Death’s Rhapsody

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  1. (The events that led up to this point have been played out in a ChatRP if you are truly interested in what happened please divert your attention to the Roleplay Cove Chat Logs for 01.03.2014 [or 03.01.2014 for people from the USA] thank you very much)

    Staying in the shadows of the garden, Messorem stood alone yet again. Another someone he cared for dead and gone with the wind. Just as he transcended into his final stage a person again disappeared from his reach. Unable to comprehend his heart turns to dark… blackening his mind and soul, his skeleton now fully black and his red eyes the only color that differentiated from the black.

    He gazed at the moonlight sky… one small tear came down his now emotionless face. He looked around to see if his other friend was still here, but it seems he as well has left him. Now alone he slowly paces out of the garden and onto the front of the palace, mounting his horse he dashes off into the distance.

    His horse furiously galloped along the stone road out of the palace and into the town bellow, its eyes were red as blood and its look was dark and ominous. With his ragged hood covering his now blackened skull Messorem sought to leave this place and forget the events that occurred here. No longer feeling any lingering affection towards anyone or anything, devoid of any emotion of any kind he rides out of the Kingdom and into unknown territory.

    In two months of travel he finally reached his home kingdom… the doors were wide open for him but the crowd of people that were there did not cheer on for his return, they saw his black heart and they mourned to see their future king has taken the path of pain and suffering. As he approached the palace gates his mother and father awaited with open hands all cheerful and smiling… but alas it was short-lived as they saw their son now changed and tainted into the darkness. He gazed upon them with soft eyes as his mother shed a tear through her eyes. His mother enveloped her hands around him and sobbed lightly, his father with a sad look himself placed his hand on his shoulder now looking away from him. He turned away and walked off with two guards following him. His mother looked at him as she had her own heartbroken… the guards looked down to the ground as they knew what has happened to the kingdoms’ son. She spoke with a soft tone, a thing she rarely did “Who was it? Who hurt my son so much and why… who would torture you so much, who… who?” she started sobbing again, looked right into his mother’s eyes the look on his face remaining the same at all times “It is not who mother but what… I felt it’s thorns as it choked me down, choked me down and throw me into the abyss and I felt it’s darkness… darkness shrouded my mind and surrounded me from every side. The darkness that only love could bring out.” He slowly reached for his mothers hands and gently removed them, he looked at her and could not smile… not even to comfort her, he simply nodded and walked into the palace.

    Night had again befallen the kingdom but this night was darker than any other… the dead rolled in their crypts and the sounds of the crypt lords howled through the sorrowful night. Messorem stood on the balcony of his room, gazing at the dark sky trying to un-ravel what seemed like a puzzle in his mind… trying to adapt to the changes in his heart and mind. He continued to gaze at them as if he was almost in a trance, not knowing what else to do he laid down on the floor and gazed up into the sky.
  2. Kat's head was wrapped in bandages, her right arm in a sling of the same white taped up gauzy color. To be blind was one thing, but blind and injured a whole another. It was hard enough not to see the world, but now her main hand was injured and she could not even fend for herself very well. Even riding her horse was painful. She had no choice though, She had been humiliated in her sisters kingdom, trying to stupidly take down a bear and risking her life, then thrown against a wall by the bears rearing. So she had to leave, there was no choice. When she awoken on the floor after time, she ran. She stole back a horse, one that was white with deep green eyes. The color though did not matter, it was one of the better steeds. Strong and lean. She had rode and went back to her wanderings. She still prayed, both for her sisters happy life and for healing of the people. So that the kingdom of Hylei didn't go up in flames after the declaration of war.

    As time went along though, she trotted into a grudging kingdom of darkness. A familiar feeling place, one without hope. One that was unpleasant. She was reminded of the man she met in the forest. Who had tried to help her with the bear... Or did he? She couldn't quite remember. Memory loss was part of the head trauma. Hearing a noise, Kat carefully and quitely as she could got off her horse. Leading it with her good hand down a path that felt like stone. The horse tugged, not wanting to go forward anymore. But Kat tugged back, and promptly walked straight into a metal gate, falling on her ass. "Ouch." She muttered breathlessly. And she heard the clang of knights armor. Was someone near? Hopefully she wasn't by any government buildings, this was not the place to get into trouble. She heard a shout "Hey!" But Kat kept on the ground with her breath held, not knowing what to say.
  3. Eddaren had returned to the province of Nuvabasta roughly a month and a half after the Black End Wedding, as he called it. The death of Faireheart had brought him much grief. He had been spending his days home traversing the forests, running from his own people, trying to escape something even he wasn't sure of. He let no one near, and only returned to his palace when matters of state arose, formalities be damned. He had barely spoken with any ambassadors to his province. The Empress herself came and Eddaren only attended the meeting begrudgingly. Luckily Her Majesty sympathized with his plight.

