Death's Apprentice, and other plots and nonsense

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  1. Just a little about me
    • I generally only play female, but can double.
    • I'm most comfortable with MxF pairings
    • I like anywhere from 2+ paragraphs
    • I'm not a huge dick if you mispell something or your grammar is a little off.
    • I like friends :)
    Death's Apprentice Truthfully, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon. You had at least 60 or so more years to live! But here you are. I would ask why you killed yourself, but I don't really care to know the answer. No, my only job is to send you into the great beyond...which I would normally do with no great pleasure, because I know where you're going...but, it seems you're a special case. I use the term "special" lightly. I am a generous deity, and I am instead going to give you a choice. Become Death's apprentice and one day become Death yourself, or pass through the veil and face what is waiting for you on the other side. I can assure you, what is waiting for you is worse than the life you left behind.

    Setting: North America, possibly other countries.
    Time Period: Modern

    Together, we fall The Gods(Greek, Egyptian, Norse, ect.) are at war with one another, trying to re-establish their presence on an earth that has seemingly forgotten them. Will they rip apart the world that they helped create, or will their children(Demigods) find a way to appease them in time? Join the gods, or defy them. The choice is yours.

    Setting: Anywhere
    Time Period: Could possibly skip from time to time
    There is the possibility for lots of violence

    Holly Spring Strange events have been going on in the small town of Holly Springs. People have been disappearing for days at a time, their bodies being found in the forest. With the population of Holly Springs slowly dwindling, the residents of the small town are starting to worry. The HSPD is at a loss, and has reluctantly called on the Private Detective for help.

    Setting: A small town in Georgia
    Time Period: Modern
    This will be really dark, probably graphic as well

    Brats with Tats It's the year 2137, and the world is more or less a wasteland. Most of those still alive live in small shanty towns, with barely enough food to eat. The Elite, on the other hand, live in heavily guarded cities feasting every day and night. The Elite are well dressed, clean and free of tattoos. The Brats, or the poor, dress in rags and are covered in tattoos to distinguish them from the elite. The Brats are beginning to rise up, and soon...there will be a war coming to the Elite's doorsteps.
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