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  1. Name: Xavier
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Parent: Asclepius
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: short brown hair and brown eyes, slightly muscular.
    Personality: he tries to be kind, but sometimes it just doesn't work and he acts like a jerk
    Weapons: an imperial gold lance
    Powers: healing abilities
    Equipment: magic tent, and enchanted book of greek myths which tells him info on all myths
    Other: despite being a demigod he is a Christian

    Xavier's eyes opened and he sat up. His tent allowed him to see out, but no one to see in. Currently they were in the middle of a forest, the day before they had been attacked by a Cyclopes, which they had taken down without too much trouble, he had just healed their wounds although it took a lot out of him. He was still tied from healing his friend that he decided to lay back down, making sure to cover himself completely. He had decided to sleep in his own tent as he preferred to sleep either naked or in only his boxers, if his companion would have been a boy that wouldn't have been a problem, but as she was a girl he really didn't feel like exposing himself to her, and she sometimes would give him wake up calls, so far he had been lucky, but he had to be careful.

    As he laid down with his eyes closed he wondered if they should venture into the city or continue to one of their safe houses. They had four that they moved between to keep from attracting monsters. He didn't know about the girl but he badly needed a shower and a change of clothes, even though he was wearing any he still could smell himself.
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  2. Name: Lenore
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Parent: Harmonia
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Long, wavyish dark red hair, fair skin, blue eyes
    Personality - Sweet and kind, good peacekeeper, good problem solver, because of her mother being the goddess of harmony she doesn't really like conflict and so will try to avoid it. However, she is also her father's daughter, and if she truly, truly believes in something she will stick to her guns. She tends to be too sweet, though, and gets stepped on and taken advantage a lot because of it.
    Weapons: A celestial bronze sword and an imperial gold dagger
    Powers: Soothing voice that can sometimes get enemies to stop trying to kill them - she is able to bring people at peace with her voice (sorry, I didn't describe it very well).
    Equipment: Magical tent (I'm assuming since you had one she has one as well), picture of her and her dad at a lake, a book on plants you can and can't eat along with a couple more survival manuals
    Other: Even though she believes in peace, she will fight if she has to and she's pretty good at it too

    After the fight with the Cyclops, Lenore had been out like a light. When they'd been attacked, she tried to talk it down, like she always did, but this time her powers of persuasion didn't have much of an effect. The Cyclops had paused for a moment, as if he was considering her words, before letting out a guttural yell and smashing her in the ribcage with his club, sending her flying backwards into the woods. He'd broken two of her ribs, but she'd had worse before and helped Xavier kill the Cyclops. She'd felt bad about it, of course, like she always did, but not bad enough to kill the damned thing. After all, sometimes to achieve peace you had to eliminate those who opposed it.

    Now, it was morning and she was waking up. Although Xavier had healed all her wounds last night, that didn't stop her from being a little sore this morning. After all, you can't kill a Cyclops without a little muscle exertion.

    Lenore sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and wrinkling her nose. She smelled - and felt - disgusting. Peace notwithstanding, she would absolutely kill someone for a shower right now. She yanked her hands through her hair, brushing through as many of the tangles as possible - (it wasn't easy, considering her hair was long and thick) - and stood up. She exited her tent, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath of the fresh air. She loved nature. It was so... peaceful. That is, when monsters weren't trying to kill you. That took a little bit of the serenity away.

    She stood outside of Xavier's tent, to wake him up. She never went in - the last time she did, he totally freaked out on her, and she didn't want that happening again. "Xavier, it's time to get up," she said, trying to keep her voice as pleasant as possible. Most people were grumpy waking up, so Lenore tried to act pleasant (but not too pleasant, she learned that irritated some people after waking up her father one morning when she was younger), and stay out of their way as much as possible. "It's morning."
  3. Hearing Lenore giving him his wake up call he called back, "ugh five more minutes I'm exhausted from fighting that stupid monster and healing you wounds since you didn't have the guts to kill it." He hadn't meant to be so harsh it just came out that way. He did feel a little bad, but he did get annoyed with the girl never being able to kill monsters.

