Deleting Threads: Why Not to Do It!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Astaroth, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. QUICK PSA! Recently we've seen quite a few deleted threads piling up around the forums. While it is always ultimately up to you guys if you want to delete your threads, here are a couple of good reasons NOT to:

    1. You don't need to delete misplaced threads. Moderators can move them to the correct section! It's part of the job of Iwaku Staff to fix these mistakes, so don't hesitate to contact the Staff when you need a thread moved.

    2. Finished or closed roleplays cannot be read by anyone if you delete the thread. Some people like to go back and read old roleplays or may want to retrieve their character sheet or other info. They may also have not had time to read any closing announcements that you may have made before deleting. Deleted threads are only viewable to moderators, so keep that in mind before you delete!
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  2. Has there been an increase in deleted threads recently? Back at the guild, we only ever had threads deleted if they broke a rule, regaurdless of what a thread maker wanted. But the mods weren't rude about it or anything, they moved threads and kept things tidy like they should have, but, we never just deleted threads...
  3. Oh, no, the Staff are not deleting people's threads! This announcement is addressing the MEMBERS who are deleting their OWN threads. Basically the Staff just wants them to know why normally deleting is not necessary or encouraged, because we definitely do not normally delete threads. :]
  4. Ah, well, we couldn't delete threads back there at rpg, we had to have moderators do it. I assumed that was how it worked here... sorry... *shrugs sheepishly* but I do agree, thread deletion should only be if you really HAVE to.
  5. Giving this PSA a bump.
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