Demons From The Past

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  1. “Damn it…” said Anna while she was riding her motorcycle. She was getting sleepy again. She didn’t know how many hours she was on the road. She was so tired, that the minute she closed her eyes, vivid images from the past few days would make it impossible for her to relax. Glowing red eyes, pointy horns, sharp teeth, grey skin and a slim tail…Anna sighed. The worst of course was the sound of a loud growl, which did not resemble any animal’s or person’s voice. She knew that what she saw was not from this world. A demon… That’s what her mother yelled before she died in the hands of that creature. Those images and sounds she witnessed were now a part of her that never ceased to escape her mind.

    The sun was setting as she entered the town. The sky was filled with the harmonic combination of colors that calmed her down a bit. When she asked a few people for directions they looked surprised. Anna didn’t know if it was from the fact that she was a 19 year old girl on a black Ducati Streetfighter, or the fact that she was asking about this particular address. Perhaps both. Anyway, It was night when she arrived at the address her mother gave her. An old friend of mine lives there. When things turn out bad, go and find him. Show him this and he will explain, her mother had said the day before she was killed, and gave her a silver pendant that was now around Ana’s neck. That pendant… but she didn’t have time to look back on yesterday’s paradox events. She stepped off her motorcycle and headed for the old majestic building made of stone. She rang the doorbell and waited.
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  5. It was just another normal day for him, reading reports, and paying close attention to the news. Although he was very much a recluse - he didnt want anyone getting too familiar with him after all - there were certain things in the world that he did care about. Strange and grusome murders, attacs by strange creatures, odd sightings, as well as runes and talismans. He wasnt an occultist, although some of the humans tended to refer to him as such. That day appeared to be quiet, a fact he was quite pleased about.

    He sat back in his old leather bound chair, carefully folding his wings behind him. An old tv sat on a table in front of him, playing the news on mute. That was when he heard the doorbell ring. He stared towards the door for a moment, confused by who would bother him. He was nothing but the local hermit to most people around here. Who would want to see him? He got up and went to the door, peeking through the small hole in the center. When he saw a young woman standing there, he only got more confused. His horns and wings disappeared right before he opened the door.

    "Hello?" He asked. "Can I help you?"
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  6. The door opened and a strange looking man was standing behind it. There was darkness around them and only the fade light of a lamp post would allow Anna to see him clearly. She could tell that he had stunning long red hair, but what intrigued her most were his hazy, almost transparent eyes. She could see why the locals were surprised when she asked for directions to this address. He was strange, but Anna thought that it wasn’t necessarily in a wrong way.

    His voice didn’t sound hostile at all, and that gave Anna the courage to speak with a stable tone. “I’m sorry to bother you so late but it’s just…” hey, my mom got killed by a demon and before she died she told me to find you, a man that she never mentioned in her life. She knew it sounded ridiculous. She closed her eyes and sighed. The man was looking at her with a confused look. She knew though, that he was the link she needed to her mother's past. After a moment she opened her eyes and said “I’m Cornelia’s daughter. A lot of things have happened and a few days ago she told me to find you. May I come in?”
  7. He blinks, recognition lighting in his eyes. He stood back and held the door open wider so she could enter, sweeping an arm around as an invitation. "Please, yes come on in. I'm sorry I didnt recognize you. You were nothing more than a thought last time I heard about you." His voice had an accent that couldnt be placed. It was exotic and deep, and held an amused tone to it this time.