    Just in case the girl stormed in he quickly grabbed his boxers and slipped them on under the covers. The girl early fought with him, but he knew the girl would snap one day. He was not looking forward to that day but knew that eventually it would come.

    It did annoy him though that she would never kill the monsters. She always saw the good in them as they were trying to kill her. Of all the demigods to get stuck with he had to get stuck with the one who won't kill monsters. Maybe if she has been a guy they would have gotten along better.
  4. Lenore jerked back, stung from Xavier's harsh words, and she bit her cheek. She wanted to retort back that after trying to convince the monster to back off didn't work, she did help him fight it. Sure, she didn't deliver the fatal blow, but she didn't just sit there and watch.

    She held her tongue though. Speaking her mind would only lead to an argument, and right now, that was the last thing they needed. They were already having to fight monsters, they didn't need to be fighting among themselves as well. She wrung her hands together nervously, before saying quietly, "I'll start a fire, make some breakfast." They'd killed a deer last night for food, right before the Cyclops attacked, and Lenore figured they might as well have something to eat this morning before setting back out.

    She stepped back silently from the tent, heading back into the woods and grabbing some firewood up from the ground. She makes the fire close to the tents, but far enough away so that if a gust of wind blew by it wouldn't set the tents on fire. She had a fire going in roughly three minutes, and she stood up, smiling in satisfaction. She got the leftover deer out of a tree along with a few paper plates, beginning to cook the deer over the fire. She had to admit, it upset her at having to kill the deer, but it's what they had to do to survive.
  5. Xavier still felt kind of bad about yelling at the girl, but she always felt guilt. The Cyclopes had tried to kill them and she wanted to make friends with it. There were good Cyclopes mostly in Posidieon's domain, but the one from last night had been a wild Cyclopes they hated demigods, and were always on the lookout for a nice demigod for dinner.

    Sometimes he wished he had a different companion. A guy would be nice, but then he reminded himself that Lenore wasn't a bad person, she just had some quirks. The quirks drove him nuts but she was nice enough.

    Realizing he probably should have not yelled at her he pulled on a shirt and some jeans after he got out of bed. Then putting on his shoes he exited the text. Speaking the command word the tent folded up into a small cloth which he put in his backpack.

    He then made his way over to the fire and sat down on a log. He knew he should apologize but he was too prideful, he was not going to submit himself to this girl, but decided to flash her a small smile, a very small smile.
  6. Lenore's backpack was leaning up against a tree, where she could keep an eye on it just in case something were to happen. Her tent was already folded back up and tucked inside of it, along with everything else besides her sword and dagger. Her sword was hanging from her belt, like it always was, and her dagger was strapped to her thigh.

    Lenore glances at Xavier, and she notices the ghost of a smile flicker across his lips. She smiled back, a small one, one side of her mouth quirking up higher than the other. Even with her appearance the way it was, with her gross clothes and all, she was still an attractive girl. Even with everything she's been through, her eyes still shone bright and she managed to put a smile on her face.

    "Breakfast should be done any minute," she said softly. After a few minutes, the deer was done cooking, and she put equal servings on the paper plates, standing up by her crouching position by the fire and handing Xavier a plate. They didn't have any silverware.
  7. The deer meat did look really good for being cooked over an open fire with little to no tools. Taking the plate from her he nodded slightly in thanks. He still wasn't going to submit to the girl and apologize but he did feel a little bad.

    As he took a bite of the deer he noticed how good it was. "You're not a bad cook," he said in between bites. This was as good of an apology as she was going to get. He was eating with his bare hands ripping the meat apart with his teeth. It was not very sophisticated and he half assumed that the girl would freak out, most if not all girls would.