    Currently, Eddaren was perched atop a branch somewhere in his lands, hunting a particular Elk he had spotted a few days earlier. His white robes and armor had turned a gray-ish brown, and his hair was tangled with twigs and leaves. If his face was not easily recognized throughout the land, one would easily mistake him for a vagabond who had murdered and robbed a noble.

    "High Bastille Eddaren! You are summoned!" a voice called out. Great. The nobles wanted him again. Did the not realize he was in the middle of a hunt? Ah well, best see to it. The less track he keeps of his prey the longer he can hunt it and stay away from everyone.

    He returned to the castle through his chamber window and cleaned himself, de-twigging his hair and changing into another set of robes. What did they want now? "I am here."
  4. Darkness transformed into a radiant light, while the earth in it's eagerness trembled. From within the depth of her crust, a flame that she had lost was reborn. The child she loved but also feared so much, burned bright than she ever had before. From the depths of her mother's molten core; Faireheart swept herself from her mothers clutches as she released herself upon the world. A cry of release escaped her lips as she remembered the agony of her memories.

    Ascending into the skies, Faireheart soared. Making toward her destination toward the woodland realm, the home that Eddaren spoke of so fondly of. Memories of desire creeping through her mind as she reached out for Eddaren. Remembering his energy just before she sacrificed herself to save him. That small moment of bliss when she let him connect with her completely. Like a mother searching for her lost chick, she searched the skies for many moons. Until finally the dawn came and she could feel him close by.

    With the knowledge that her current form would do nothing turn the woodland to ashes, a flash of bright light illuminated the sky as she began to transform into a more lesser being. No longer shackled to the form, similar to her old one but imperfect. Her brown hair trickling small flames and her pupils rimmed with fire.

    With the grace of a falling feather, Faireheart began to descend into the forest thicket, feeling a beautiful sense of wonder as she discovered the beauty of the place where the one she truly loved resided; rich and full of life, with a scent of magic in the air...the goddess she adored. Whom she'd have over Messorem or Eddaren in a heartbeat. A sigh escaped her lips at the thought...but she wasn't here; she gazed off into her thoughts.

    A strange voice suddenly came from up ahead shouting in a language she didn't understand. Within the blink of an eye, Faireheart was surrounded; sharp weapons pointed around her. The natives of these parts didn't seem to take kindly to strangers, but such was the way of the elves. Faireheart spoke a single word
    she said in common tongue, gazing coolly into her captors eyes. Something in the man's eyes changed, he spoke at her again "Eddaren" she replied. With a stern face he narrowed his eyes "You don't speak as one of us, what business do you have with him?" he asked. Faireheart replied in elemental; a language lost to the elves long ago "Bring me to him or begone" 'Itakah'nak kahlor ni levien' She ordered. The Leader of this group of elves starred at her wide-eyed "Come with us." he spoke sternly as he order his guards to surrounded Faireheart as they lead her to the castle of Nauvabasta.
  5. Messorem gazed into the midnight sky with half-closed eyes… soon he had fallen asleep on the cold marble floor of the balcony… wakening to the clouded morning sky he raised from the floor and walked over to look at the edge of the balcony, it was a different kind of morning; nightmares haunted him in his dreams… making him shift in his sleep almost to no end.

    He walked out of his room and down into the dining room he went to see his parents dining in utmost quietness. He sat across from his mother and next to his father which sat on the head of the table. He gave a slight nod in greeting and started to eat his morning breakfast. Dining went on quietly… none of them spoke a word out; he finished his food quickly and quietly paced out of the room.

    Walking out of the palace he went over to the training grounds, he trained and honed his skills through the whole day. The training masters were worried over his state, he and his powers were spot on and his power have grown and surpassed even his fathers and mothers combined. The darkness in his heart has unleashed such potential and power in him that is never achievable through the gray heart… but the cost was too great. Upon the orders of his masters he stopped training for the day and returned to the palace where he took a bath and left again.

