Deck Tech: Vampires

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Alright so I've been looking back into Magic and saw that this little number has been trouncing the floors in the aggro business. Not to mention that they are only to be meaner as soon as Worldwake is released. Our good old faithful friends, the vampires, have come out of their slow shell and have taken a much more aggressive tone. So match this I tried to make my own deck out of them using a few tips I picked up around the interwebs and this is kinda what I came up with. (NOTE: You can find most cards in any card base but some are from the Worldwake Spoiler. Those are marked with *)


x2 Pulse Tracker*
x4 Vampire Lacerator
x4 Bloodghast
x4 Gatekeeper of Malakir
x3 Kalastria Highborn*
x2 Ruthless Cullblade*
x2 Vampire Hexmage
x4 Vampire Nighthawk
x2 Vampire Nocturnus
x1 Malakir Bloodwitch


x2 Duress
x3 Disfigure
x4 Sign in Blood
x2 Grim Discovery
x1 Mind Sludge


x2 Marsh Flats
x2 Verdant Catacombs
x16 Swamp


x3 Deathmark
x3 Marsh Casualties
x2 Mind Sludge
x2 Duress
x1 Malakir Bloodwitch
x2 Blood Seeker

The sideboard is allowed one more card, I just can't think of one right now. From what I can tell this is pretty solid. I have a nice fast creature base and the curve doesn't go above 5...hell 4 if I'm lucky enough not to draw a Malakir Bloodwitch. But I think the main force of this deck takes action on turns two and three as that decides whether I play a good vampire and clear the way vs. waiting to top deck something. As for the fetch lands those are handy for activating the landfall ability of Bloodghast. He may not have haste when he goes to the grave the first time so it is a little insurance plus they thin out my deck.

I'm open to suggestions to make this thing run smoother and/or better. I'm running this in Type II format.