    He then realized that once again he was being rude to Lenore. She didn't know it but he was silently judging the girl and he mentally scolded himself and told himself he needed to be nicer to her.
  8. "Thanks. I used to cook with my dad before I went on the run." Lenore was also eating with her hands, though not as violently as Xavier. She would rip off a small piece of meat with her fingers, and then eat it. It was taking everything she had not to just rip into it - she was starving, but she didn't want Xavier to think she was a slob. Though, at the way he was eating, he probably would have thought nothing of it.

    She fell into silence and continued eating, unsure of what to say. She wanted to say something, but at the same time she didn't, not wanting to irritate him and spark an argument. So she just ate in silence.

    After she finished, she put her plate on the ground next to her, and wiped her hands on her jeans. It's not like it was going to make a difference, as they were already filthy. "Where are we headed to next? Somewhere with a shower and a change of clothes, I hope."
  9. Xavier didn't really hear what the girl was saying, he just focused in eating. He did have to admit he did look a bit like a savage, but he was man what did the girl expect for him to pull out the fine china? Once he finished he threw the bones on the ground and stood up stretching, his belly button coming I to view.

    In response to the girl's question he said, "I think it's best if we keep going to the safe house, we should be able to get their in a few days, if we went I to the city, we would have a pretty hard time getting a shower as we are both broke." He told the girl.

    Setting off in the direction of the safe house he kept glancing down at the book in his hand. It was enchanted, so if an enemy was close it would flash gold and would open up to the page in the book that told how to defeat it the fastest way possible. He had his lance in his pocket, in pen form, many demigods had enchanted weapons that skunk down into every day objects and were bonded to them so if they every lost them they would appear to them, and he was not different.
  10. Lenore followed behind him, her fingers brushing across the hilt of her sword. Hers, too, shrunk down - hers into a pen as well - but after an attack last week, she usually kept it out. They'd been attacked, and after her trying to talk it down didn't work, she'd once again been sent flying backwards into the woods. Her pen had fallen out of her pocket, and hadn't returned in time before the monster had been on top of her. She'd been forced to fend it off with nothing but her knife. Now, she usually kept it hanging at her waist in a sword-belt on her left, sheathed. That way, it wouldn't go flying off if she was knocked backwards and it was easily accessible. Of course, if they found themselves in a populated area, she'd turn it into a pen and stuff it in her pocket.

    Her knife stayed sheathed on her right thigh, in case her sword was ever knocked away and she needed it for protection. She doesn't know how many it's saved her life. For that matter, she didn't know how many times Xavier had saved her life. She didn't think he liked her very much. From what she could tell, the fact she tried to talk down anything that attacked them bothered him. Sometimes it didn't work, but then, sometimes it did. In fact, just the other day, she'd managed to convince some kind of snake-human hybrid to leave them alone, that they weren't worth the trouble. She'd seemed reluctant at first, but she'd finally agreed and left.

    "Do you have any idea how far away we are?" she asked. She gingerly stepped over a root, brushing her hair out of her eyes. She couldn't wait to get a shower. She felt absolutely disgusting. She was sure she looked it, too. She couldn't wait to scrub all traces of blood and dirt off of her, and actually be able to brush her hair instead of just combing through it with her fingers.
  11. Xavier was enjoying the peace and quiet, and then she spoke. It wasn't that here talking annoyed him it was just he didn't feel like talking now, it was still awkward between the two of them. Again realizing he was being a jerk he opened the book which was also enchanted to be a map which had their safe houses on them.

    "It is going to take up at least a day and a half to get there maybe two," he told her before closing the book. Continuing in he thought of how good it would feel to take a shower. He had thought about finding a river and washing away some of the grim but he didn't want to tell Lenore, and if she came looking for him like he knew she would it would be awkward.

    The safe houses were all abandoned cabins, all of them were semi updated. They all had a fully working kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms perfect for them, one of the four safe houses only had one bed room and he couldn't remember if it was this one or not.
  12. "Thank goodness, I don't think I can handle another week without being able to take a shower," she muttered under her breath. She continued following after him, her black combat boots crunching the leaves underfoot. Her jeans were tattered, holes ripped in the knees, and the cuffs were tucked inside her boots to keep them from getting in the way if she ever needed to run. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt, and she had a black leather jacket stuffed in her backpack in case she got cold.

