other in college. You thought you'll be together forever. You were wrong. One act that ended it all. You left. You never heard from one another again. Years passed. Then you meet once again- as soon to be in laws. Your sister is marrying him. You thought that it would only hurt your beloved sister so you plotted against their relationship. Only to find out that you're falling for him, again.

    C. Look At Me!

    You've been in love with him for a long time. He never notices you. It's now time for drastic actions. Kidnapping Time!​
  2. I like the second idea. c: May we role-play that?

    Edit: I can do slash!
  3. Sure! I'll be glad to do it with you, Lili. And kudos for choosing slash. ;)
  4. I am partial to option A: sub-option b... if you would like to.
  5. @ Lili: Who will play whom? ^^
    @ Archail: Sure! And same as question with Lili...
  6. Well, I'm best with ukes, but I can do semes too. You can choose, I don't mind at all. c:
  7. I write a lot of slash fiction on my own, love the stuff and can't get enough. I like A- b, B, and C. I'd love to role-play with you! You have great ideas :)
  8. @ Lili: Awesome! Can I be the uke this time? I desperately need the practice. In all the rp's I'm in, in other sites, I play a dominant role. :p
    @ Tari: *offers more cookies* I read a lot of slash. ;) From different parts of the net-dom. lol. And thanks for the compliment. ;) The whispers just keep on coming. What do you want to rp the most in the two plots since it would seem that Llil and I would do the Plot B?
  9. Well, I can play either though I prefer playing a nerd. It's just my character in life it seems, plus I have a character practically built for it.
  10. Hmmmm, sub option b sounds great! I read slash on wattpad though, I should check out the website you mentioned.
  11. @ Archail: Roger! I'll start the rp if it's alright with you? ^^ Should we start on their first meeting?

    @ Tari: I'm sorry, but Archail had dibs on the plot...But I would love to roleplay with you the 3rd one, if you're willing. :)
  12. Alright! Yea we can start first meeting.
  13. 'Kay! I'll give you the link when I make it. :)
  14. What do you want for the title's rp, btw? ^^
  15. Doesn't matter to me, as long as I get a link... ^.^;