Deep Within [Infinitude Cosmogenesis x Whispering Willows]

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    Eleanora Riswald




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    Upon the Space Trade Port of Sierra, stood a long and elegant sailor proudly brandishing her new "Ship Owners" Badge that the furnishing center gave out when you paid for a new spaceship. And Eleanora of course would buy a brand new ship for the delivery of a lifetime!
    The reason she could afford such a nice ship was that her buyer in the next trade port over, was a rich socialite, whom paid Eleanora 10,000 Spaciu ahead of time to make sure she could safely deliver a precious gem or object of somesort. Eleanora really had no clue what it was, all she knew was that it was valuable and it paid a mighty fine price from her buyer: 1,000,000 Spaciu. She could settle down after that! She would let nothing ruin her chance at getting this win.

    But unfortunately, Eleanora had one minor setback. She didn't know how to captain a ship on her own, and she needed an able crew and captain to pilot her ship to the trade port Quasi where her buyer would await the gem or object or whatever it was. So, in the time she was waiting for her ship to be done furnishing, she gathered up a motley crew of recruiters and was now undergoing tests for them to pass for them to acquire entry on her ship. Of course, Eleanora had high standards for such a high price.
    She would definitely pick the best crew and captain, she could feel it in her bones.
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    Seated there within the small crowd of people with the tests and the like in front of her, Amalia seemed so very out of place among the adults. Being the youngest person there was quite the achievement, though she did not know how the owner of the ship would take to her... Costume. It was rather unique, in all honesty, but it did beckon the question: Was she actually any good?

    Such a question would soon be answered, as she placed her completed test within the scanner, which found her to be the highest mark of the day so far, a 98/100. Such a thing couldn't have been mere coincidence, and she wasn't able to hack or change her mark in terms of the machine, so one would have to take the mark and her word for it. For now, Amalia walked over to the small group of people who had gotten higher than 90, with hers being the highest.

    "Hello, team! Nice to see you all here!" She spoke so happily, even if her voice sounded like she was 25 rather than 17. It did not matter for much however, as everyone seemed rather astonished and well, a little uncomfortable around the one who had applied for being the captain - the rest had chosen other jobs. "What? Can't handle a girl as your captain or something?"
    "No, no, it's not that... You just look like you've just been to one of those conventions, with the cosplay and all." The rest of the group started laughing, and well, Amalia did too, somewhat. With a sigh, she simply left them where they were, walking up to the woman who appeared to be the owner of the ship.
    "Excuse me? I'd like to speak with you, if that's alright. I'm the only one to apply for captain, so does that make me such? If not, I can always do navigation..." That was where she messed up, two points shy of a full mark. This day was certainly going to be an interesting one, when Eleanora turned around...​
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    Eleanor had heard a young woman's voice sound from behind her and she quickly turned on her heel and gazed into the eyes of a young girl. She raised a slender brow at the girl and shrugged, the woman must of been her seeing as there was no one around. She gazed over the costume that the girl was wearing and smirked.
    "Are you going to a party? Are you sure you are fit enough to be captain of my prestigious ship? I want only the best- yes you may have gotten the highest score, m'dear, but that doesn't mean you are ready to go on such an expedition." She scoffed and folded her arms over her chest.

    For a moment or two she tapped her foot weighing her options of this girl. She did get the highest marks, and she was the only one to apply for captain...BUT she looked completely ridiculous in that outfit and she was rather young. Eleanora thought for but a moment longer and decided.
    "You will be captain, I have someone for navigation, thank you. But, you will be on constant surveillance from me, do you understand? If you mess up once I'm dropping you off the nearest asteroid. " She chuckled and proceeded to turn around.
  4. "Y'know I could just as easily fly into a seventh grade black hole if you'd like. I'd like to think that what I'm wearing won't hamper your menial job, to be honest with you. I was the one who discovered one of the planets on the way to the current destination, but no, you can't really see beyond ridiculous outfits and the like, can you?" The captain scoffed also, turning her back to the woman as she did to her. This was going off to a flying start! Or so she thought. With a sigh, Amalia walked back to the people who would be her crew, beginning to chat with them to get a better feel for who she would be working with.

    "I'm guessing the lady just loved your outfit, right?" The navigator chuckled lightly, patting Amalia on the shoulder before he shook his head. "Alright, alright. So, you're our captain - costume or no, I'm assuming you know how to run the ship."
    "Of course I do, else why would I be here, applying for a job no one else applied for? It's like being a captain is too hard for the common folk..." The girl smiled somewhat, and the Kitcheneer shook her head.
    "Nay, we're just a wee bit shite with responsibility. We're all children at 'eart, ma'am." This made everyone in the group chuckle, and before long the positions were all filled up. Twelve crew, it seemed, to be able to traverse the stars once more in a brand new ship. Amalia just hoped that this ship had adequate weaponry and shielding, else she would become the cannon itself.​
  5. Gathering up all the paperwork from the sign-up. Eleanora cleared her throat as she turned 'round to her twelve members of the crew.
    "G'day, folks! I'm so glad that all twelve of you have passed the tests and are in your proper categories! I would like to start our mission as soon as possible, and with the help of our lovely captain-" Glances at the papers and starts again. "-With the help of our lovely captain, Amalia, we can hopefully steer straight to the next trade port and deliver the cargo in which is so precious to our buyer. " She looked up from her papers and smiled eagerly at her crew.

    "Also, since you all were so gracious to come and sign up I am willing to split the earnings of this drive equally between each of my crew members. So please, work your hardest and I'm sure we will get along fine."
    Eleanora began to grab the essential things and she beckoned the crew out to one of the landing docks. There docked was a magnificent white ship with the letters E.B painted upon it's side.
    "Please come aboard the E.B and prepare to sail! We should get going in precisely twenty minutes." She said checking a small pocket watch from her frock.
  6. The twelve of them seemed to be impressed by the generosity of Eleanora, and Amalia was the first to walk along and board the magnificent ship before her. She was awed by it, having been used to things that were either subpar or hardly workable, not to say that she didn't enjoy what she flew, rather, she didn't enjoy having to fix it at every stop. This, though, seemed utterly sweet in her eyes.
    "Wow... Look at this thing." She muttered as the Kitcheneer was just as awed.
    "Tis impressive, I'd 'ave to say." The crew soon boarded, loading on the necessary equipment they'd need for the journey which lay ahead. Amalia only had a single suitcase, and she carried it onboard.

    For now, things seemed so ready for action, as the captain seated herself within the chair which held dominance over the cockpit, before she gazed over to the woman who owned the ship. "I have to ask, milady, are you ready for this journey? Surely it's rather exciting and all, but at the end of the day, this is still a job for most of the people on board."
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