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Genre: Space Saga SciFi
Rating: R Allowing opportunity for content!
Atmosphere/Mood: Dangerous, adventurous, thrilling!
Posting Expectations: Post regularly and consistently. If you go missing longer than a week, characters might leave you behind. You will be able to catch up!

Liyao is a peaceful planet, but it lost it's king just over a year ago. Lorgunan, one of the members of the Planetary Parliament did his thing and "went to help" - only, Lorgunan has actually been taking over small troubled planets to add to his secret army. Princess Katarin realized she was being tricked, but it was too late. By then, Lorgunan already had complete control of her government. He then tried to blackmail her, by threatening to murder the young and innocent people if she didn't play the part as his Figurehead and continue to speak to the galaxy on his behalf. He knew that without Katarin's word, the people of Liyao would not listen, and soon Parliament would know the truth.

Yet, the people of Liyao are not stupid. They know trouble when they see it. A rebellion has formed out in the system. Connecting together other damned planets Lorgunan had taken and destroyed. A rescue attempt was tried and succeeded - Yet, now Lorgunan is painting the rebels as kidnappers and terrorists! He intends to make sure Katarin never gets word to Parliament and that the rebels are destroyed before they ruin his reputation and plans.<br><Br>

You are a member of the rebellion. You might be a loyalist to Liyao, you might be a traitor and work for Lorgunan. Perhaps you are from outside the system, a refugee from another planet. But one thing is for sure, it's one hell of a bumpy ride!

We'll be using the "mini bio" template, but you are welcome to use something more detailed if you desire! There are only humans in this universe!

[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: [/noparse]
I am playing Katarin, Canada and Myst.

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Character Name: Cinnamon "Cinna" Lawrencia
[Prounouced LAW-REN-SHA]
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Food & Supplies /Undercover Spy
Age: 17
General Appearance:
She's always got to look her best if she's going to do her best; Cinnamon always insists on looking the part of the main character when you're planning to sabotage the show. She has dirty blonde hair that falls in ringlets around her shoulders and maroonish-brown colored eyes. She's always dressed casually with a little twist of her own. Her favourite set is a lilac-pink tanktop, darkwash-jean capris, a pair of sandals, her mp3, a shoulder purse and a little hair accessory. She takes a decent amount of time on her appearance, usually has a layer of eyeliner and a sparkly pink lipgloss on.
Current Goal/Purpose: To infiltrate Liyao's top rebellion bases & report information to Lorgunan, but all Cinnamon really wants is to have some fun and cause some trouble.
General Personality: The first thing most people notice about Cinnamon is that she's absolutely obnoxious. She's so full of herself that she doesn't step out of her little bubble to give a damn about anyone else. She's to the point, scaldingly rude and careless, but she has some pretty awesome powers of persuasion. She's been trained to be clever and sneaky, but her friendliness might need a little touch up. She's like make-up, really, it looks all pretty and stylish, but it's really just a cover-up of deception. Cinnamon struggles to put up an independent front, attempting to crush the last bit of goodness in herself because of the guilt her occupation entails from it.
General History: As a child, Lorgunan was one of Cinnamon's number one idols. He was ruthless, clever and brutal, taking what and when he pleased. Somewhere in the middle of six siblings, Cinnamon always felt ignored and bullied. She hated her parents for having so many kids and she hated her siblings for being so irritating. All the things she wanted were forbidden just because she was supposed to act more 'mature' than her younger siblings and was required to 'respect' her elder brothers and sisters. These feelings developed into a deep hatred towards her famiy members. That fateful day when the Lawrencias were moving from their destroyed planet to the Rebellion forefront of Liyao, Cinnamon attempted to run away. She escaped her parents, but was captured by Lorgunan's soldiers. The spunky little girl managed to convince them that she'd run off to join his forces and slipped into their ranks. She was trained as a spy and sent back to Liyao in search of information.


Character Name: Aimee Miyako
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Co-Pilot & Flight Monitor
Keeps track of radar, fuel levels, flight condition, etc
Age: 17
General Appearance:
Aimee has medium-length, straight black hair and hazel eyes (more brown than green). She's been quoted to saying that she wants dark red highlights in her hair. She's not too tall and not too short, either and has an athletic build. Her dressing style is a little brighter than her overall disposition. Bright colors against pastel hues to give a cheery, but soft color combination. Puff sleeved tops, full sleeved shirts and layered skirts to go with leggings, and boots or sneakers. She styles her hair in simple ways, mostly with a small colored accessory to match her clothes. She does not take too much time on her appearance, but often looks nice and neat. Once in a while, you'll see a pair of earrings, but there's one thing you'll never see her without -- It's that silver chain necklace with a ring as a pendant. The ring is silver, some writing is etched into the inner ring and a pink flower is at the center of the top with green leaves around it and green vines travelling up the sides of the outer ring.
Current Goal/Purpose: To be of service to the rebellion, to meet Princess Katarin, to kill Lorgunan, to find her loved one.
General Personality: No one knew who she was until she stepped up to the challenge of being the Rebellion's youngest Co-Pilot and she might just have preferred the former, after all. She silenced her critics with her intial plantery mission successes and remained at the top of her game. Despite her fame, Aimee is utterly misunderstood. She is assumed to be a silent, brooding teenage prodigy, when in fact she does not aim to be anti-social. Most of the time, Aimee does prefer solitude to company, but that is only because she'd rather be left with her thoughts. She's a keen observer, unconditionally kind, highly emotional & is struggling to be a little more talkative to prove that she isn't as silent as people assume. There's something sad about Aimee when she's not working hard at duty or burdening a responsibility, some sadness in her eyes when she's sitting by herself, daydreaming. It's as though there's something that she can't forget, something that always tugs her conscience when her mind is clear of anything else.
General History: Only a few people really know where Aimee comes from. And even those lucky few have no idea about who her family was or where and how she grew up, but Aimee herself will never forget. She grew up on Plant Florushia, in a solar system paralell to that of Liyao's. It was a bright, cheerful plant, much like Earth in it's season of Spring, but that was before Lorgunan and his forces came and brought havoc and destruction to the delicate balance that was Florushia's beauty. Aimee was only a young girl then, the kind of child that frolicks through fields of flowers and chases butterflies in her idle time, but what she saw of Lorgunan's brutality completed changed her. The talkative, bubbly child became quiet, her bright eyes became orbs of sorrow as she watched the suffering of her fellow people, but Aimee did not give up hope.

She struggled to find a way for Florushia to stay on it's feet; she was part of Florushia's own rebellion. That was where she met him. He was one Liyao's strongest. A young man who had come to Florushia to give good news of Liyao's Rebellion. It was the day that Florushia joined Liyao's alliance against Lorgunan that he had promised they would always be together, but things took a different turn. He was forced to send her, undercover as a civillian with serveral groups of refugees from Florushia to Liyao's stronghold. Their pretense as civillian refugees would give them some leeway from Lorgunan's main forces in the vicinity. When Aimee first arrived in Liyao, she had searched desperately for him, but she could never find him or gain any word of him. The only reminder she had of him was the silver ring with the pink rose and green petals entwined around it. She slipped into a chain and wore it in her neck. She has never taken it off. It was after about a month that Aimee's fighting spirit found itself again.

Although she was scarred with the bloody memories of the massacres in Florushia and it's own rebellion, she struggled to find her place in Liyao. She managed to, after quite a bit of studying, qualify for and achieve the status of the youngest Co-Pilot in the Rebellion. It was from there she planned to assist the Rebellion in defeating Lorgunan. She knew she wasn't the only one that had seen and lost so much & that made her want to crumble Lorgunan's regime even more.
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