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    How do you feel about this? Should this happening be denied? Do you believe in these.. creatures.. humans... whatever they are? How would you prep for something like this?

    I know how to relate this article to roleplay, and I know this type of thing is already being used.. but just tell me how you feel about the theme or scenario for roleplay?

  2. I do not know if there is any truth in those news, but the connections the author makes is pretty frightening, although I am not sure if I can take it seriously for all what it is worth. These are just isolated incidents, with no proof that they are connected to any kind of disease except maybe a mental disorder.

    As for roleplays... I am not really into the zombie apocalypse genre.
  3. The incidents stated in this article are from cannibals, not zombies. The term zombie is an undead, reanimated corpse, not some crazed, drug-addicted human. So for the time being, I would say this article shows no proof of actual zombie attacks and there title for the article is misleading at best.

    There has been no actual proof of real zombies, only cannibals like the ones mentioned in the article. I don't see how saying the CDC is denying existence of zombies is going to prove anything (for denial on the CDC's end of it anyway). Sure there are many things the government is hiding from us, and who knows they may actually know of a virus that could potentially turn us all into flesh eating, dead corpses after we die. But personally I think this article is on the amateur side, just because the facts don't add up to the point they are trying to prove, along with random facts like the third most popular Google search term being zombie apocalypse.

    So in my mind, this article is amateur and doesn't perk any interest in me other than me thinking it is a silly thing to read. I personally think that there could be something the government is working on or hiding that could turn out to be like a zombie virus, so I'll make sure I have plenty of water and storable food in my basement for years to come.

    As for roleplay sense, I am interested in doing a zombie thread, but I don't have room for one at the moment.
  4. The seal has already been broken so to speak,

    Thankfully catkind is immune to zombie plague.
  5. There's no such thing as a zombie (ie. a reanimated corpse that is driven to feed upon the flesh of the living). It's a fantasy, something that Romero adapted from voodoo customs as a metaphor for various different social issues.

    In all the examples provided the journalist doesn't actually show a 'zombie incident'. He shows cannibals. Cannibals and cannibalism have been around for a very, very long time. There is a rational explanation in every example offered for why the perpetrator did what he did. In the case of the naked dude who ate the homeless guy, for example, he was on a drug known as 'bath salts'; it causes psychosis (hence the aggression), extreme hunger (hence the eating thing) and increased body temperature (hence the nakedness) amongst many other effects.

    Therefore, there is no such thing as a 'zombie disease', despite what the journalist may, tongue-in-cheek I would hope, be trying to imply.

    So yeah, the CDC is totally right to be denying the existence of this sort of thing. Because it genuinely doesn't exist; it's nothing but science-fiction.