Deleting ratings?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Terpsichore, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. I was looking at a post that had been liked, and I clicked on it, to see who had liked it. When I hovered my cursor over their name, a red cross appeared to the left that gave me the option to delete the rating.

    So, I've gone back to a post of mine that someone else had liked. I then clicked the "delete rating" button, it did delete the rating and when I checked my profile page afterwards, I had one less like than I had had before.

    I'm calling it a bug because I can't see why I (and, I presume, other non-moderator people) should be able to delete ratings that were left by others. If it's intentional then I have to wonder why that's the case.
  2. Are you able to delete the ratings off of someone else's post, that wasn't posted by you? That'll help me figure out if it is a bug or a permissions thing.

    You can try and delete one from any of my announcement posts!
  3. Ugh. It took me forever to find a post of yours that someone had liked.

    ...Yeah, I did. Minibit had Loved your first post in the Spambot announcement and I was able to delete it.
  4. yeah that is bads. O_O Okay, I fiddled with some stuff, try to delete another one from that post and see.
  5. I can't delete them any more. Your ratings are safe!
  6. Hurray! Thank you for the bug report!