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    Character A has always been very well endowed riches, servants, whatever he wished. However, Character A's parents were royalty, in fact, his mother was the Queen and father the King. Character A seemed to be a very charming boy on the outside... But what is that saying again? Looks can be deceiving? Very deceiving. Character A was a rude and spoiled brat. He was not kind to his servants or parents. However he put on a very convincing act when guests came. Character A was a bit odd though... He would not ever, let anyone touch him. He found the act of skin touching skin even in the slightest to be the most revolting thing ever... So he always wore fine gloves, coats or shirts that came all the way up to his wrists and pants with tall boots as well. Even in the scorching and unrelenting sun. He had many suitors after him, whether it was a man or a women, he would just sneer at them with a small flicker of contempt in his eyes. He did not wish to marry, or to produce heirs. Just the thought of such a thing revolted him.

    One beautiful day though, his father forced him outside the castle walls. He often cooped himself up in the castle, usually locking himself in his bedroom and away from others, or went off riding by himself. The king had even appointed him a personal body guard to try and keep an eye on him... Though Character A had a knack for slipping away right until the mans nose. It was this day though, that Character A met Character B. A poor peasant who had to work all day and all night to survive and support himself. Character B was the complete opposite of Character A. Character B was kind, gentle, and caring. Though he did not have much himself, he would share and give away what he had to anyone who he though had need of it more than he did.... Character A happened upon Character B when he was suddenly attacked.

    It shouldn't have been too surprising... Considering the treatment Character A dolled out to the people in their kingdom... But it still took him by surprise anyways. Some of the peasants started hurtling rocks and tomatoes and anything they could at young prince. He was separated from the king when he tried to get out of range of their fire. His horse had reared back and he had been thrown off viciously and the horse made it's escape, leaving its owner in the mud as the angry peasants advanced.... Character A thoughts he was done for. He was going to get beaten up by these disgusting dirty peasant hands! Until a male voice boomed "STOP!" It was no other then Character B... Standing in front of the huddled, muddy Character A, trying to ward off the angry commoners. He succeeded in doing so. Once they all retreated, Character B turned around to face Character A, who didn't look anything like an prince at the moment.... All muddy and dirty and still huddled up.

    Character B extends a hand out to help Character A up when the prince jerks back like he had been hit. "Don't touch me!" He practically snarled like a cornered animal. Intrigued, Character B takes a step closer, and closer, until he has Character A pressed up against a wall and spitting every profanity under the sun at him. Character B stays unfazed but with still that curious glint to his eyes. "You don't like be touched?" The question was innocent enough... But the intention was something completely different. Character B, fascinated at this piece of information sudden had an ambition forming in his mind.... He would get Character A to like his touch, know his touch, beg for his touch, and want no one else's hands on him besides his own... If it was the last thing he ever did, he would do it, it would be done.

    As it was said before.... Looks can be deceiving.


    1) I would like to play Character A. You will be playing Character B, the peasant.

    2) I will also be playing the submissive, your character is the dominant.

    3) 1-3 paragraphs. I will not accept one liners! Also, this is in third person.

    4) This will be taking place on a libertine thread! Not pm's or email!

    5) Realistic or anime pictures are allowed! But please remember this is in the medieval era. I do not care what they are wearing in the pictures, just that they look like they belong in the era! ^.^

    6) I am fine with things like mpreg, rape, gore, etc. if you are unsure of something, don't be afraid to ask! I do not do things like: potty/toilet play, bloodplay, kinks to do with scat/pee, permanent mutilation, or vore!

    7) Comment below or pm me if interested please! [​IMG]
  2. I might be interested. I would like to know what you mean by my character needing to be the dominant in the relationship. If you just mean he's the top and tend to take control I can handle that, but I don't write violence well so BDSM would be hard from the dominant position for me. I've done it before it's just not great. So I guess I'd just like clarification on what you would like.
  3. No, I don't think I want to include bdsm in this! So just having your character play the dominant in the relationship and taking control is perfectly fine! ^.^
  4. Okay great! I'm in then.
  5. Wonderful! :) Should I just make the thread then? Or do you have any other questions? Also, what kind of pictures would you like to use? Realistic or anime? ^.^
  6. Generally I go with anime because it's easier to find what I like. You can make the thread if you'd like to just go ahead.
  7. Alright! Anime's fine. ^.^
  8. Are we still up for this?
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