[Dec 31, 2013] News Years on Mars Soiree (Roleplay City)

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  1. The representatives of Mars cordially invite you to the Mars Capital of Marelsou to celebrate Earth's upcoming NEW YEAR. Attending this party will be our esteemed guest, the Galatic Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik, amongst many of the galaxy's systems most hightly esteemed politicions and royal families. From 6PM Earth Central Standard time to Midnight, wine, dine, dance, and socialize with a variety of unique peoples and cultures.

    This is a DIANA roleplay so I have something fun to do on New Years Eve! :D EVERYONE IS INVITED. You are welcome to post your character ideas here in this thread, plan with partners, or show up and make something up last minute. You can play one character or multiple characters with the really awesome /char Name: text command.

    This event is a SCI FI SETTING! With aliens and different plants and space travel and all that good stuff! You don't need to know anything about sci-fi though. You can take any fantasy element and just plop it in space. >:3 The only purpose of this roleplay is to interact in character, though you can be sure a little bit of plot excite might slip in if we have some cool characters show up. <3

    It will last until we ring in the new year in my time zone!

    Yay! Ask questions if you have them!
  2. Bumping as a reminder that this is still happening on the 31st! :D
  3. I can confirm that I will be present for the event for AT LEAST the first few hours.
  4. You know what I just realised? You AMURICAN! You a day behind me or so something like that >.<

    I can most surely be present for the event.
  5. Just a reminder that this is TONIGHT! 8D If you're not doing anything for new years DO IT WITH IWAKU!
  6. Won woah woah, you posted that in early morning yes? Because othewrise, ots 4 minutes until the new year now......
  7. Someone should play the Doctor, and... do Time Lord stuff.
  8. I'm going to try to show up 8D
  9. This looks quite interesting. So long as I don't get drafted into helping my dad paint the guest bedroom, I'll be there. And if I am, I'll just be a bit late.

    I've never done a chat based roleplay before. May I ask how it works? Where I go, what I do? And will humanity be in space age as well, or will it be a "present day" almost scenario?
  10. Humanity is also in it's space age visiting other places and planets! They have colonized Mars after all. >:3

    A Charp is just like a forum roleplay, only you type shorter, faster posts because it's in REAL TIME!

    Also this charp has officially STARTED! You can now join us in the Roleplay City from now until Midnight Central time!
  11. I'm sorry I had to duck out early, guys. ;__; I hope everyone can manage to continue without me.
  12. Sorry Myron. I tried.
  13. Perseph One never came back from the bathroom. She probably stole Louchard's cruiser and went on a fabulous New Year's adventure that she'll never forget--

  14. There were three of us left at about 11:30. Deciding that we didn't really feel like having Loorn blow up the party and kidnap a bunch of guests, we kind of just called it an evening.

    What an interesting first experience in chat roleplay.
  15. And poor Flynn was left without a job at the end
    Ha ha, It was fun anyway :)
  16. I am very sorry I had to leave early and didn't make it back. ;__; Had to deal with a minicrisis.

    But for the time I was there, I was very amused with characters and I wish I coulda seen how some of those weirdos played out. >>