Demented: Bright Minds and Dark Days

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  1. You.

    You know what you are.

    Creator of universes, destroyer of worlds, influencer of lives, controller of events, manipulator of reality.

    But you also know what you are branded as. Outcast. Rebel. Problem. Disgrace. Burden. Freak.

    They call you intelligent and give you as many rights as a slave. Half praise you while others envy you, all of them rejecting you from what they perceive as 'normal'.

    Well, you're not normal. Never were. Never have been. Never wanted to be. And you're proud of that fact. You don't fit in with the masses, the masses are idiots and conformists. In a society of perfect squares you are the circle, the untrimmed thought bubble they can't quite shape into a piece of the grey puzzle they naively refer to as 'life'. You are better, in many ways, but you also have your flaws. Their constant rejection of your importance has been nurturing something in you.


    What once was a pure spirit of free will and creativity has been warped into something dark, both kind towards your fellows and cruel towards your torturers. Hate has manifested itself in you, and you need a place to release your dark impulses. So you imagine dark, evil worlds in your free time.

    Little did you know you would one day join your sinister machinations, along with everyone else like you and theirs. This new realm, aptly named the Darktwist, is a world created of the collective dark desires of the minds of those like you. Hatred is a powerful thing.

    But can you escape before your own darkness consumes you?
    Alright, so, basically, you're a troubled teen with a vast imagination, but have always been rejected by the normal people. Bullied, scorned by those you look up to, you never really fit in, you've always looked at things differently, questioned the things they tell you not to. The constant mental abuse turned you 'dark', created a section of your imagination in which you can commit all atrocity without punishment. These parts of the imaginations of teens like you have formed together in an alternate universe to create a planet known as Darktwist, a world of blood rituals, torture devices, horrifying creatures, all evil thought made flesh. But the darkness of this world is hungry, and bringing it's creators under it's control will make them never forget it, and thus keep it alive. Can you escape your own hatred before it's too late?
  2. It seems like an interesting concept... XS I guess I'm in, drawn in by new territory o-o
  3. Intriguing
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