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  1. Don’t dwell in these hazy grey shades
    Our worlds are parallel in nature
    The small silk string in which we have gathered
    will hold strong for now.

    Your heart hurts glancing through my window
    Your home lovelier than mine bathed in sweet ignorance
    but hurt not in my name, I stand against the mirror
    I smile seeing your own across the way

    When did these crosswinds become so frigid...?

    Don’t look at what’s behind me
    You have so much light at your back, I’m blinded.
    and let that warmth emanate from you too
    Because like this wind

    I will cross over

    Just as I’ll burn you’ll feel this cold
    It will not bite deep, your will is stronger than my own
    Let this world dissipate into naught
    These wounds will eventually close

    How long have I lain in my eternal dark?
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  2. Very beautiful and deep. Great job!
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  3. I agree with Gypsy. This is absolutely amazing. It hurts me that only Gypsy has left a sweet comment. You deserve more recognition.
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