Demons vs Angels, Heavy Dark Fantasy

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  1. Have you ever wondered what Hell looked like before the fall of man? Are you sick of all the demons and angels being portrayed as attractive anime characters? Are you up to play as real demons and angels in a world of high fantasy and wonder? Would you enjoy having a part in the historical fall of Adam and Eve. If you find yourself saying yes to all of those questions, then Hell and Back Again: Search for the Six is your type of game.

    This role-play is set in Hell eons before the iconic Fall of Man, where the angel Lucifer had just fallen from grace and is therefore not yet Hell's king. Heck, he isn't even known.

    It has only been a year after Lucifer and his angels fell from grace. Hell was a foreign land, but there was one thing Lucifer knew he wanted: revenge. How could he, the First Angel, be cast down? All he wanted to do was good. He believed in what was best, and went with the desires of his heart. How could his brothers and sisters do such a thing?

    With the nations of Hell in total disarray, the Demon Lords didn't need any more problems. But, that was what they got with the arrival of Lucifer, whose reputation means nothing to the inhabitants of Hell. After hearing a multitude of voices call out to him, Lucifer knew what he needed to accomplish: the destruction of man through the introduction of sin. How? He would find the hearts of the ancient dragon Satan and use its power to tempt Adam and Eve.

    With all of Hell against Lucifer's ideals and all of Heaven breathing down his throat in the form of a group of elite Angelic warriors trying to find the hearts before Lucifer does, will the First Angel succeed?

    Only you can decide.

    What to expect:

    A very detailed world of bustling demonic races, each with their own unique culture.

    No non-sense character aesthetics (I'm talking to you, anime.)


    Visit the thread here.

    See you in Hell.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.