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images.jpg Okegawa usui the well known feared banchou , top deliquent of midori high trudged past the hallways bandaged up coming up from yet another fight , as he walked past the hallways the his ears picking up the silent whispers and murmurs by the other students present nearby who averted their gazes away slightly cowering in fear as he passed by . He stopped in his steps heaving out a rather usual soft sigh making the whole student body present their slightly jolt stepping back whispering softly among themselves wondering why the juvenile sophomore stopped , he closed his eye's as he pulled out his hand from his tattered pockets reahing out to rub is neck as he let out another sigh , without uttering or averting his gaze anywhere he bluntly started walking ahead .
•Lydia Martin•

Lydia was simply only one of the few timid, nerdy girls around the school. Occasionally picked on but usually left alone, hidden in the shadows of the school. She was hurrying in the hallway to get to her English literature class, but the hallways were oddly silent, and it seemed like they were anticipating something or-- watching something. Or maybe someone. She shook it off though, people at high schools tended to be stupid and too caught up with insignificant things, as thoughts kept running through her head, she bumped into someone tall and-- hard. Due to her small frame at 5'4" and poor balancing skills, she landed back on her butt with a small squeal. She looked up and found one of the most fearful guys in her school and instantly fear struck her as she noticed how everyone was watching.
The male lulled his head in arrogance turning back to face the person who occasionally had bumped into him , as he swiveled his head he blinked lightly as the slight spark of anger in his mind brushed of as he found a rather small girl with a small frame sprawled against the floor , she was quiet preety he thought to himself as he raised an eyebrow at her before he un intentionally shoved out his hands from his pockets as he reached his hand out to help the female , he was quiet suprised with his action himself as the words slipped out from his mouth " Need a hand " His voice was slightly deep but rather soft .imgres-1.jpg
Lydia grew even more nervous as he turned to her, what had she done? What was she getting herself into? The first thing she thought of is just to apologize and run off, but to her surprise, the male infront of her studied her quite carefully and didn't seem to hold any murderous looks or anything against her. Lydia was about to get up and run off, but Okegawa beat her to it and offered her a hand. His deep, soft voice sent shivers down her spine, and reluctantly she grabbed his hand and pulled herself off the ground.

"I'm-- sorry." She apologized once she was on her feet again, lowering her head slightly in apology.
He slightly raised an eyebrow at the girl before him apoligizing franticly 'so even if i help anyone i would be stilll treated like i am huh ... ' He reached out his hand towards his face covering his mouth as his gaze avereted from he girls as he tilted his head towards the side , he heaved out another sigh as he closed his eyes once again " Sorry .... i cant smile very well ... "


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[I thought this was our one x one? I'm confused]
(I'm confused? Who roleplays this with who?)
@moonstar um no .... i randomly created this please dont say that if you would like it i could make a new thread for you but please dont say that @Nouritta
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No i randomly made this for anyone .... i will make another one for you we could roleplay in that .... could we ? Because im roleplaying with someone here ...
Lydia raised an eyebrow at the male in front of her, confused. Wasn't this the monster everyone was talking about? The mean, troublesome guy? Why was he-- conversing with her? But she couldn't help but giggle at his statement. "Everyone can smile well." She said before smiling up at him. "I need to go to class, thank you." She said before starting to run off again to catch up with her class.
But I thought this thread was for us? That's why you made it? You should've put it in the normal roleplaying section because then it'd be open for everyone.
Okay.. What's going on xD?

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