    Inside, the place was lit with lamps set into the walls here and there. The dim light showed a place that looked as if it could be taken right out of the Victorian era. Little elaborate tables sat against the walls holding various statues and other sorts of valuables, and doors sat at regular intervals along the hallway. A coat rack sat beside the door, a single deep black trench coat hanging from it. "Please, follow me." He led her down the hall and into the room he had been occupying when she had rung the doorbell. Directly opposite the door sat a large desk. A simple lamp sat on the corner of the desk, illuminating a mass of papers and old fashioned scrolls on the mahogany wood. A tall backed elaborately carved chair was tucked neatly into the desk. Beside the desk was a small bookshelf full of even more scrolls. On the wall to the left was the television, still on mute, with a leather chair stationed in front of it and a side table sitting beside the chair. On both sides of the television hung runes and charms straight out of an occult book. On the opposite wall from the television was a fireplace with two leather chairs sitting facing it at an angle. On the mantle piece were even more charms and runes. It was to the fireplace he led her. He held an arm out to the two chairs. "Please, have a seat."
  8. So he does know about me… Still I’ve never heard of him before… Anna entered the house and tried to hold a gasp of surprise. The whole house was magnificent. The decoration was as if it was taken out of a fairytale, somewhere beyond this world, a castle from a far away land. She tried to make small and delicate footsteps. She had the feeling that if she touched anything it would break.
    As she followed the stranger further inside she noticed that his figure was tall, majestic and his moves were graceful. Still you wouldn’t call him friendly looking in any way. She wasn’t exactly terrified by him, but she didn’t know how to act around him. Who was he and why did he seem as if he was from another world? Was he also a demon? No way… The demon I saw was a hideous creature that did not resemble human in any way possible… still the question remained. Who was he?

    When they entered the room which seemed to be his study, she noticed a great mass of paperwork on the desk. Paperwork for what… she wondered. Finally she gazed in awe at the fireplace. She was feeling cold and the large warm fire was what she needed. When the stranger offered her a seat she didn’t have to think it twice. She sat on the leather armchair and made herself comfortable. She turned to him and noticed that he was also looking at her thoroughly. “You have a wonderful home… Are you a collector or did you find this place like this?” she asked trying to open a conversation.
  9. Once she had taken her seat, he sat in the other chair. He folded his hands in his lap and gave her a gentle smile. With his long crimson hair cascading over his shoulders, and his simple white shirt and dark slacks, he looked as if he could have been transported right out of the victorian era with the house. "Thank you, I quite enjoy it myself. This is a family estate. We've lived here for hundreds of years. Many of the things I have here are from my ancestors." The lies and half-truths blended together into a perfect mix, and slipped off his tongue smoothly. He had spent many many years learning how to fool humans completely. If his previous encounters were any indication, he believed he had accomplished his task.

    Another matter weighted more heavily on his mind at that moment however. "My apologies, I havent introduced myself. I'm Leos. Tell me, how is dear Cornelia doing nowadays?" He asked her. "I expected her to come in person should she ever need some help." He had a sneaking suspicion he knew why the daughter was here instead of her, but he needed to hear it from her first.
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  10. There was something in his voice that Anna didn’t know if she liked or not. It was too… mellow. Her mother would teach her ways of understanding when the people around her spoke lies or hidden truths. Over the years she had grown a sixth sense as her mother liked to name it. Anna never really believed in it, but there were times when people’s voice would irritate her for no reason, and a few moments later she would find out that they were lying or trying to fool her.

    She was gazing the fire’s flames when the man spoke her mother’s name. She petrified but kept staring at the playful flames, but her mind was at yesterday’s events. The flames were turned into two glowing red eyes and the sparkles sounded like gunshots. She closed her eyes “She’s dead” she said with a cracked voice. She wouldn’t cry easy, that she knew. She sighed and continued with a more steady voice “Before she died she gave me your address and said that I should come find you and show you this” and revealed the silver pendant with the engraved symbols that was hanging from her neck. She opened her eyes and saw that the man had a distant look and she couldn’t quite tell what he was thinking.
  11. He hummed softly to himself as she spoke. "I figured that might have happened, to make her send you to me." A little pang of sadness flowed through him for a moment. "I'm sorry, I'm sure it was a hard loss," he murmured, staring at the fire for a moment. He eyed her out of the corner of his eye. "You appeared to have gotten away unharmed. Thats good at least." His eyes drifted down to the pendant she was holding out. He could feel the power eminating from it, calling to him, trying to draw him in. He took a deep breath and mentally shook himself, ignoring the temptation.

    He debated how much to tell her for a moment. "I assume she's told you nothing of her past or of that pendant since she told you nothing of me." Now that they had gotten past the preliminaries and were to the reason for her visit, he no longer bothered with the lies. "Your mother used to be a demon hunter when she was younger. We both were. We discovered that pendant together. Its a powerful demon pendant. In the hands of a full demon, it could give them unimagineable power. It drives them insane." He gave her a moment to let that all sink in. He was sure it was a lot of information to take in all at once. Unfortunately, he wasnt done.

