Deep Space Nine: The Federation Frontier

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  1. The War Zone


    Once a beautiful garden of a world, a jewel in the firmament, it is now scarred and war-torn, its resources stripped, and its population traumatized, demoralized and decimated by long years spent under the crushing heel of the Cardassians, in a sixty-year occupation.

    Their saving grace is a strange one. A stable wormhole leading into the Gamma Quadrant has been discovered. The paupers are now rich. And the Federation that stood aside and allowed their world to be plundered has suddenly found reason to come to Bajor's aid.

    The Space Station

    Originally built by the Cardassians and named Terok Nor, the station was built by Bajoran slave labor and used as a processing station for uridium ore. When the Cardassians left Bajor, they stripped the station down to minimum usability, knowing the Federation was coming to take residence. Dirty, decrepit and barely functional, the station—renamed Deep Space Nine—is now a frontier outpost in one of the most troubled areas in the Alpha Quadrant. There is continual friction with the Cardassian Union, and some of the beings that emerge from the wormhole are bizarre and even threatening.

    Welcome... to Deep Space Nine.

    Deep Space Nine: The Federation Frontier is a game set in the Star Trek universe. It is based on Deep Space Nine, but elements from other Star Trek series are welcome if plausible reason for their presence can be explained. My intention is to hold closely though not rigidly to Trek canon: if it could potentially exist in the Trekverse, I am willing to give original technologies and ideas a reasonable chance.

    Rules Of Engagement
    1. Character Biographies are a necessity. They don't need to be overpoweringly long (in fact, I prefer they not be), but I do need to know what capabilities your character possesses. The biography template follows.

    2. As mentioned above... I will be holding fairly close but not rigidly to canon. I am willing to allow original characters and even races if they make sense with the Trekverse.

    3. Be reasonable with not just your characters but also such matters as ship design and other technologies.

    4. There is only one race I am not allowing at this time and that is beings from the Q Continuum. Just too powerful... my apologies.

    5. Canon characters are open for play, but do please reply in this thread to claim them. Might suck to have like twelve Siskos.

    Biography Template


    -Physical Information-
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos:

    Area Of Residence/Ship/Other Habitat:
    Battle Attacks & Defenses:
    Mundane Skills/Talents:
    Psionic or Other Paranormal Abilities:
    All Special Items Of Interest:

    -Background Information-

  2. Claiming Jadzia Dax. I shall have a sheet up tonight or tomorrow!
  3. Rawk on! Since she's a canon and we know who the hell she is... I'd say you can play even before the bio is up.
  4. Name: Gul Kevros Torak (nickname: the Dragon Gul)
    Race/Species: Cardassian
    Profession/Class/Rank: Gul (equivalent to Captain, by Federation rank)
    Alignment: CLASSIFIED
    -Physical Information-
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appears to be in his early thirties, but could be much older as age is hard to gage in Cardassians—especially the males.
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 265—powerfully muscular
    Hair Color: Raven black, worn in a long braid, well past his hips when loose
    Eye Color: Vivid emerald green
    Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Kevros Torak is considered to be extremely handsome even to many who would not usually find Cardassians attractive. His facial features are elegant and even his scaling has something of a refinement to it. He has a strange reticulated pattern of scales of green, black and gold that trails down the back of his neck, not unlike the markings of a ball python.

    ~Personal Data~

    Family/Lineage: The Torak family, an old and esteemed family from Culat City
    Area Of Residence/Ship/Other Habitat: The Galor class battleship Raajoth

    Attire/Weaponry/Armor: Gul Torak's uniform is a little different than that of most other Cardassian officers. It is far more form-fitting and conducive to movement, looking like partially-armored fighting leathers. His insignia, rather than appearing on the breastplate of the armor, appears on his left arm. This armor has significant energy deflection properties—even a heavy stun or a kill shot from a phaser or disruptor might not put him down.

    Battle Attacks & Defenses: Gul Torak is as strong as he looks, and has mastered more than one form of unarmed combat as well as being extremely proficient with weapons that range between small blades, through old gunpowder-fired slugthrowers up to the heaviest of man-portable energy weapons. The Gul came up to his rank through not the normal Cardassian Orders, but through the Surface-Tactical Marines—among the most feared fighters in the galaxy. Their training enables them to survive in any number of hostile situations and environments, much as the Navy SEALS of this century do. This man is considered perhaps the most physically-tough and potentially-deadly in all the Cardassian Union, and even Legates and Guls of far higher rank do not cross him lightly.

