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  1. So try to visit this whenever you're on to post. We can talk about plot and other things here. We can keep track of characters and talk about anything confusing that has happened in the roleplay.

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  2. Hi! :D

    Your post intrigued me, but your creepy avatar got me to stay. >.>

    I put her in the car crash, too, as you can see. I was wondering if you already knew how the wreck happened, who was driving, etc, because I would totally be interested in having Theodosia have been the driver. That was terrible English. Make that better English in your head, then respond to it. Wait, maybe it's ok English. >.>

    Also, I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with her left arm, but something from the accident. If you don't mind how badly she's messed up as long as she isn't blind, deaf, or bedridden, that sounds lovely to me. *insert crazy grin here*

    Other than that, pleasure to meet you! I haven't done a rp quite like this one before but it seems like it should be interesting. :)

    aaannndddd I might as well go ahead and do this:

    Name: Theodosia
    Aliases: Theo
    Age: 18
    Birthdate: August 2nd
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark red, more brown but still 'technically' red.
    Height: 5'6
    Build: Athletic, plays volleyball and soccer
    Scars: After that car accident, too many. There's a series of surgeries set up for her left arm,'s always ill-advised to hang your arm out the car window and she just learned why.
    Attire: Usually found in jeans and a t-shirt or short shorts and a sweatshirt, or jeans and her sweatshirt. Very casual.
    Accessories: She used to wear a watch...she needs a new one now...
    Basic: Being the oldest (biological) child with parents who were absent more often than not, she takes a pretty motherly/parental role in the family, even though her parents have told her multiple times not to. She makes sure everyone's up for school, drives them there, drives them home when her various extracurricular activities are done, things like that.

    Outside of with the family, she's a tomboy and an athlete. She runs every day, usually in the morning. She's not really rough-and-tumble but definitely not afraid to get her hands dirty or threaten someone who's bullying her siblings. Overall, she's a good person with a big heart.
    Strengths: Sports, taking care of other people
    Weaknesses: Math and science, likes being a parent to her younger sibling(s), she has nightmares about the accident.
    Fears: That her little brother will never be able to see again and that it's all her fault...
    Likes: Cake, ice cream, boys, playing sports, talking on the phone, hanging out with her friends
    Dislikes: Her arm and the prognosis on it, but mostly the fact that (in her mind) it's completely her fault what happened to her brother...
    Religion: After her brother's blindness and the outlook on that? None.
  3. Name: Kuroi Deson

    Aliases: Kuro, Chef, Kurry, Iron man.

    Age: Somewhere in his twenties.

    Birth Date: Does not know or celebrate his birthday.

    Eyes: Golden

    Hair: Dark black.

    Height: 5' 11

    Build: Slender.

    Scars: Something that is on the edge of his left eye opposite his tear duct.

    Attire: Very professional or very casual. He usually wears slacks with a nice uniform to match the shop and allow him to make deliveries or very casual in large shirts and pants.

    Accessories: Enjoys lolipops and usually has one in his mouth.

    Basic: Being the oldest over all and slightly older than Theo. He usually just provides the family as their parents are always out. He helps his older sister when need be but with her being the head of the family he simply helps and does what he can to make their lives comfortable.

    Although Theo is the head of the family and definitely courageous and caring. Kuro is very sarcastic and more of a loner doing things by himself. He is quiet and reserve unless he knows the person and can instantly become approachable and cheerful. He usually keeps thoughts to himself but he assures the others are safe as much as he can.

    Strengths: Intelligence, cooking, reading, setting random things on fire, writing and teasing.

    Weaknesses: Reserve, anger, depression, and lack of companionship with much of the others.

    Fears: That once he does leave the family he has nothing to sustain himself with.

    Likes: Certain people, history, jokes, reading, sleeping, reading scary/sad stories, movies and muffins.

    Dislikes: Himself, thinking about drugs and alcohol, that the others have gotten hurt.

    Religion: None. Never has from the beginning of his original family.

    Well I hope I can join! I think this is interesting and sorry for not noticing this sooner!
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    Thanks for the characters, guys. And thanks for joining.
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  16. I am totally lost XD glad you guys post like crazy but this is my fault should have done this event later and will get it out of the way and focus on the newer pair which came in and thinking of introducing new characters but I already have a lot
  17. Lol the important part for you is that Theo's pissed because she's the only rational one but no one will listen to her. She told Kuro he's just going to kill his brother taking him like that, with the knife in his chest, and not calling 911 >.> or 999 in their case lol they live in the UK apparently. Her words being "Let him die in your FUCKING CAR THEN!" Or something like that ;) And then "No one thinks you're sexy, Lysander. Especially with how fucking whiny you are. And no one here wants your help, Ari."

    And then she stormed upstairs to take a bath and ignore everyone since no one listens to her. But, ya know, she knows she's speaking out of hurt and will be over it eventually.

    Other than that, Lysander's at the table, there's a Norwegian or French girl trying to hit on him and leaving her number, aaannnddd...poor Lexi is trying to feed Lysander and bein' kinda lost herself. :(
  18. LOL xD I live in Singapore, and we were colonised by Brits once so I guess that's why the popo number is 999 :P apparently I forgot police number is different in other parts of the world :P
  19. Neat! Learn something new every day! I live in boring old Florida, right on the coast and yet I never go to the beach lol
  20. XD yea I saw 999 and I was thinking maybe we were calling some anti christ or something XD its cool though and I see.