    "Cornelia became pregnant with you not too long later. She retired from the demon hunting business to raise you and protect the pendant. I moved out here to continue my work where it wouldnt affect her." Finally done, he sat back in his chair and watched her. He wasnt sure how she was going to respond, but he figured that much information was more than enough for now.
  12. Anna was staring at Leos as he was speaking. His voice was now more serious, in a way, more sincere. She was first listening with great interest, trying not to ask anything until he was done. Now she wanted to scream, yell, demand answers. She knew she didn’t want to ask questions that had an answer, or even if they had there’s no way Leos would know them. Why would she blend herself in this world? Why did she hold me in the darkness? Did she think she could protect me that way? Look at us now, Cornelia… There was another question though that was on her mind but could not think of any possible explanation. Well, she could. But she didn’t want to admit it. How did I survive…? She didn’t remember much from that night. Her mother shooting the demon and yelling at her to get away. Afterwards, silence; her mother staying still on the floor and two glowing eyes looking at her menacingly. Then, everything goes black, until the next morning where she woke up soaked in blood, but it wasn’t hers. Without thinking she took her motorcycle and started driving, not knowing where she was going at first. She was feeling lost. The only clue she had was this wrapped piece of paper inside her jacket with an address on. Her course was then set.

    She was too tired though… She was on the road for at least 8 hours, constantly thinking and analyzing what had happened. She didn’t want to stop. If she had stopped she would have cracked, and she couldn’t allow herself to do that. After hearing all this, the adrenaline in her body had run out and she suddenly felt unable to move. Now that things sort of made sense, she didn’t want to cause any ruckus. She didn’t want to leave Leos. He was the only one that could explain her mother’s past. She couldn’t ask him to stay though, as he seemed to be very busy. She stood up and said “I need to… think. And absorb what you told me. This is all new to me, you understand that. Do you happen to know a hotel around here to spend the night?”
  13. He could see the changes in her as she processed the information. He began wondering if he'd said too much even with that, but it was too late to take any of it back now. He stood up as well. "Of course. A good night's rest is in order." He headed for the door and opened it. "I have a spare bedroom upstairs you can use. You'll be safer here than in a hotel anyways." Now that she was here, he was reluctant to let her go off on her own. She knew nothing about demons and how to fight against them. His house was protected from demons, making it one of the few safe-havens she would have. "I insist."
  14. “I…” Anna felt relieved and a fade smile appeared on her face. All the things she found out… They seemed too unreal, she didn’t know what to believe. She thought that if she left that house, she wouldn’t have the courage to return again. Her whole body was feeling numb and the slightest attempt of realizing what she had just found out would drive her crazy. She needed to rest. She was feeling grateful that Leos offered her to stay. Still… Why is he doing this for me..? The question remained but she decided to deal with it later “Thank you. It’s just that my mind is in chaos right now. I hope I won’t cause you too much trouble.” she managed to say and agreed to follow Leos further inside the house.
  15. He shook his head and waved her concerns away. "Not a bother at all." He led her deeper into the house, past old paintings and richly colored rugs. The door he stopped at was a rich mahogany. He held it open for her. Inside was a four poster bed against one wall, with a side table on one side of it holding a lamp, a dresser and a closet on the wall oppisite, and a bathroom sat adjacent to them. A rich rug decorated the floor, and on the wall that had no furniture, intricate painting adorned it. The room looked like it was rarely used. "You can stay in here."
  16. The house was filled with a million peculiar things that had caught Anna’s interest at first, but now, as they were walking further inside the house, she wouldn’t even notice them. When she stepped inside the room though, she left a small sound of awe. The poster bed, the old framed painting, the large window across the room showing an almost full moon; they all seemed taken out of a fairytale. The painting indicated a woman with a beautiful dress and a sad look upon her face. She stepped closer to take a better look at it, when she noticed that Leos was still behind her holding the door and she turned around. His eyes where set upon her “Thank you, this room is just… amazing” she managed to say.
  17. He nodded. "You're welcome. If you need anything, I'll be in my study." He closed the door and headed back down the hall. He once again took a seat in front of the television, watching the news flicker silently while he read over some more scrolls he had just recieved earlier that day. They were dull and boring, telling him nothing new. After a couple hours, he found himself dozing off lightly in the chair.
  18. She was walking through an old empty house. It wasn’t hers but it seemed familiar... She went inside the living room where a great stoned fireplace was lighting the room. She went further to get warm, but the fire disappeared and she was sucked into darkness. She was trying to get through this abyss, but two glowing red eyes appeared and approached her menacing. She started running..”Run, damn it, run!” Voices yelling, a woman screaming; she wanted to scream too, but she couldn’t… The demon’s claws were approaching her… “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