    Heading for the city alone he wished to be left alone, heading for the grand city inn he walked in there quietly, the inn was always fool… girls to entertain and people to lose their money to them, everything worked in a circle there money only circled around and some of it ended up in the kingdom’s pockets. He took a stool and asked the barkeep for a drink, which he very shortly received. The barkeep mumbled as how he was happy to see a member of the royal family… Messorem nodded in compliance and continued with his drink.
  6. Eddaren exited his personal chambers to be greeted by the usual guard. These days they were more there to make sure he stayed in the palace than to keep him safe. They knew he could handle himself well enough. He entered the Grand hall at a quick pace, his irritation at the summons displayed across his features. He did not want to be here. Nor anywhere, for that matter. Who or what could be so important as to interrupt his "Faireheart?"

    His eyes widened at the sight. She looked different, but he definitely recognized her as the flesh-bound phoenix who's supposed death had caused him so much grief at the Black End Wedding that time ago. How had she? When did? What? And then it hit him. She was a PHOENIX. And phoenixes, upon death, are reborn from the volcano they were hatched in. How could he have been so stupid? The Elf rushed forward and embraced the woman standing before him, tears streaming down his face. "I... I thought that... "
  7. Kat ran her fingers over the cold ground and pushed up. Damn. Grabbing her horse she mounted it quickly, as it knew what to do. The air was rather cold, or was that her blood that ran through her veins. Shoving down the sling she winced. "Hey!" An unfamiliar voice called, it was loud and echoed within heavy metal. The horse suddenly reared, and holding on tight Kat gasped as it galloped fast... To who knows where. She couldn't control the damn thing. It had never done this to her before. Gods help me. She thought, closing her eyes against winds that made her blind milky white eyes water. Her long white hair whipped backwards and out of her face. She heard another loud noise behind her and the horse jerked and turned. Swallowing Kat grabbed on tighter. This was definitely not the place for a girl. This was definitely not the place for a girl. Definitely not the place for a religious well off girl. Miracles were to be given, the gods wished well being through her, but the hair that rose on the back of her neck knew where she was, it was a hopeless, damned place. It was not the place for saving. Suddenly the horse slowed to a trot, it's metal shoes knocking against stone and the horse whinnied. Waiting a few moments Kat slowly rised. Where wa-? The horse stopped and clicked it's front feet. Confused, Kat slowly hopped off her horse, listening. There was skuttles and eerie voices about. A building? Her fingers touched cool brick. "Why?" The horse pulled against it's reins and Kat sighed. "We can't be here. Let's head to the forest girl." She murmured, petting the head of her horse and nuzzling it's muscular side. If she could see she would know the horse was not female but male. The male horse she had named "Lily." The sound of slurping made her realize that her horse was drinking water off the street. "No girl. We'll find you clean water. Come on. We gotta get out of here. Expecially before any others find us. We must stick out like a sore thumb." She whispered.
  8. With grace in her step, stepped into the castle; being lead by the guard she had encountered. Faireheart observed her surroundings, the place was beautiful; the elves truly did know their way around architecture. The flora that surrounded her chatted merrily. A soft feeling of magic in the air, greenery everywhere. Faireheart had never seen a place of the like. The palace itself even more beautiful, thankfully she was dressed for the occasion. The gown she wore flowed like a flower in bloom; colours of red, gold and orange like the very fire she represented. Golden flowers woven on up her shoulder and encrusted with garnet. Around her neck, was a locket in the of a Phoenix stretching it's wings and shaped into a heart.