    Mundane Skills/Talents: Gul Torak loves music of all types, and in a better galaxy, might never have joined the military at all. His musical talent is as phenomenal as his skill in combat. He seems to have a much, much better sense of hearing than most of his people, and his voice has an eight-octave range. He possesses absolute pitch and rhythm, and dances as well as he sings and plays. It takes him only a few minutes of experimenting with any musical instrument before he will acquire at least a passing proficiency, though strings and drums are the quickest on his learning curve.

    Psionic or Other Paranormal Abilities: All Cardassians are trained in resisiting such things as Vulcan mind-melds and other psionic ability. Gul Torak has had even more extensive training in such matters, to the degree that even an adept like Lwaxana Troi or another powerful Betazoid would not be able to enter his mind without his allowing it.

    All Special Items Of Interest: Gul Torak tends to collect musical instruments and has a massive collection of them. He also collects weapons, from the archaic to the exotic, primitive to cutting-edge. One of the stranger possessions he possesses, however, is a map etched in a thin sheet of pure jevonite, a precious stone native to Cardassia Prime. This map hangs in the Gul's ready room aboard the Raajoth. He has spoken of what it represents to only one known individual: Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard has sworn to keep its secrets.

    Another item of interest is the Raajoth herself. This vessel has a similar hull type to that of other Galor-class battleships, but it is suspected to be composed of a different metallic alloy. Rather than the amber of other ships of this class, the ship is a flat black that tends to blend into the starfield in direct visual contact, and is also hard to pick up on radar, scan or other monitoring equipment. There are rumors that the Raajoth is the fastest vessel in all the Cardassian Union, and that she possesses weapons that would make her a match for even a Galaxy-class Federation ship.

    Weaknesses: The Dragon Gul's weakness is his loyalty and extremely strict code of ethics. Unlike most Cardassians, he has never been known to lie or prevaricate. His word is his bond, and once his loyalty is placed in another person, only the most profound of betrayal will turn him away. He can be idealistic and occasionally overconfident.

    History: Gul Kevros Torak was born to Mirilai and Adathon Torak, both professors at the University of Culat, in Culat City on Cardassia Prime. He was more or less impressed into the military of the Cardassian Union at a very young age because of his great size and strength, and phenominal level of intelligence. Torak was one of few trainees to make it through the brutal Surface-Tactical Marine training; indeed, he pushed through at the top of his class by surviving as full day-cycle on the surface of a Demon-class planet with the barest minimum necessary for humanoid survival.

    He distinguished himself with the highest level of service during the Cardassian Wars against the Federation, and was briefly a prefect of one of the provinces of Bajor during the Occupation. He resigned from this post for reasons unknown, but most suspect it was due to friction between himself and the prefect above him who held all Bajor—none other than Gul Dukat.

    Gul Torak has never married, and his parents are both deceased. His only known relative is a younger brother named Zoran, who has not been seen in many years.
  5. Name: Jadzia Dax
    Race/Species: Joined Trill
    Profession/Class/Rank: Lieutenant Commander (science officer)
    Alignment: Neutral Good with influences of others from past hosts

    -Physical Information-
    Gender: Female (host)
    Age: 31
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 170
    Hair Color: Brownblack
    Eye Color: Cobalt blue
    Distinguishing Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Spots down the length of each side of her body from temples to feet.

    Family/Lineage: Father (Kela Idaris), mother and sister
    Area Of Residence/Ship/Other Habitat: Deep Space Nine
    Attire/Weaponry/Armor: Standard Starfleet Science Officer Uniform, standard sidearm phaser, bat'leth for display and exercise
    Battle Attacks & Defenses: Jadzia is trained in various forms of combat. Starfleet sanctioned and taught hand to hand combat, marksmanship with small and large firearms, Klingon martial arts armed and unarmed (bat'leth specialty) are her most developed.
    Mundane Skills/Talents: Jadzia has specialized in astrophysics, exobiology, exoarcheology, and zoology in her Starfleet training. She is also a decent pilot. In her off time, she practices music, plays tongo (and wins quite often), and hosts amazing parties.
    Psionic or Other Paranormal Abilities: Memories and life experiences of seven prior hosts
    All Special Items Of Interest: Jadzia has a small collection of hairclips she wears on a daily basis. She has a small pressure sensitive keyboard for musical practice as well as several works of art, mostly in statue form.
    Weaknesses: Trill are highly allergic to insects. Jadzia herself is impulsive and loyal. This often leads to keeping associations from her past lives and rushing off on fools errands.

    -Background Information-