    Anna woke up breathless. She was soaked in sweat with the sheet wrapped tightly around her. She tried to control her breath. Her heart was pounding and her whole body was shaking. She closed her eyes but the image of two glowing threatening eyes appeared. The room seemed awfully small… She moved the sheets off of her, stood up and approached the large window. The night was still young; she couldn’t be asleep for more than two hours. With the adrenaline rushing all over her body she felt she couldn’t stay in this room a minute longer. She needed to calm herself, and there was only one way. To drive her beloved motorcycle…

    With a quick move she opened the window. She felt a light breeze upon her face and she instantly felt a lot better. She couldn’t wait and think things through. The moment she saw a great ivy growing against the wall, she knew what she wanted to do. She jumped on the windowsill and started climbing herself down. When she reached the bottom she let go of the ivy, but she landed noisy and she hoped that Leos wouldn’t hear her. She didn’t knew if she would be back. She just wanted to… go. She reached her motorcycle, put on her helmet and started driving.
  19. Many many dull hours passed in silence. At one point, he heard a motorcycle, but dismissed it, It wasnt entirely uncommon to hear the loud engines of motorcycles. He hated them for how loud they were, especially to his sensitive ears. It had taken a great deal of time for him to insensitize himself to them. He had started to doze off partway through the night when he felt the presence of a demon some distance away. He got up quickly and shut off the television. He strained his ears to see if he could hear Anna, but he heard nothing, so he opened his window and jumped out that way. His wings and horns appeared as he opened the window, and as he jumped out, he spread his wings and took to the air. A simple illusion spell would keep humans from spotting him up there. He flew quickly towards the presence of the demon. It would take time for him to reach them though.
  20. The motorcycle was moving, making the sweet sound that helped Anna forget her worries. She wasn’t driving for too long and as time flew by, she wondered if she actually wanted answers to her questions. Who was my mother…? How did she, and dad…
    The motorcycle stopped, making a loud squeaky noise. Anna was standing in the middle of the road, trying to remember the things her mother told her about her father He moved away, there were no signs of him, stop asking me questions. Those were the words her mother was mostly using. But then

    Anna heard a rustle and a loud stampede. She turned around and saw the vivid image of her nightmares coming towards her. A Demon, three times her size, with gray slimy skin, thorns on its body, sharp nails, and two menacing eyes, was breathing heavily while raising his hand to attack her. It can’t be… After the first shock of the Demon’s appearance passed, she managed to avoid the strike, but it hit the motorcycle, and tossed it 5 meters away. There was no escape now… As the Demon was growling Anna was overwhelmed with anger and hatred… Anger for her mother’s death, for all the unanswered questions, anger for her freaking Ducati… She couldn’t let fear take her over again and do nothing but stand and watch her incoming death… She couldn’t allow it… I won’t! She thought to herself and her eyes suddenly glowed a shiny crimson color. She could feel it, there was strength inside her, a great power that was waiting to be unleashed. It wasn’t hers though… The pendant around her neck was glowing too; it was as if it lent her its power. She left a loud grumble that sounded nothing like her and with unexpected speed she punched the Demon with all her might. The Demon left a cry of pain, but managed to hit her with its tail. That made Anna lose focus, and soon the glow in her eyes disappeared and she felt the power abandoning her. The Demon looked at her menacing.
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