    Before she could even register what happened, an Eddaren had embraced her crying. A grin swept across her face
    "Haha, didn't think you could get rid of me that easy, did you?" removing herself from the embrace she winked at him. An overjoyed feeling welled up inside Faireheart as she gazed at Eddaren for a moment "Thank god, you're safe." On a lighter note a grin played across her face as she began taunting him a little "You're friends were incredibly rude, they tried at taming me! They're lucky I had the mercy not to burn them to cinders!" referring to the arrows and spears pointed at her earlier "They even had flying sticks with human forged rocks." letting out a huff.
  9. He wiped the overjoyed tears from his eyes, getting a better lock at her face. "You mean arrows. Arra! Nitotchov! Te'rodekh Phenni cas?" he yelled at the guards, his voice gravelly with frustration at the elven guard. "You'll have to excuse my soldiers, Nuvarians can get jumpy when it comes to unannounced outsiders. Welcome to the Palace of Nuvabasta! Aside from the men with spears pointed at your face, how do you like my homeland?" he asked, smiling from ear to ear. Everyone in the room relaxed but those who had brought her in. It had been at least a month before the High Bastille even stayed in the palace, let alone smiled. "Come, we can speak more privately in my chambers." he told her, and took her hand to lead her to his private chambers, away from the large crowd.
  10. Kat ran her fingers through the rough hair of her white horse. When the horse finished drinking from the water that pooled in the street, Kat jumped onto her horse with a heave. It was still hard with her one good arm, but she was starting to get used to it. The horse was in no hurry, and trotted off to the forest. It had a mind of it's own, and a very good life. Doing what it pleased. Eating grass in fields, drinking from rivers. Kat didn't often steer the horse, as she didn't need to. Trotting up a hill and into the tree line of the forest, she started to feel the goosebumps on her arms disappear. She felt safer as the male horse Lily trotted deeper into the forest with his mistress on her back. She wondered idly if Kit would look for her, if she'd ever come to see her sister again. That being said, she had a life now, a husband she loved, and eventually... Maybe kids... Kat sighed, and Kit would forget her eventually. It wouldn't be long.

    Light filtered through the leaves for a long while, but soon things became darker again, the canopy overhead becoming thicker and trees more often. It was a wonder Kat didn't get hit with a branch and fall off her horse. Hearing a noise she pet her horse twice and it stopped. It was a stick snapping farther ahead of her, but it seemed to loud to be from a squirrel and small animal. Any larger deer or elk surely would have seen her and fled by now. But silence ensued and Kat pat her horse again to continue on. Knowing something was wrong though it did not budge, only snorted and neighed. She heard a few quick noises, leaves rustling to every side of her and a rock skitting across the ground. It Kat could see, which she could not, she would notice the sharp shine of blades surrounding her and the almost crouched people ready to strike. "Who are you?" A deep voice asked, and Kat listened with surprise. It wasn't often someone snuck up on a blind.

    "I am Kat, a runaway from my home country. I-I uh." She was still a little nervous, as someone who had never been snuck up on before, she was confused as to how the men had got to her.

    "Off the horse, hands up." Kat slipped off the horse and put her only good hand up in the air. "Other one too."

    "I'm injured I can't. Also I'm blind so... I don't know the area well... And my horse... Don't hurt her. She's been good to m-"

    "Your on are territory. Now come on." His voice was low and abrasive almost. Kat shrugged in surrender. Damn. She knew better than to go against the words of, whoever these were. It wasn't often she got herself into trouble. Usually Kat was pitied for her disability. Following the people blindly and dragging her feet across the ground she tried not to trip. She didn't have to worry about it soon though because one, or the aggravator himself grabbed her free hand and the back of her good arm to keep her from... Attacking him? Kat almost smiled at the thought. What would someone like her be able to do? Head butt him then pass out? She wasn't exactly a fighter.
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  11. As Messorem sat there looking at the bar and the people that were having fun around him, he felt a slight numbness in his heart. He stood up, payed with gold and walked out of the bar heading back to the palace... he watched as the night fell upon the city and the light slowly went out. In complete darkness he walked home only the moonlight shedding a little light on his dark face. Entering his home he noticed his father discussing something with others, he called for him and asked him to act as the countries diplomat in another nation... it was a great chance for him to leave home for awhile. He was to be prepared and readied for his journey. He wore his armor and had his weapon on his back, he sat on his horse as it galloped into the distance and away from his home. Entering the thick forest he got off his horse and sent it home, it was useless here it would only slowed him down more... he continued on foot towards a palace in the forest, he saw two elven guards in the distance, they approached him "Halt!" one of them said "Who are you, what are you doing here?" he asked "I am Messorem Mortifer, Count of Abaddon and future King of the Reapers. I am here on diplomatic matters." the elf took a good look at him, he was not joking "Yes your lordship, follow us this way please." he looked at the elf as he led him to his leader.
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