Demon Pride's AD - A Modern Fantasy RPG

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  1. I'll be brief: This game is about an organization of demons who wishes to rule the world and destroy/subjugate humanity. You can be a human, a demon or a half demon. You can be an adept of the cause, you can be against the cause and you can be neutral.
    Even though I made a considerately big post as the first, that was just for introductions purposes. If you wish to jump in, THEN JUMP IN! It has a lot of strong content (but nothing too much graphical). You call fill out the character bio on the OOC thread later if you wish, though doing it so first would make things better.
    I don't expect you to be a master of English grammar and orthography, considering that I'm not even a native speaker of the language - I can make mistakes myself. You can make simple posts, like three, two and even one liners, but a little effort would be appreciated too.
    There are no player limits currently, but that may change. You can control up to as many characters as you wish, I don't care.
    Thank you for your time!