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    I'm pretty much always searching for a roleplay. So if your searching for one, you only have to ask me. pairings with a :cutie: are the ones I have a plot for and the one's bolded are the one's craving. All I ask is that you pm me!
    Despite my avatar, I am a female roleplayer and I'm looking for new roleplay partners. I'm more into the elementary / intermediate side of the roleplay spectrum or semi literate if you want to be very frank. What that means is I can do along the lines of 4-18 sentences per post so about 2-4 paragraphs or more if I'm getting inspired. I enjoy doing yuri and straight rps and I'm willing to try yaoi and most fandoms of course. However the only thing I will not do is a porn roleplay without a plot or anything that has to do with a parent x a child genre.

    if you wanna do a sex rp, you must be 18 years or older, no acceptions.
    Roleplay Pairings (Historical / Medevil)
    Baron x Baroness
    Baron x Lady of The Court [​IMG]
    Baroness x General
    Geisha x Apprentice Geisha[​IMG]
    Geisha x Time Traveler
    Geisha x Samurai
    Samurai x Forgotten Princess [​IMG]
    Knight x anyone[​IMG]
    princess x anyone
    prince x anyone
    maid x anyone
    rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom[​IMG]
    master x slave
    pregnant baroness x slave[​IMG]
    Knight x anyone
    princess x anyone
    prince x anyone
    maid x anyone

    master x slave
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Samurai x Female Samurai
    Samurai x Female General
    Solider x Captain
    Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
    Solider x Wounded Solider
    Recruiting Solider x War Hero
    Princess x Prisoner
    Pirate x Governor's Daughter
    Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
    Mail order bride x husband
    mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)[​IMG]
    Roleplay Pairings (Fantasy)
    Vampire x Anything
    Demon x Anything
    Werewolf x Anything
    Siren x Anything
    Phoenix x Anything[​IMG]
    Elf / Dark Elf x Anything
    Centaur x Anything[​IMG]
    Angel / Dark Angel x Anything
    dragon rider x dragon
    dragon rider x injured dragon / human half breed[​IMG]
    dragon rider x dragon rider [​IMG]
    siren x rockband
    experiment x militairy professional or scientist or other experiment
    clockwork angel x scientist [​IMG]
    clockwork princess x demonic prince [​IMG]

    elemental x elemental
    anthro x human
    anthro x anthro
    anthro x anthro (arranged marriage)
    older vampire x fledgling [​IMG]
    vampire slave x human master
    Phoenix x hunter / huntress [​IMG]
    (sickly) princess x vampire healer [​IMG]
    Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    Victorian Woman x Werewolf
    Victorian Woman x Vampire
    Gypsy x Demon [​IMG]
    woman transforming into a dog / demon / vampire x captor
    demonic woman x dream demon [​IMG]
    time traveler x companion
    demon x woman trapped in a dream [​IMG]
    anthro fox x mate
    demon x mate
    Roleplay Pairings (Modern)
    Celebrity x Celebrity
    Celebrity x Manager [​IMG]
    Well known Celebrity x Unknown Manager [​IMG]

    bandmembers [​IMG]
    guitarist x singer
    guitarist x new lead singer [​IMG]
    mail order bride x new husband
    principal's daughter x rebel boy
    principal's daughter x gang member
    circus performer x circus performer [​IMG]
    worn down musician x aspiring musican [​IMG]
    photographer x model [​IMG]
    bride x soon to be husband

    doctor x anything
    nurse x anything
    adoption [​IMG]
    teacher x student
    arranged marriage [​IMG]
    hard working dancer x strict teacher [​IMG]

    Actress x Actress
    Actress x Retired Actor
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x Therapist [​IMG]
    Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
    Idol x Rockstar [​IMG]
    Rockstar x Female Rockstar
    Female Rockstar x Choreographer [​IMG]
    Female Rockstar x Long time Friend [​IMG]
    Rockstar x Band MemberBoss x Intern
    Employee x Employee
    Blind Girl x Blind Date
    Model x Photographer [​IMG]
    Ice Skater x Ice Skater

    Ice Skater x Model
    Ice Skater x Manager [​IMG]
    Fashion Designer x Model. [​IMG]

    Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life [​IMG]
    Loan shark/Victim
    Rival Mafia's kids
    Photographer x Bride [​IMG]
Experiment X Scientist
    College Student x Professor [​IMG]
    Boarding School Roommates
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Psychiatrist x Patient
    Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
    Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
    Boss x Secretary
    druggie x druggie
    alcoholic x alcoholic
    dying x friend
    recovering from something x friend
    street fighter x street fighter [​IMG]
    drug dealer x addict
    doctor x nurse
    doctor x patient
    therapist x patient
    physical therapist x patient [​IMG]
    newly physically ill x friend
    prostitute x drug dealer
    Escort x Woman in an Arranged Marriage [​IMG]
    Escort x Woman who is engaged
    Escort x Drug Dealer's Daughter
    Woman trapped in a sex plot x son of the kidnapper [​IMG]
    kidnapped woman used for sex x kidnapper's son.

    Hibiki Emporium
    Black Butler
    [I can play: Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois]
    [I can play: Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo]
    Fruits Basket
    Love Stage
    Show By Rock
    Uta no prince Sama
    Ouran High School Club

    [I can play: Tamaki and Kyoya]
    Movies and Books

    The Devil Wears Parada
    Hunger Games

    Studio Ghibli
    Harry Potter
    Rise of the Guardians
    Greys Anatomy
    Percy Jackson and The Olympians

    Video Games

    Final Fantasy Series
    .hack series
    Dragon age series
    Pregnancy Paradise (Pairings and Ideas)
    So since a lot of people don't like to see, pregnancy and mpreg plots, I've decided to add my own tab, that has only pregnancy infromation, that way if people don't like it, they don't have to see it. Mpreg is fine as well as the ideas become a yuri

    Pregnant woman x husband
    pregnant woman x wife
    pregnant woman x slave
    pregnant vampiress x human slave [​IMG]
    pregnant woman x gang member [​IMG]
    pregnant woman x gang boss
    pregnant woman x werewolf who saves her
    pregnant woman who gets kidnapped x kidnapper's son
    pregnant woman x gang member who saves her [​IMG]
    pregnant woman x vampire who saves her
    pregnant woman x werewolf who saves her
    pregnant baroness x slave
    pregnant baroness x vampire companion (dark romance) [​IMG]
    dragon rider x pregnant dragon queen
    breeder x bred
    scientist x pregnant experiment [​IMG]
    pregnant woman x gang member coming to her rescue [​IMG]

    pregnant woman from a rival gang x rival gang member's boss
    pregnant bride x soon to be husband [​IMG]
    pregnant bridesmaid x ex boyfriend

    Bride to be x Pregnant Maid of Honor

    surrogate mother x neko

    ideas (updating soon)

    Animal Rps
    Horses [​IMG]
    Wolves [​IMG]

    Unrelated Ideas (Special Plots)

    Cyber Dancer x Modern Dancer [​IMG]
    Robotic Woman x scientist
    Steam Punk Pirate x Princess
    Gypsy x Steam Punk Prince [​IMG]
    Japanese Sleeping Beauty x Modern Day Samurai [​IMG]
    Horse Trainer x Centaur [​IMG]
    Dancer x Vampire [​IMG]
    Spring Princess x Winter Prince [​IMG]
    Winter Princess x Fall Prince [​IMG]
    Cyberpunk Beauty and The Beast [​IMG]

    Vampiress x Gypsy
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  2. Project Life

    She always thought she wouldn't have kids. She was too ugly and too weak to have them. One night while she looked up at the night sky something slams right into her stomach causing her to faint. She is transfered into an underground empire. Looking around she realized that she has become of a special Alien project known as Project life. A twisted score of people who have found away to make human life grow from robots. On her first day she meets scientist named _______ who is surprised to see her in such a strange condition. That become talking and soon become close friends. But what happens when a virus breaks out and all scientists are forced to kill their robot companions will he do it or leave her alone

    Stylist Heart

    She was special the hairstylist with the voice. She would sing while cutting people's hair or just having fun off of work. One night deciding to be bold for once she enters a contest but she needs to thing of a name for herself. She calls herself the Stylist Heart and soon becomes a popular musician appearing on Tv and on Radio. But what happens when one of her coworkers discovers her secret will he blurt it out to the world or leave it hidden?

