Deep Freeze

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  1. Alright. Thank you for having the time to read this. This is a DARK RP Plot and though I will not allow Vore...There WILL be alot of Violence in this RP. Thank You.

    Febuary 20th, 2016

    The whole world is now one huge icicle. Heat.... A Luxury. Violence.... Happens 24/7. And a certain group of people are trying to take the heat back by doing one thing.... Violent Kidnappings, Hostages, Murders, and Riots all the way around the world.
    Jim Markingston aka: Wild-Thing, is a owner of a massive family wealth that holds all of the heat in the Carolinia's. Because of this, he's the #1 victium for your character. And so...On the 20th on the 20th hour, you and your rag-tag group of people come to attack him, keeping him hostage in your underground hideout.

    So, now that that plot is settled, here are the guidelines.
    1. Nothing LGBT please.
    2. Please let posts be readable. Minimium 1/2 a paragraph.
    3. (goes hand in hand with #2) NO ONE-LINERS! So god help me if I see a one-liner.
    4. If you want to work this with one extra person, I'll do it by PM.
    5. We discuss plot ideas here!
    6. If I get 5 or more people saying yes and having really good ideas...I'll make this a group RP as well.

    And Finally...7. Kinks are allowed, Also...I don't know what Dubious Content is so...yeah.

    Oh! And please have fun with this. If you want to leave, let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.