    She lapsed into silence, slipping her hand into her pocket and fingering the edge of the picture of her and her dad. She missed her dad. She would give anything to be with him again. He knew who her mother was, and he told Lenore just before she went away - her mother was Harmonia, a goddess. Her mother was a goddess. Lenore found that very hard to believe. She didn't feel like she was half goddess. She was always getting picked on, taken advantage of, looked over. If she was half-goddess, shouldn't things like that not happen?

    As she was lost in thought, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, and a result her foot got caught in a root and she went sprawling to the forest floor. She yelped, wincing as she hopped back to her feet, unable to put pressure on her foot. Not good. Not good. She knew if she asked Xavier to heal her foot it'd make him mad, as healing always drains him, so she just continued walking, limping heavily and her face screwed up in a grimace of pain. Of course this just had to happen. Of course.

    You're such a klutz, Lenore. What the heck is your problem?
  13. Xavier continued the path keeping alert for any monsters that might attack them. He wondered if there were other demigods out there. He knew there were others but he didn't know who they are or where they were, it was by chance that he and Lenore had met.

    She was trying to charm a Cyclopes when it turned on her. That was the first of many times he had saved the girl's life. Hearing a thud behind him he turned around and saw the girl in her face. "You okay?" He asked.

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  14. She wanted to say yes, that she was fine and they should keep moving, but she knew if he caught her lying it would only cause conflict. So she decided to tell the truth - conflict was inevitable, so she might as well be honest. "I twisted my ankle," she said, managing to hold back another grimace.

    Lenore had always been a bit of a klutz. Her ADHD didn't help matters, either. Though, if it counted at all, she didn't trip when it mattered. Like when she was fighting off a monster, or trying to convince someone not to kill them - then, somehow, her klutziness just... disappeared.

    "I'm sorry, I just kind of... tripped."

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  15. Seriously? Xavier thought as the girl told him she had tripped and now he had to heal her stupid ankle. Kneeling down he grabbed her ankle a little more forceful than he should. He then concentrated and felt the ankle heal.

    "There, now let's get moving," he told the girl. He then got back up and walked in the direction of the safe house. About an hour had passed by which meant at least they were closer to the safe house....and a nice warm shower.

    He assumed the girl would go ahead of him and use most of the hot water up, but a shower would be a shower. As they continued on he saw a river and had the urge to jump in but knew that wasn't a good idea.

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  16. Lenore mutters another muffled "sorry," before continuing to follow Xavier.

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    Once it started to get dark Xavier announced they would stop for the day. He pulled out the cloth and turned it into a tent. Luckily these tents couldn't be seen and detected by monsters or they would have to be on guard duty during the night.

    He managed to find a small apple tree and took some if the better apples. Giving Lenore a few he sat down on a nearby tree stump and ate his apples. This time he didn't eat like a savage as apples are easier to eat than meat with no silverware.
  19. Lenore thanks him for the apples, and eats silently. She finishes one of them, and then sets up her tent, far enough away from Xavier's so as not to bother them, but close enough to be safe in case of an attack. Once she was finished setting up the tent, she sat back down on the forest floor and continued eating.

    "I think I've still got some crackers in my bag, if you want some," Lenore said, taking another bite of apple. "You know, from last week when we found the abandoned campsite?"

    She took her backpack off, beginning to rummage around it in.
  20. Some crackers would be nice, but he didn't want to take them from Lenore. He knew he shouldn't feel like this, but he couldn't help it. The girl always wanted to befriend their enemies and was always hurting herself.

    The girl was kind and caring and just wanted harmony, how could he be against that? "No, I'm good, but're a good.....friend," he said looking at the ground instead of her. This was huge for him to give her a compliment and didn't want her to make a big deal of it.