Deathly Sheltered.

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  1. ~ Story ~

    The most fun event that you were having was the start of your worst nightmare. 2 weeks ago your class decided to have a field trip for your semester break, right now you and your classmates were headed to a so called ' Carnival Paradise ' which was commented to have the best ride and greatest 5 star deluxe hotel (lulwhut?) for a very fair price. All of you gathered up the amount of money and finally had enough to support the whole class.

    While getting there you had to pass along the city, and you couldn't wait for what's prepared for all of you. Along the highway, in the middle of the road the bus ran out of fuel and waited for someone to pass by and make car pull. A few minutes pass, turned into hours, and eventually a day.

    You were stuck in the middle of no where.

    - - - - - - - - -

    " How many more hours do we have to wait? " a classmate of her asked their teacher who was looking around the road for possible sign of a near city. Few hours ago they let the bus driver off to go look for help. So far he hadn't come back. " Now, now. Just wait for a few more and the next thing you know it we'll be eating delicious meals. " the teacher said trying to comfort them all.

    " Doubt that would happen. " someone had said.

    Airyane sat down the ground and leaned her head on the bus. A couple of her classmates were already sleeping on each other and eating the snacks they had packed, others were talking while others were already panicking. And she was doing none.

    It was boring, this was boring, she went with this trip to have fun but is that happening? No. " H-hey! Look! There's a light over there! I bet that's a house! " someone had yelled pointing at the way leading to the forest. Well he wasn't lying there was a light.

    - - - - - - - - -

    ~ My Character ~

    Name : Airyane Vernon

    Age : 15

    Gender : Female

    Appearance :

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  2. The trip was no worse than Rowan had expected it to be. The bus had slowed down and unexpectedly halted in the middle of the road an eternity or two ago, it seemed. Now the bus driver was long gone, it was getting dark out, and one certain dark eyed boy slouched down in his seat, staring out the window and inwardly cursing his mother for sending him on this trip in the first place.

    Sure, the class field trip seemed like fun. It would be great. Rowan had balked at the idea of it. Because while it might be great for his classmates to spend time off from school and visit an amusement park together, he preferred to spend as little time with his fellow students as possible. He rarely spoke up in class, and most just knew him as the weird, quiet kid with permanent bed head. He made some of them a little uncomfortable, but most rarely noticed his existence, and that was fine with him. Really. Social interaction never went well for him. So he had wanted to stay home, take some time off or even continue doing work if that was what his teacher wanted, but his mother had insisted he spend time with his peers- like he didn't spend enough time with them already. And now he was here. Sitting at the back of the bus and staring out at the light coming from the forest, and when someone else noticed it too and pointed it out, a few students yelling out opinions on whether or not someone should venture away from the road, he stood up and walked down the aisle of the bus.

    "I'm going to go see what it is. If it's a house and someone's there I can ask for help." He looked at his teacher calmly, like he fully expected her to agree and send him, her 15 year old student, wandering off alone in the dark. Instead she shot him an 'are you serious??' expression and shook her head. "Thank you for offering, Rowan, but it's not safe and I can't let my students off on their own. You must know that." And he did know that, but how else were they supposed to get help? He did not want to spend the night on a crowded bus in the middle of nowhere. He'd much rather walk off to his death in what, with the approaching night, was quickly becoming a dark, ominous looking forest. Probably one teeming with bears and wolves and anything else that might like the taste of awkward teenage boy, he thought optimistically.
  3. Others were discussing, already wanting to let someone out there to call for help before either one of us gets crazy. " Thank you for offering, Rowan, but it's not safe and i can't let my students off on their own. You must know that. " Someone already volunteered to go out and search, well give him some praise, it was just too bad the teacher didn't agree with it. Airyane does sort of agree it was dangerous to go alone there, but she'd rather waste time outside than stay in this bus waiting for no one to come. " God.... " she cursed under her breath and stood up stretching as if she came from a long nap.

    " How long is the driver ever gonna come back... i'm really hungry.. " one of her classmates said. " Maybe the driver ditched us-- Aww! " Airyane slapped the guy who planned on scaring his classmate. Sure she was a fan on scaring others too, making someone run their ass off was her specialty but right now it wasn't needed. " Don't say jokes like that, " She stared at him with a serious tone. " Besides i'm hungry too. " Slowly she sat back down and leaned her head staring at the plain view outside. ' Nothing.. Nothing but trees... ' It annoyed her.

    " How about we all go together to the light..? We could just leave a note in case the driver comes back, besides it's just a quick look right...? " There was one who suggested. It wasn't such of a bad idea, though it did sound a little crazy. We might as well get lost in the middle of the forest.
  4. Despite his offer being shot down, Rowan didn't return to his seat and stood at the front of the bus instead, listening to the shouted suggestions and complaints of his classmates. There were more of the latter, one boy even trying to bring up the possibility of the bus driver abandoning them with dark amusement in his tone before a girl sitting nearby slapped him. This was getting nowhere, he thought with a sigh. He contemplated the idea of going to search for help without the teacher's permission, but he wasn't one to cause trouble and wasn't quite that desperate to get out of here yet. Maybe once he got as hungry as the other students claimed to be he'd go off on his own, whether his teacher like it or not. Until then he'd wait and hope someone showed up to help them.