    The Girl From The Storm

    People are always wondering why a beautiful young woman had vanished into the sea during a storm. She wasn't doing anything wrong the sea just swallowed her up. Her boyfriend however is now wondering the same thing and decides to do something about it. One evening when he is walking down the beach he noticed seaweed tangled around someone a slender girl with long green hair and the same eye color as his one lover. The guy decides (( he is obsessed with stories about maidens from the ocean)) to take the girl home and take care of her. While she is recovering for her the guy realizes he is falling hard and strong for her. Will he forget his once true love and move on or will we drop her and wait for his lover

    Reversed or Reborn

    The roles in the story are reversed. The once noble thief is now royalty and dreads the palace life. She loves thieving and getting her own way but things haven't gone right for the auburn haired beauty. During a late afternoon hunting trip with her knights she is robbed by a male thief named _____ who soon becomes injured from her men. The princess decides to take home and ask him about the treasures he has seen but what happens when the once proud princess if falling for the charming thief

    A Frozen Heart

    She was the girl with the golden eyes. The girl with the fragile body but a strong heart. She had been stuck in a wheelchair since she was six years old. It scared her that she wouldn't be able to follow her dreams of being a skater. But that all changed when she met him. He was the jock at her school the boy that every girl loved and one night when the met at a party he admitted something to her. He liked her. So these two who defined the odds help the girl achieve her dream of walking but what happens when the other girls try to knock her down

    Forget Who You Are or Forget Me

    She always loved him but he never her they wasted their time arguing and slamming doors in each other's faces. She used to cry herself to sleep in the pillow and then wake up in his arms. He kept apologizing to her until one night it was all used up. 4 months past since that fateful night and things take a dangerous turn for the boy. He is now the rebel child. He drinks and smokes and stays out for hours on end and not even his sister who used to change his world can stop him. One night while she is out with her girlfriend she sees him sort of drunk and sitting down under the lampost with a gun to his head. Will the girl save him or let him fade into her memories

    The Truth Is

    The girl with the rebels edge. Always smiling always laughing but she has a hidden past in her life. The guy is with is a total jerk and everyone knows it but her. She just says its part of his personality and she adores that about him. But a friend of her knows that not's the case. When the guy finally has a chance to comfort her friend. He asks her what the real problem and she explains. If she ever broke up with him. He would kill her since she's a vampire. Will the friend be scared or will he help her get through this

    Lovers and Fighters

    He was the one everyone cared about until he died. She found him laying their on the ground with a bullet wound in his chest. She had cried over him for many years. But things didn't seem to make
    sense. The next day she meets a guy at her workplace and he seems the same way as the guy who died besides the guy's eye color. The guy and the girl get to talking and they find out their are very similar but different. One night the girl tells him about her friend and he bursts out laughing saying that he is right their beside her but a vampire. How will the girl react?

    _________________ is a girl who has beaten too many times by all her boyfriends. From the nicest sweethearts who turn to be he most sadist men in the business world. She now works as a nurse for a part time job and finds herself falling hard and fast for her assistant.A young man who is about 3 years older then she is. During the time they spent together he tries to make her open up about herself and she soon does. But will this abused angel fall hard for the charming prince.

    Things in royal families never turn out right. Two girls one with the eyes of a demon and the other with the eyes of an angel come together in perfect harmony or so it seems. The demon girl is cruel and devilish and enjoys teasing the haunting young man who choose to come to the parties she has every century. One night however the angel falls in love with a prince who has fallen for not the demon but the angel's charms. Will the two fantasies combine or will they fight over the true prince of the world

    A boy and a girl have hated each other since the 1st grade and it has been going on for more then 5 years. One night during the winter when they are up in the mountains during the winter break. The boy crashes the truck in a snow down cave and the girl decides to go look for him since she is kind of worried about him. She travels down the road finding him in the cave with a badly injured leg and a terrible fever. With a blizzard on the way will the girl stay with her rival or leave him

    Close your eyes and feel your soul but don't be lost. A young woman is found wandering the streets of Rome with nothing on but a white dress and burn marks covering her legs and shoulder. She was abandoned or so it seems. A vampire nickname the dream prince finds her after he smells the young woman's attractive blood and soon form a dangerous bond. But what happens when other vampires as well as hunters are after this seductive prize
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  6. the only fandom I'm interested in doing is Dragon Age, nothing else, unless you convince me.
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  11. I want active partners, not one who just up off and leave me after one message, if you're going to do that, then don't ask to roleplay with me.
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