    "How about we all go together to the light..? We could just leave a note in case the driver comes back, besides it's just a quick look right...?" One student piped up, drawing Rowan out of his thoughts. The proposition was a little unpractical- almost 20 teenagers and one teacher wandering through the forest at night to find help? It didn't sound like fun, especially with all the complaining being done, and would be less efficient than sending off one or two people, but it was better than doing nothing and hoping the bus driver would eventually come back.

    He looked hopefully at the teacher, waiting to see if she would turn down this offer as quickly as she had his or if she'd actually give in. A few more people spoke up, some of them approving of the idea, others not wanting to walk all that way in the dark when they were safe and semi-comfortable in the bus. Their teacher sighed and Rowan added, "It's not a bad idea. This way you won't be leaving any of your students alone," to the chorus of voices now stating their opinions on the matter. With a glance out one of the windows their only voice of authority stated "I suppose we could go. It's just a short walk..."
  5. " I suppose we could go. It's just a short walk... " That was it. The teacher eventually agreed to the students opinion. Some of them cheered for finally leaving this bus and do something fun, while others groaned and complained they were too lazy and scared to go outside. Airyane stood up and brought her shoulder bag with her already walking up front, " It's either you come with us and look for help outside where the light is, or stay here waiting to get eaten by a beast and some sort. It's your choice not ours. " The girl shouted so that everyone could hear.

    All she wanted was a good night sleep and something to eat. And so far staying in this bus wasn't gonna help her get it. She couldn't care less if the other students would just stay here waiting for the hope of help to come, which wasn't gonna come anyway. I mean, she wasn't thinking negatively but if help did come it should have been here hours ago, maybe the driver did ditch us or actually got lost along the way. Some might hate her because of her attitude but she doesn't really care less. " A good night sleep here i come. " She muttered hoping to fine something in where the light is. Or maybe a new bus to ride on.

    The teacher stared at the students who was scared enough to go outside and the others who really wanted to check the light out. Splitting into two groups wasn't good enough. " Come on students.. We might be able to find something out... there. " the teacher tried to encourage them to go outside.
  6. As soon as the teacher somewhat warily consented to leaving the bus, Rowan opened the doors, letting in the frigid evening air and stepping outside before zipping up his flimsy sweatshirt. His peers filed out behind him, huddling together against the cold and dark, their teacher seeming reluctant to move as she stood by the front of the crowd, glancing between her students and the deserted landscape around them. It didn't take long for some kids to tire of standing there while half the class bemoaned how cold it was out, how dark it was, or how long a walk it would be, and the girl who had berated her fellow student when he tried to stir up trouble earlier quickly took the lead, shouting out that anyone who wanted to could stay at the bus and wait to get eaten by a beast. This caused Rowan to duck his head and grin dryly- being eaten by some kind of animal out here was exactly what he had been thinking about, along with various horror movie scenarios.

    The slightly morbid thoughts running through his head weren't enough to stop him from stepping forward and beginning to walk beside the girl up front, remaining a few feet away from her and the few other students willing to walk up front. Most dawdled slightly behind, and several at first refused to leave the bus at first until the teacher encouraged them to follow along a few yards behind. No longer were they a tight cluster of kids; now they walked in a disorganized formation, all moving at slightly different speeds and breaking off into smaller groups as they entered the forest, weaving through the trees and occasionally ducking under low branches.

    Rowan found that it was darker under the canopy of trees, though the light was much closer now and was clearly coming from the windows of a dilapidated home- dilapidated, but a home nonetheless, and once they got there they could rest. Maybe the field trip would be cancelled, he contemplated cheerily. He let his mind wander, thinking just as cheerily that this forest looked like the perfect place to be attacked by a werewolf or something. "You don't have to outrun the monster, just the rest of the class." He reminded himself softly, an admittedly darkly amused smile on his face. It wasn't his fault that they'd ended up in a situation that would fit perfectly in any one of his favorite horror movies, or that his mind immediately turned to those movies.
  7. Yuuka and Pip followed the group without a shorts notice.

    Yuuka gently tugged Pip on her shoulder, who followed her like a puppy. The only reason Yuuka had came to the trip was because she feared for Pips safety, and it was clear she had finally made a good choice. Yuuka the only senior, and the only one around 18, was easily the tallest there. The small frame of the teacher was hard to distinguish from the children.

    Pip followed behind Yuuka when she felt the tug of her sisters arm. So far she hadn't spoken a word to anyone but Pip and the teacher, but that was a good thing. The less she spoke, the greater her mood was. Pip had known Yuuka for only a year, and already she was everything in the world, if not more. They looked exactly the same, and old aunt Tessie thought she was crazy seeing an older and younger version of Yuuka before they left. Pip picked at her tie from boredom, and asked Yuuka "Where are we going?"

    Yuuka, who had been focusing on how to tell Pip the same exact thing, blinked in surprise. It was amazing that they thought so alike, sure they were twins, but they were separated by nearly ten years. Collecting her thoughts, Yuuka said in her usual even voice "We're going to walk to town." "Why?" "I don't know." "Oh..."

    A boy at their right mocked fake surprise and said "Oh my gosh, she talks!" And began to imitate a zombie "Iiiii aaam allliiiiiiive!" Pip gave him a dirty look, but went right back to looking forward. "Shut it."
    Both of them are wearing Yuuka's outfit, and both of them have emerald green eyes, like this color!
    They act basically the same, though Pip is more childish.​
    Their personalities and history will be revealed as the story progresses.​
    Pip (open)
    Yuuka (open)